Mass immigration is underhandedly clever: the left found a way to attain power and hold it forever. They come in boats: low IQ pops. To the white men they say: "shut up, pay the bills and die off”. Globalists want to sabotage the west so they bring in armies of it's enemies who think tyranny is best. They move on you, take your privacy/solitude, demand you take others in (you've got room): REFUSE. Law and a godless moral code cannot protect us from evil, It's easier to ban guns from the people. Masochism is also the communist spirit. Not only take mine but give away gifts from ancestors. INFERIOR: Progressive underground/sixties sexual movement and anti-tradition counter culture. The reprobate liberal mind is infinitely disgusting: depthless evil sinners. The America they envision is a curse. It was fantastic but they've made everything so much worse. Women are idiots when it comes to politics. Open borders, gov tyranny--these are facts, look at the stats

How is she indecent? She wants liberal democrats so we're raped/robbed, effecting our descendants.

He's the kinda person who will gossip out everything you send him, all so he can mightily grandstand

God said: Stop adding fuel to the fire and I'll erase this right now.

Just to appreciate art you're in the right brain. Most don't see it, clouded by sensual drives and sin.

You must flush em out. Even if they gossip aboutcha, you see who they are so let out a shout!

Studies show 40% of "certified organic" is actually filled with most pesticides--can you believe it.

Don't make him mad (don't poke a bear). Just skillfully navigate and then be glad he's not there.

Globalist's parasitic behavior is making people poor to control them--that's it's ONE symptom.

Islam bonded with Nazis in WWII--why? Because the Nazis were tyrants and they hated Jews too.

God put this universe together and it's about vibration and that's color.

Church is a huge part of the New World Order. It's incredible since the bible lays it out as a warner.

“Redistribute your wealth, open your borders, your nation stinks just like all you white man finks”.

Migrants to military bases while taxpayers fund mosques and Korans. Though we're Christians, that's the plan.

Where we don't defend our faith--go on offense--we automatically lose it (lose all our defense).

The border fight is bringing all to light. Out of bad comes good? Out of sight--I'm encouraged tonite.

Whoopi says Trump is the Taliban cuz he won't pay for her contraceptives: how ridiculous.

The biggest lie of multiculturalism is: all cultures are alike. How stupid--some are lethal, e.g. 3rd Reich.

To rid yourself of painful remorse, think way into the future when no one remembers it or the source.

More important things than what you said or did. Get out of self to the proper perspective (put a lid).

Queen sees through Meghan, a liberal leftist snowflake who hates Trump and everything decent.

Do you think that just cuz those papers and ink are in a box in the closet it doesn't make you sick?

The progressives are just overreaching environmental activists pushing their own narratives.

The churches are supposed to pastor us Americans. But instead for money they flood us with aliens.

Triangulation is strangulation. That's you talking behind my back with another: I block, censure, ban.

Keep your mind focused on global elites and don't get distracted because it's all connected.

Say to your feminism friends: "so, you condone barbarism?" Stress this point first, amen?

How bizarre the merging of the far left idiotics with Islamic modesty culture in sexualizing kids.

Most Americans suck at everything. We just muddle thru and hope for the best. Ben Shapiro

All they care about is mean tweets and misgendering people, not about the present widespread evil.

Regarding ISIS, the doves have become major hawks! Good--the denial and complacency really sux.

The big churches love the "migrant" invasion receiving billions to "take care" of these invaders.

Your problem is trying to sell yourself rather than doing something great.

Please give me nylon granny panties from the fifties when things were comfortable, not these.

Fallen Hero Syndrome: everyone jumps on the bandwagon to bring him down, that's the human pound.

"Haves vs. have-nots" didn't work in America so Marxists switched to "racism" during Obama.

Liberal twists: If I say it doesn't exist that means it exists, especially spoken of supposed racists.

The parasitic creatures are all mad their scams are falling down and thus they all hate Trump.

It's so trendy to bash whites every idiot is doing it and getting sky-high likes.

Microaggressions: What matters is how the comment is perceived--thus anything can be guilty.

So if you deny you have white privilege it's just a further testament to it's existence? Rubbish!

Campuses cautiously train freshmen against subtle insults as tolerance for everyday speech plummets.

There's so much debauchery we can take. Then they flip to the other side: Islam, a mistake.

They've made us wear uncomfortable false-sexy low cut panties forever and we're sick of it--hear?

The biggest slaveowners were black.

Clothiers: Return from this uncomfy (irritating) hip-hugger tragedy to nylon granny panties, please.

Noodles even with cheese then fast to tomorrow--see?

Science and academia aren't stable or reliable--they change with the rabble.

There is no "power" in the devil, only enslavement and failure/evil.

The accusation of racism has made small towns devoid of any meaning. Douglas Murray.

Multiculturalism and political correctness is: cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism was the translation from the have/have nots to the oppressors and the oppressed.

The only test for intellectuals is if other intellectuals go along with it ( join the hypnotized fools).

They've pushed the lie that patriotism is of the devil and only globalism (let em all in) is spiritual.

If there's a price for being wrong they'd have to think about it, change their ways or be eliminated--NOT.

Whenever someone keeps telling you he's your friend, I don't know man.

It is historical what's happening and super-creepy: A criminal takeover by the freaky and cheesy

The secret of their influence: the liberal intelligencia pay no price for being wrong (think of that).

Pope sold out to globalism. He thinks we're so dumb we'd buy climate change/invasions of barbarism.

Conservatives aren't flawed, they're pragmatic.

CPS takes children like eggs from a hen. Taking the kids is the first stages in the growing communism.

At last a coder who can replicate me the designer and I'm gonna party forever cuz he's so clever.

You have enemies? Good--that means you stood up for something. Winston Churchhill

Think of your sins this way: You got dirty from the mud all around but now by God you're renowned.

Repentance makes one bold. An unheard of level of courage in public comes from making gold.

Forget the bad past, it's all erased through Jesus. But first repent then angels say “it pleased us”.

Less is more (more mircroscopic is more macroscopic) so get into the moment for thought galore

The desire to acquire is a terrible tendency. Details of acquisitiveness never end, see?

Made weak, they're told communism will make em strong if they overthrow the establishment.

Things seem so bad you wanna end it all. Looks bleak but then prayer brings light/ends the stall.

Music speakers: what is incredible with treble becomes lousy with bass, what is the answer boss?

It's our second amendment right. We need better guns than our enemies, invading mobs or armies.

In communism the most serious crime is individualism.

Short lesson on science and academia: One books changes nomenclature then it changes each year.

Nothing's as good as staying home. Every time I plan to go out I resent it or want to be alone.

As I tell my dog, it's not all about playing ball. That's life--everyone has to get serious or they'll fall.

Hollywood dames dress in black but it was liberal buddies doing the groping and this will come back.

Colleges cherry-pick the worst part of our history to brand us racist, not that we went to war to resist.

So many rapes in Sweden they're not even investigating anymore. Just let em do it and lose the war.

After 60 be grateful for every day. That's the best way to live then every day's a party: hurray.

Arabian nights was about excitement and adventure but no more cuz that tyranny has no allure.

Oprah wants to save women from the "great evil" of Trump when she's the most anti-female block.

Oprah has a world church to brainwash children and it's called the "good club" cuz it's evil sin.

Essential part of being a survivalist: Deciding the quintessential and eliminating the rest.

Nothing out there is as good as being alone in my home. So I just don't go out, never to roam.

When liberals wakeup they flee the shit holes they create then escape to and ruin our red states.

Feminists and Islamists are aligned because they both hate free speech. Get that straight, I beseech.

What are we going to do? Illegal invaders are breaking into homes and chopping our heads off too.

Kids are the same way--invite people to your home. Social cultures thinks nothing of invasion, dumb.

There's one in every town, a slut. She's been so invaded by men her low self-esteem seeks em again.

Why does socialism always lead to communism? It craves more in the rot of redistribution.

No one wants to be told their religion is wrong but wake-up: this is the lowest cultural shakeup.

The dems are panicking cuz soon they'll be on the outside looking in! Globalist gophers = trash bin.

They're so arrogant about it then get angry on top of it like you're a mean cruel viper from the pits.

A society who puts freedom first will end up with both: greater freedom and greater equality.

The mean globalists (trying to kill us) said NO BUTTER in the seventies and we all got fat and slovenly.

Not "illegal aliens?" How about "foreign citizens criminally trespassing".

Maslow found that superior people have very few friends. It's not superior to be social, amen?

If you reward illegals with amnesty there will be more of them and more fraud and that's against God.

Is it charity or brainwashing device? Always ask this of the nice.

Whenever he talks of all the starving children in the world you know he's a liberal cuz we can't help that.

They should send "surplus tanks" back to Iraq--eliminate ISIS threat which will come here, in fact.

It helps to see it as an evil sex spirit rather than a slight to you but it still feels like hell being fooled.

Because they want a free lunch the people give into social engineering--like a technocratic sponge.

The whole world wants to come here because we're free. So when they trash the founders, flee.

The whole world's under tyranny. Only a few have liberty without fear of government treachery.

It's not a tiny minority and it's not a religion of peace. They don't even object to terrorism, please!

Oprah is a billionaire who wants to shrink world pop--she's a member of the whole stinking club.

They keep going home--to escape chaos and return to order which is best and evokes the creative.

The complacency of lazy lascivious liberals avoiding issues will get us into trouble about to ensue.

We had it so good, our men were decent. But we were debased into immorality four decades recent.

If something doesn't add up, if it's stuck in your craw, if you can't get over it: bring it up, look at it.

You must suspect--even hate--anyone for open borders. These people are your murderers/torturers.

Go out and you eat wrong food, spend money needlessly and waste all your time. Stay home, buy online.

It's not about listening to music but rather having it as the background ambience to evoke thought.

You're exceptional, hardworking, inventive and good. That's not true of the others with hearts of wood.

Globalism is not about ethnic food and world music. It's about tyranny that is utterly tragic.

Wickedness is mankind's default setting. Christian restraint comes from strength not weakening.

Learn to love assiduity, thoroughness, tenacity and routine. Puritanism's a reaction to chaos and fiends.

Beauty from ashes--how to be blessed: Simply re-invent while God re-writes the whole mess.

Realize: Everything Oprah does is to get women to sign on to the UN to be disempowered and sterilized.

Home: Unless I own it I gotta deal with people and I can't stand it.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is an auto-immune response--in most cases--coming from vaccines.

Hell is dirty disorder, heaven is clean order so what's it gonna be poser.

We're white and we exist too. We have a rich history and established the west yet hated as uncool.

Chinese who have killed a billion of their own people are buying up Hollywood--could it get more evil?

These devils make meticulous, ruthless, sadistic and indomitable plans out of jealousy of man.

Phones are just a modern invention and people are obsessed with them: entry points for demons.

Use two speeds: action or total relaxation, attitude adjustment, dropping out, back to zero, fun.

"Intolerance of ambiguity is the mark of an authoritarian personality": Bull from Theodor Adorno.

The sick and dying society hears with it's eyes, speaks with it's genitals and thinks with it's feelings.

Now that I'm "off" all day I'm getting so much more done. Way to success and insight: have fun.

We had it so good, we were different in a rare experiment that worked until conquered by swine.

Democrats said "don't evacuate" so they all died inside the gate.

Lower IQ, communication skills, semantical lexicon and dialect (vocabulary). Isolated, no talk

Famous feminists are sadists, think of that.

We love our small dogs. They’re everything to us, ever-attendant as our nurturing instinct’s triggered by God.

Cuba/Calfiornia is warm and beautiful too but we must look at political tyranny as the wider issue.

All liberals are heartless especially the youth--callous, negligent, uncouth/open borders too.

Virtue signaling MARKS the liberal--that's how we know.

With allergy (not rotating your meals) you start to retain water and build a false body of blubber.

Why would that president embrace the Muslim brotherhood when they've promised to kill us?

Oprah is an absolute anti-human Nazi troll.

Genius needs uncommitted time. Train the dogs, cats and kids you are not available until noon, your line

One sign of American exceptionalism is how we love dogs while others have the hearts of logs.

Our dear Trump is getting more audacious and sure of himself every day and I'm so proud, say Hurray!

The saints sense superfluity. It makes them sick as they see junk and messy disorder as a tragedy.

It's making us poor, sick and dumb--the technocratic revolution is worse than the tyranny of Marxism.

Liberals are syrupy fake nice but wait a minute you’ll see

Why is someone from a foreign country more important than someone already here? Tell me, dear.

If I'm nice to him he'll be nice to me. It's all the approach: if I'm a raving bitch he'll fight back/see me differently.

Whenever someone says "I'm not trying to screw you" you know he's trying to screw you.

More they resemble each other the more the discrepancy cuz it's radically different subject matter.

Even as he crushed ISIS and exploded our economy in this crisis the silly liberals still hate his guts.

As they mutilate reality they confiscate history and culture too as we're held guilty by feminist shrews.

When I was dishing it out it all came easy but when HE was the one, he was miserly, mean and stingy.

Oprah is the front for women to delete husbands and be wards of the state--she's not love but hate.

Sin creates slurs, stutters and shakes. No true self-confidence here only the boasting of fakes.

Stay level headed, stay strong. Because they're gonna come in to get you or pull you down.

Letting illegals vote devalues citizenship and shows contempt for the rule of law.

Globalism is such an unhappy thing: telling Africans they can't have ACs or we gotta stay poor: it stinks.

More and more I want to be alone. I want to live in my head and happily create from my throne.

Enontiodromia: When bottom becomes top and the top becomes bottom--life reversals seen from Adam.

To one with chemical sensitivities, getting into a car is like a gas chamber. I'm staying, a homie in God's favor.

A private unelected world body whose worldview & system is to dumb us down or exterminate us.

The worse things get the more you know your destiny has come. For you were born for this time, hon'.

I love the way you speak but talk is cheap, you need results--and those frankly are up a creek.

Inconvenient women were burned as witches all through history. Don't be weird just be a mystery.

The filthy globalists knew from their research that demoralized cultures are easily controllable.

Illegal immigrants blocking streets and protesting in a country not their own? Preposterous, deport em.

Satan blocks through put-downs. They belittle, mock and reject but with God you'll remain big in town.

Gang-tattooed dreamers in their forties.

Genius, mystic or infantile seems the same. Problems when mind is tracked--don't play that game.

Democrats spent 12 million to make up the story that Trump got urinated on in a hotel room.

Globalism is a new form of corporate colonialism, playing the nation states off against each other.

Communist crap is boring but dangerous. Ignore their silly rants but stay prepared, they could injure us.

Ban baseball bats, knives, screwdrivers, cars. They're used in crimes too so change all the laws.

Liberal strongholds are always corrupt since there's no restraints and no morals, saints.

Think I'll refuse to work another day, it's so profitable and enriching, ok?

Socialist- Communist-Islamist. That's what we're becoming--are your family/friends enthusiasts?

The leader of the modern peace movement Barrack Obama dropped more bombs than any of them.

Why does socialism always lead to communism? It craves more in the rot of redistribution.

Yay Putin--because ISIS is the number one problem on the planet, not the climate.

We're dragged down thinking about foes rather than the assured victory by our Father: He who knows!

Votes and cheap labor, period: that's why they let em in and it's serious.

It's disgusting that churches don't see the value of patriotism: us first but we are relegated/cursed.

Globalists want to be rulers of the world (off our backs) so they hate Trump who's not out to get us.

Liberals wanna suck off of government, they love government--from the 60's, it's just the opposite.

The left is never, ever satisfied. They will take everyone's rights then turn on their own kind.

The under-thirties think socialism's okay, showing how dumb they are--the uneducated will be prey.

Black victim thing is a scam covering the tsunami of black-on-white crime so don't give me that.

Americans are spoiled with decency relative to the third world where it doesn't exist (like the socialists).

As our influence dwindles in our own country we'll become a despised remnant seen as cruelty.

Elites are pushing disease, crime and terror being allowed into our country--and it's happening abruptly.

Treason came against us daily as he gave away our home and peace to our enemies, without remedy.

Unlimited tolerance leads to the disappearance of the truly tolerant and all tolerance with them.

Liberals are against Iranian protests by wonderful smart people held down for decades--aren't libs great.

The y aren't true liberals as in era of JFK but cultural Marxists who have usurped the term for today.

After buttered toast with maple syrup, fast 48 hours no sweat.

Give up your core values and you capitulate into extinction and that's exactly what's happening.

Up and down stairs doing housework all day. Thighs are as tight as drums, no gym needed, ok?

Nothing is worth seeing trash/turds on streets. Nothing, when my own home is paradise and neat.

It's an emotional draught and a mental one. These are emotional illnesses that result, no fun.

Trump is seen as the buffoon among sophisticates but all of Europe agrees with him: keep em out.

What’s going to happen to all the dogs and cats when animal-unfriendly immigrants come in?

31 year old Kurz booted Soros out and won't let one in, in the middle of a surrounding EU trash bin.

Anti-Trump crowd flew communist flag during protest. Could it be any more clear re: these pests?

Don't budge one inch when it comes to the left. Don't thrown them a bone because it's like theft.

"Shakespeare is racist because he lived in a time of colonialism"--that's the kinda thing.

There's a mentally ill “bug”: hyper-sensitives so very touchy but really, they just need a hug.

Liberal wives destroying nationalist husbands all over the land (so sad) feeling a "right" to be mad.

Our subversive Frankenstein went to Cuba to pump up the dictator act or make it less of a fact.

The idea that expanding is a white thing--as universities literally give degrees in mental illness.

I can not find my destiny with out total solitude. Like a ton off my shoulders, free of the rude.

Sure you make a stab at it, but are you thorough? That's the word of the day: finish, be a hero.

We must stand together because in the end freedom triumphs over tyranny.

You can't adapt to them (petty). You must have your own circles around you (smart, strong, ready).

A crazy liberal woman with WAY too much power. Women are the reason for the mess we're in, wow.

Third wave feminism is delusional rape culture while never blaming the true vultures doing it for sure.

The most advanced countries are declining--going out of business. It's a holocaust but God will bless.

To pseudo-intellectual leftists: You’re in a cult--the mere fact it's allied with Islam, you know it.

Identity politics is life distraction. Recall before this: enjoying a sunset, first dating, going on vacation.

The globalists wanna cut your legs off with political correctness then give you a crutch.

Media concentrates on Trump the man rather than his policies on which America and Europe agrees.

Globalism: destroy nation state to bring in planetary government. Global elite occultists hate Christians.

How do we know Trump's the real deal? Cuz he's going after globalists--he knows how they steal.

If you're fragile, don't travel. How people romanticize leaving comfy homes makes me marvel.

No Christian fashion shows--just restraint and modesty, that's all--not making it hip/trendy for y'all.

The media promotes pure death, anti-free market and anti-family: Get offa that thing, really.

They're actually heartless masochists who become sadistic. It's all virtue signaling/very narcissistic.

Not children, they were grown men (many with gang tattoos) pouring over the border under Obama.

The Toad: The reptilian brain, purely appetitive. Desirous, clinging and hungrily manipulative.

Not one democrat's against illegal immigration today: need a fast track to citizenship says Hillary.

Not letting them in, he was shipping them in. A steady stream of future democrats to our chagrin.

Poor whites living in trailer parks from abusive families are PRIVILEGED? Must confront this, pissed.

All the rest are poll-iticians easily bought by offshore banksters exempt from these laws, as we rot.

Idiot college kids take it out on the middle class who employ people not the globalists who are evil.

Population Jihad is overtaking and flooding each and every one of us with masses until we're dead.

Being a "socialist" means you hate people and their family and wanna put them in poverty = enemy.

Liberalism is weird virtue signaling and it's embarrassing cuz they don't realize they're destroying.

The anti-Trumpers are globalists selling their own country out. They've gotta hate it, or couldn't.

Illegal immigration: the main cause of black unemployment. Blacks: Trump's biggest supporters, amen.

America is being dominated by global interests who've conquered the whole world and we're the last.

If the cost of sanity in society is alienation, I'll want solitude and freedom from those hating the nation.

Evil loves evil and that explains these unholy alliances between strange groups of misguided people.

Globalist "music" is "non-offensive" but it's boring, nonsensical, contrived and tasteless nonetheless.

We love Mexico but they're killing us at trade and killing us at the border so we want no more.

He's over-delivering and I'm blown away, in the face of a negative onslaught of fake news of our day.

So sorry to cut into your social life with the other hags on the red carpet bragging like they've made it.

Liberalism is now perversion and communism. It is not "liberalism" as we know it, but destruction.

Fill people with psychotropic drugs with "mass killing" on the insert then say it's the guns": jerks.

You say you don't go along with ISIS but you believe in the religion based on the Koran and it says this.

They jumped on the bandwagon to hate Trump cuz the establishment hates him--mere pawns, yuk.

The acculturation process is such that people are totally unique in different eras, places, cultures.

Trump and Putin are the stay against the expansionist, globalist, anti-Christian new wave.

T he very people Bernie bashed were for socialism! The reason is: they're exempt from this system.

How surrealistic to see France conquered by Germany again. Germany's head of the EU: Merkel.

The kids wanted socialist Sanders cuz they never had Civics (to be specific) about things that matter.

They have it on everywhere--can't escape it: in stores, banks, restaurants-- this music is so inferior.

The Trump phenomenon is occurring

The youth seem all for these things, but not really. They've been hypnotized with slogans, silly.

When left wing politics becomes a substitute for religion, that's all you have as you enter oblivion.

Trump is breaking the hoax of things like TPP: signing ourselves away to scams and global slavery.

Illegals voting: more lawlessness in this global takeover by calling us racist if we don't go for it.

What PC is all about: (1) Break our will, to (2) accept foreign domination and that means globalism.

Chinese are bragging they're taking us over and though busy Trump's not doing enough on this, a no-brainer.

A constitution hems in governments (which tend towards tyranny) by protecting the individual.

Their plan: Start wars in other countries so that a massive relocation substitutes populations.

The borders are overrun by disease and gangs. They're wide open but no one cares about such things.

It's as clear as the existence of gravity but still we're told "don't believe your lying eyes"--rise up, be bold!

Rubio is the billionaire toy-boy. We didn’t give in to this open borders politically correct ploy!

Intellectuals give people handicapped by poverty a further handicap of victimhood, a real tragedy.

It is tyrannical for you to have expectations of how I should act, that's just a consciousness fact.

Boxer, Feinstein et. al. assert high heels over your head by catering to voting immigrants instead.

Having foreigners imposed on us like a flood--that's good? It's mean and you have hearts of wood.

Now's the time to break those ties. Before now it was peace at any price but now all loyalty has died.

Until they realize Islam is a political system masquerading as religion they are never able to see 'em.

A false Christian's refusal to discipline creates criminals but then again one fears likely reprisals.

Who's doing all the groping? It's liberals loved by millennials tho' they protest it's ALL men, what fools.

As blind victims we've been taken over by foreign banking cartels following a total eugenics system.

Now the SJW starts up about how terrible America is.

Because I relaxed, by refusing to work, I got the insight that collapsed the whole mess into a lark.

Your project like the Taj Mahal: Attention to detail, incredible intricacy and beauty, intense focus.

I don't virtue signal on trendy topics, I'm trying to undo all this.

It wasn't you it was demons comin through you cuz you're weak but that's the past, so now: speak!

Just cuz it's a trendy topic doesn't make it right. Just cuz it's common doesn't make it legitimized.

Very clever bringing in armies of young men to kill the west but we're all effected in this game of chess.

Left says we must punish whites for the past. It's due compensation tho' they're innocent/miscast.

If you're fascinated with human differences, go into cultural anthropology or psychology and see it.

Good riddance cuz I'm sick of your false religious proclamations and self-serving rantings.

Let em all in, floods--then use the threat of Islamacists to set up a high tech police state against us.

Comanches tortured everyone they met so stop telling me about the sweet loving Indians, get it?

The only safe defection from North Korea is Christian missionaries cuz they're the good guys.

There are some rich whites but most are poor as blacks so don't listen to the liberal flack.

In sum, they want to maintain their crazy third world ways but with a great first world income.

Make a deal or kneel. Trump’s got control of the greatest country to do it--so proud of his greatness and appeal.

It's Germany in 1933: they confiscated guns, eliminated free speech and censured the media.

Horrible: As each side increasingly demonizes the other, compromise becomes impossible.

This isn't immigration, it's invasion. Leftist leaders are invading their own countries and it's treason.

Why are billionaires coming against Trump? Cuz he can't be controlled and will come against them--hah.

They just wanted free stuff so they loved his guff but so dangerous if he had gotten in—woulda been rough.

Chattering is talking too much, cackling is jocularity: silly laughter, hysteria cracking on a fire.

Clear your head to get more productive. That means people too (they can be so rambunctious).

Incomes are up, the highest ever: the Trump Effect is in effect cuz he's shrewd, brilliant and clever.

That's Dan: he grandstands at your expense man.

It's psych warfare: They know how to stop speech, stop think, put you over the brink/make you drink.

Progressive education teaches kids to love socialism. They have no idea what it really means, amen?

The liberals like Eminem want no flag, no borders just welfare, terrorism and a new world order.

Germany under Merkel desires to play Miss Congeniality and wants Europe to pick up the tab, really?

We bought into all the self-loathing and guilt. We took the blame for everything like it didn't quit.

The forces of atheistic godless globalism are in retreat.

Why is socialism always combined with race hatred? Because divide and conquer is their method.

Agree with globalism, the lowest common denominator? Eating horses, cats, dogs--to decency it's a mind-raper.

Forgive yourself for the demons with whom you kept company.

They're too dumb to understand it anyway.

Multiculturalism says all cultures are equal. False: some are bad and many are dangerous, pal.

Society is a common code for self-restraint. Stefan Molyneux

it's an interactional process that takes place, as an ethologist I want to document that and be precise.

Multiculturalism i s the result of radical secularization: the mosques are built on the ruins of churches.

The liberal losers are out of their league with this queen, definitely. She's as smart as Trump, truly.

Voting for socialism is a form of immorality. That you think they should steal my stuff is insanity.

Cubans are prisoners of the two biggest mafioso in the world: the Castro brothers were cold.

The biggest lie of multiculturalism is: all cultures are alike. How stupid--some are lethal, e.g. 3rd Reich.

Inviting a sworn enemy into one's house is beyond stupidity, only of the devil--careful!

Our sick mal-adaptation to mass immigration is to let 'em pee in the streets as our end is hastened.

If you use your art to virtue signal on trendy topics you're not an artist. For art is eternal not this bull.

Most of the world is really creepy but we were different.

Online porn is a past-time of most men and the sign is yelling at their wives. Nip it in the bud, thrive.

Stop feeling remorse about what the demons did through you. They work through the weak or the flue.

When God wants your own thing all else is static but since you've been tracked, you're still on it.

Islam is a political system that conquers through rape, murder and taking slaves--and thus the Crusades.

The elites refuse to take GMO vaccines/foods. Yet they make us take them and eat them, dudes.

Insist on your right to sit/do nothing but look out the window. Meditation is most important dumbo.

Germany evicted an elderly people to accommodate migrants. Can you believe Merkel madness?

Megyn said she hated Trump, was against guns, was an elitist/globalist and America said bye bye!

Sadiq Khan has the tranny toilets running but couldn't care less about acid attacks or stabbings.

All candidates even Obama said they were Christians. Look at what they do not what they say, amen?

Obama shut down coal plants is what was helping China. Trump: Turn em back on or our end is final.

Stop remorse and start thinking about what you can do for society. End maudlin self-reproach, truly.

Trump: You're gonna negotiate and make a deal that's good for everybody, or be run over--our guy's so clever!

If you like the constitution you're a "bitter clinger" (to God and guns) and you will be targeted, son.

No compromise with those the essence of betrayal--the ache of emotions severed and denial.

Youth think socialism is being "concerned with others". No--it's tyranny as government smothers.

Relativism says "it's all good"--what baloney. There's a hierarchy in humanity and it's called liberty.

Putin and Trump have joined forces to defeat the New World Order, the major offender.

They are so maudlin in their virtue signaling and "being nice". But then they quickly switch, yikes.

Islam has fed off the discontent of young black males in prisons--taking over America is their mission.

Women are terrible voters cuz they love big government and open borders.

Your kids are taught to be global citizens in a collectivist, sexually reckless, “sustainable” world.

Muslims standing against hate are targeted by the left, calling them "anti-Muslim bigots"--no jest.

Can't wait to see Trump collude with Putin cuz they're both real and Christian: to globalists, frightenin'

It's a global takeover involving everyone from Reid to DeCaprio and global warming's the first show.

Modern day racism is exclusively anti-white but that's all ok with the left as they continue this blight.

Please adopt a puppy or kitten and give it a good home! That's your therapy for any syndrome.

Do whites in Appalachia benefit from their skin color? We must banish this racism of the hour.

God blesses so big even foes agree it was Him in your life. What a miracle being God's wife.

People are becoming bloodthirsty (from the evil influence of ISIS) while the repentant think of eternity.

The pope along with Obama wants to destroy our way of life. This is not about love/goodness, only strife.

The bible says not to depend on future windfalls, just enjoy each day as God designed for y'all.

The public schools are "progressive" (communist): Everything that is yours is mine too, honest.

It's a planned invasion to destroy Christiandom. These are the young men of Islam.

How the criminals fell the mighties: foreign-borns in high positions from anti-democratic fascist societies.

The media is jumping on Trump. Don't you see they're globalist lackeys--don't listen to this crud!

There must be some nice decent men.

Who'd wanna go on The View to argue with liberal shrews?

Stop worrying about stepping on toes. They've made us that way on purpose so show em you know!

Socialism is leveling everyone so we're all equally poor. Then there's fascism at the top creating war.

The barbarians are more like animals. And you wanna be nice to them? That is just not natural.

Mass mental illness/cultural death is designed to mentally wound us so they can take control.

Americans aren't use to the raw side of reality--spoiled by two centuries of freedom and decency.

I'm horrible: Suddenly he’ll alert 10,000 sleeper cells who will surge while we're disabled.

Thought horrible: Suddenly he’ll alert 10,000 sleeper cells who will surge while we're disabled.

Suddenly we're surrounded by strangers--a tsunami of God's wrath as our land is filled with dangers.

We sense we're in a clamping cage where a diabolical plan (huge) is closing despite our rage.

To maintain sanity see things prophetically. The Lord said this would happen, like breaking away.

Never argue with stupid people, they'll bring you down to their level and for us geniuses that is the devil.

Centralized global control is: picking winners and losers and making us poor.

Liberals put ideology above biology (species-specific diets), forcing vegan on their pets.

Opposing illegal immigration is "racist". This is the reality we must swallow whole, from the fascists.

For the sake of our pets, fix our borders. America was decent as we love our pets as sons/daughters.

Globalism is anti-family: seeks to break everyone up. Divorce is no more a stigma but a feather in their cap.

They don't call it "communism" but "globalism"--all bought by the same interests: corporate fascism.

If you gotta repeat everything twice but you see he responds to his friends is it disrespect or a vice?

Leftist men weak mentally, six times more likely to steal. They pull down the strong/it's how they feel.

Why are we married? Cuz we both wanna be taken care of, see?

Rude, condescending, doesn't reply and he lied. That's the worst--not a trustee bonafide.

Alone in the wilderness I bypassed culture so as it was sinking in it's swill I was coming into my Lord's will.

Even good people go through bad times. It's good to know so when it hits it's not due to our "crimes".

Globalism is totalitarianism--that's why it's so frightening. It's tyranny vs. creativity--the enlightening.

I don't need to be defined by my work anymore. I know I'm defined by God as my spirit soars.

A nation has the right to secure it's borders: to know who's coming and who they are--we've fallen so far.

Let today be a turning point in your life. Beauty from ashes: in the twinkling of an eye, gone is all strife.

Must disown back to keep your reality intact: self-esteem healed by truth or your world goes black.

Putin's trying to reconfigure world alliances due to our absence on the world stage under Obama

God's wrath comes through disasters or relocation of large groups: suddenly surrounded by strangers.

Two immigration concerns: Going on the dole and refusing to join the whole.

Home is where we're the King while surrounded by all our things. Why go out? It's sin-enabling.

Via computer I transcend circumstances and parochial nuisances--ignore bad and get into preferences.

Those who live godly will suffer persecution. But suffering precedes greatness: it's a substitution.

They actually think they're good thinking these things. Globalist pawns as bankers pull the strings.

A cruel people whom you don’t know shall rule over you, if you hadn’t thrown out you know who.

Put silliness and clutter in the same bag. These are mental hazards irritating as a nag.

2139 DACA recipients convicted of crimes against Americans. But wait, they're just the children!

It's as clear as the existence of gravity but still we're told "don't believe your lying eyes"--rise up, be bold!

All I can do is take everything out and add it back one at a time to test response. Same with people, alas.

In the Fallen Hero Syndrome, sin brings a spiraling down and then persecution is reflected all around.

Socialism: an elite in control, a crumbling middle class and totally dependent and controlled mass.

The lawlessness of Mexico is being allowed to implode into the U.S. They're pouring in and catered to (fuss).

All of life reflects the sin process: of purity, temptation, sin/loss and then the rewards of redemption.

Use your mind now. You can get out of anything if you cut it loose then re-enter the flow.

The endgame is to agitate minorities then discard them. Top dogs become bottom to their chagrin.

A population bomb's as devastating to America as a suitcase nuke. That's gonna sink the ship dude.

You want things neat and orderly, and you're a minimalist: just the most essential and nothing amiss.

Jihad wins in dumb (tolerant) countries in a cultural suicide causing their own demise.

There are benefits to trouble. When God shows up you get the glory, double (it's in the bible).

If they're not chopping off heads they believe in those who do or Shariah law and it's the opposite to us.

I was invaded by an opposing culture of Generation X-ers and it was hell learning about evils of open borders.

Recall: Life is a Pie. If you want success, spend less time with anti-success forces. Focus: the mostess.

With each day they don't

Stop being naive and see the whole plan. it goes way beyond petty notions of gov--see the con man.

I invited them to profit from the solitude but they bled me wrecking my privacy too.

Pope is really in a hole he can't crawl out of now. This no-borders accuser isn't God, you know.

As the Third World cleans out there is tens of millions more a month--are you ready to be debunked?

Relativism is killing us. Being told all religions are the same and if we don't like the flood, we're racists.

The left's sympathy for immigrants seems peculiar vs. apathy for small town America and it's future.

Illegals unschooled in constitutional guarantees and individual liberties: workers for huge leftist cities.

The militia's been called to scout the Texan border and stem the tide against gangs or disorder--when?

These thugs and creeps like Eminem/Snoop are globalist sellouts dumbed by liberal dogma.

Globalists know if we're demoralized we're easy to control. Turning kids into pervs/sluts is their goal.

A reprobate mind is conditioned not to know evil and insists we do things that are inconvenient.

Kim Jong Un, a madman who doesn’t mind starving/killing his people, will be tested like never before. Trump

Trump is the wrecking ball against the tyrannical planetary regime. The pyramid is in deep trouble I think.

Relax, God can change variables and time. Take a break, resume sublime.

Accusing us of doing what they're doing. not news but a propaganda machine: disgraceful and boring.

Hollywood: traitorous, evil and turned over to hatred of America where they have freedom--captured or dumb?

It's not so much the police but the globalists behind it, but they want this division in America to trash it.

When historically informed it's very frustrating as everything is in reverse and for some it ends in divorce.

Liberals want foreign secret TPPs running every facet of lives or foreign boards determining all things.

Taking our guns as they flood us with foes. This is worse than history's tyrants--as low as it goes!

Why should you adapt to them? It's an insult, think about that and firmly stand your ground.

Everyone's a dark liberal. It's the default setting, a warped worldview even seen in churchists too.

The well-organized money movers think beyond nation-states and empower their un-elected classmates.

Governments never give you back what they've taken away, so give the left no quarter, ok?

Forsake concern for "likes". The less "likes" the more you know you're telling the truth to dense types.

It is more natural for man to sin than to repent.

The elites are perverts themselves, for evil is natural where God is absent.

You go against the American populist Donald Trump and that's the end of ya.

Globalists wanna debase us--how better to do it but thru screeching music scaring dogs and cats?

We were decent people but this stuff bringing us down must be rejected lest we become feeble weasels.

They don't want that populism vetted--they want full entry and labeling us as "demented".

How to become fluent in any language: see it's the globalists. After a while this is so obvious.

They can tell a genius thru symbols and clever repartees.

They make themselves exempt from the tyrannical rules they put on us. That's how evil kings focus.

I have learned from fools and sages that SIN decides if you're a success on stages or locked in cages.

The youth corps are exploding geometrically. Many don't speak English so we're in deep trouble, really.

Trillions in no-bid contracts destabilizing the world: Governments should be feared by every boy and girl.

When you get money again, don't mess up--keep the same routines developed when a grub.

Everything you are seeing are desperation acts to cover up the crimes they have already committed.

The problem isn't radical Islam, it is ISLAM and the Koran that looks down on women.

The left wants open borders--that's "sympathy" as the Southwest goes into chaos and disorder.

They don't have a right to be here to begin with--it was an illegal order by the ill-legit so shut up twit.

Trump represents the American ideal and loves this country. Left hates it, deplorables are a blessing.

Don't succumb to arguing with their tendency to justify barbarity. It's you with the heart, a rarity.

Learn about global government: it is unelected and will bring this system down.

Become more protective than ever. Other cultures are entering in, they don't think like us about Rover.

Simplicity makes happy but when choices expand you can lose your mind categorically.

We see many works against a Christian to excite doubt and generate contempt and derision.

Anti Trumpers are making fools of themselves. Better jump ship you creeps or you'll soon be overwhelmed.

Will pay for the wall with 20% tax on Mexican imports. Wow

God has an appointed time for every matter He has planned--but impatience makes life so bland.

Terrorists coming across and they don't care--they'd rather be politically correct: a cultural scare.

They always hate you to begin with and can't wait to stab you in the back as soon as possible. True?

We are taught to tolerate cruel things by "multiculturalism" or feared labels like "racism".

All cultures are not alike despite what relativists say. They are calibrated based on their humanity--okay?

The extreme left bonds with Islamists because they too hate the west though it is the best.

The minute you explain yourself they lose respect and start to test.

Muslim prayer rugs found on border. Was that one of the children? No it's our demise and disorder.

Open borders makes him a better Christian than us wanting America's sovereignty protected?

God step in and save America now. These aren't children but grown men crossing our borders--disallow!

How globalist totalitarianism works: put people in head positions from fascist countries ruled by clerks.

"Mohammad seduced people by promises of carnal pleasure and gave free rein to it, appealing to people of limited wisdom.” Aquinas

Older women have saddlebags--and if thin they're very sexy: shows they've loved and lived/not hags.

Aging is saging: As the body recedes the spirit grows--this is conscious aging, being in the know.

It’s too much to keep up with so redirect your energy, go within and detach frenemie

I'd rather focus on this than that! Just this decision alone turns my reality to happy white from sad black.

There will be plenty of opportunities for you--just repent, focus on your wants and wait for the cue.

A loser pope takes on Trump. A socialist globalist dope wants us flooded with chumps.

They're barbaric but you don't believe it. You'd rather have approval--admit it. Denial: repent of it.

Do you want a billion new people here? That's what no-borders means and stupidity should be feared.

Obama violated constitution and thus Trump ended DACA program.

Do you think this pope is a man of God just cuz a bunch of men said he was? Look past images/applause.

Soros and the super-left (hoarders) are behind global destabilization and all recently imploded borders.

You think it's okay to chop off heads, stone women and throw gays off buildings? You have no feelings.

There's an evil side of riches cuz though we BUY our soul still itches for something more delicious.

The founders were afraid of this globalist threat but we'd need to stay moral, that's what they said.

Any death occurring during commission of a felony is homicide.

So much coming all at once. Yet it still misses the zombies--though we stand against, they're still a dunce.

Things became right when I learned to back down. Just pray and watch everything perfect all around.

Paul Ryan is a globalist subversive like many others we trusted. Pay attention then get disgusted!

In times of stress, a connection will be made. Let that percolate--the answer to all problems as an aid.

Jesus said it's in the eyes: Porn is a form of adultery, something to despise.

Stop the shame for when the devil was in ya'. Anything can happen when controlled by his minions.

Total load: Food, environment, drugs, chemicals, emotional, stress--a constantly sliding variable, yes?

Enontiodromia: the put-down sister becomes the queen and takes em all in, forgiving the fiends.

We can defeat globalism by nationalism! We are allowed to be proud of our Americana again.

Life is a pie: the more you spend on this the less you spend on that--so figure that out then fly.

Flu shots double chances of catching the flu.

I focused inward to my own family and friends. That collapsed the outer, from a clunker to a Benz.

Any focused poet knows it: he's gotta stay quiet in the moment to be heroic and potent (noticed).

Be a well-oiled timeless beauty. This is your duty once you know the truth--and it's not vanity, really.

The saints are mercurial: wise and witty. It’s natural when you see through people whether girl or bitty.

Cuba's warm and beautiful but we gotta look past the climate: It's about evil leadership, believe it

The scandals are flying furious and faster. To keep up with it all takes time away from your own disasters. DESPICABLE TRAITORS BRINGING IN AN INVADING ARMY Despicable traitors brought in an invading army for votes and money. And to think it's the churches investing in open borders--like the Lutheran council making a bundle. Gotta start judging those who won't judge barbarism! Don't let it pass--they're the worst humans. Why would we possibly need AR-15s? Because the enemy has em, see? The new voting block (immigrant children) are fed far better than our children in the schools. Fools. Marxism is going mainstream--we must fight this serious tragedy for people are getting mean. Sick socialists in Hollywood with hearts of wood: What traitors they are though freedom made them a star. Trump'll use Mexico's anti-American hate to make him more popular, but first he gave em a chance, the gobblers. L.A. has become unrecognizable. In reaction white flight escalates as they turn red states blue. My new life started the day I got a wall around my house with a locked gate. My Creative Act is complete. There is a time for every matter He has planned--but impatience makes life so bland. RECAP: Sin or disease? Since sin gains tragic hold--a possession--it's also a disease so repent, please. FUTURE PICTURESTRIPS Coming soon:

Globalist liberal pawns who know nothing hating Trump--yet every day the stock market are up!