Karen Kellock

The True Lady is Gentle Worldliness not Worldly Grossness. The Fruit of the Spirit is Self-Control. A wife of noble character is her husband's crown but a disgraceful wife is decay in his bones. Prov 12: 4. Do not associate with those who are given to change or allegiance. Prov. 24: 21. It's ok to be glamorous and have a ball. Sparkle it up in good clean fun before it's all over for y'all. But man, with all his honor and pomp, does not remain: he is like the beasts that perish. Psalm 49:12 The value of privacy is not realized until it is lost

The more I find myself the more people I lose. It should bring relief to know it's a process not you.

Clean sweep--drop all from the past, they act as little anchors to old thought patterns, gross/crass.

Our weakness cues God's power. More weak, more God makes you the man or woman of the hour.

Women confuse virtue signaling with politics. It's created a mess immigration and made them and us sick.

Liberal twilight zone: Investigating crimes of illegals is now genocide--where has reason gone?

I cannot forget how you bashed me for white privilege so I ended up in a shack while you were rich.

Stop following liberal democrats, they should be following you. Throw away address book/attract all.

Your work goes way beyond your personal history. So let that all go and be swooped up into destiny.

I demand reparations for all the money stolen for being white.

These anti-Trump baby killers don't realize they're serving Satan but we still detest them.

When you have power give it to me cuz it's your principal. When I have it, I'll take yours cuz it's mine.

Obama knew the brawn of nonwhites would subsume us so insisted on integrated neighborhoods.

Do other religions give true peace, when terror looms large from error?

The more nothing is happening the more it's going to soon so store up strength/rest in your room.

Satan exists to steal, kill and destroy. How does he do this? Through false doctrines minimizing this guy.

When it's your power/money you share it with me. When it's mine I have a right to be stingy/miserly.

Not having to adapt to crud means you're high in synchronicity: magic, fantasy, dreams realized, giddy.

"Be liberal, let us take over, we'll be sweet" then they conquer and kill and they're the same still.

In the end we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends. M.L. King

Stop calling them "dreamers" like they're little kids with Ph.D.s. Many on the dole/adults/sleaze.

Not your approval, she wants female peers--the female community is a block to genius and seers.

Old lady defends against mobs and thugs. Guns are the equalizer so is Trump betraying us?

I just like being with dogs and cats. The socials always criticized me for that.

Groomed dictators are always smiling, in fact it's a sure sign. And you loved him, swine!

Men are nationalists, women are the problem. I'd gladly give up my vote to cut them out, the fallen.

Whites have a unique form of psychological capitulation, unwilling to defend their group interests.

Higher IQ means refinement, restraint, mildness, gentleness but don't get us mad you finks.

We don't talk to the dead. Tho' you think you are it's best to remember their good points instead.

Country neighborhood just as toxic as the city if they're burning trash/listening to officious ol' bitties.

They don't wanna go home cuz they want to live in white societies where things are nice.

So to get money outa me you exploit my good graces/white guilt making me feel bad and shady?

"White privilege" teaches non-white people to hate us--or mug us to get some of that unearned gratis.

You can take Oprah outa the ghetto but not the ghetto outa Oprah. --Oprah's mother.

The point is not race but being displaced.

Keep your dietary restraint deleting whole categories, I'm gonna eat what I want then fast for glory.

The lady said "he said he didn't do it so we went back together, it was just a buildup of gossip".

All studies show Muslim immigrants get more radicalized not more integrated as time goes on.

Demographic change (immigration) always hurts the weak and vulnerable first, it's like a curse.

You're the man's natural adversary if a feminist. You can't sacrifice, give, take second place/best.

Unravel from the mental illness of the last half century. Return to reason, tradition and our history.

Revitalization Movements are when the herd marches to a new beat--awareness of cheats.

If you ate too much the day before, thank God for now you gotta fast for the benefits you'll adore!

Scientific revolutions take place one funeral after another.

It's ok to be alone all the time. That's the best company you can have or you'll have to compromise.

Dumb permissive liberals don't realize they're worshipping Satan and going to hell for their shenanigans.

As you mature you'll become more nationalist because you see it serves your personal interests.

When male-female relationships turn adversarial all hell breaks loose and explodes in your face.

Diversity: Insofar as you are enriched I am impoverished so of course you love this.

I create the home, routines and home life = Then he loves home and for that he's willing to fight.

Once they get rich they want power which is intoxicating. More and more the left is conquering.

Trump tells the truth, he's real and raw while Obama glibly lied while handing us a bunch of bull.

Protesting trivia while ignoring the devastation everywhere, that's the women's march I do declare.

Ruining a girl's state championship for all the undrugged, unsteroided aspirants who haven't flipped.

What we're pist off about is they're flooding in at Obama levels when we don't even want legals!

What we're pist off about is the wall and deportations aren't happening fast enough as promised.

For every moment you're concentrating on a movie you coulda been doing your own thing, focusing.

Women were always rewarded the kids but now (with decay) judge gives em to a homosexual to raise.

Events and pictures, pictures and events. In between there is delusion and fantasy, that's my two cents.

You're a child of God not a bum. Dress nice, it's fun. They were so cold I felt a drought and heartbreak.

Most destructive myth: "people are nice". They are wild, sensual, devilish, selfish in their vice.

Stay spiritual by saying NO to the carnal. Sure you gotta eat and procreate but please: use restraint!

They'd have to have graduate level courses for understanding, but couch it as if for kids, and kindly.

You're not a writer if you don't make a dent, if you're not READ so that's part of it--is it fluff instead?

Soon it will be illegal to even teach biology to accommodate the latest liberal cosmology.

I can't forget how you preferred such trivial things while ignoring or bashing my inner richness.

They wanna pamper themselves but don't deserve it. Get off your fat ass and study, learn, order it.

Fame: It's not an ego thing, it's a necessity. Think about that and now you must prepare for it.

Vindication is necessary for the relief of the saints. Vindicate: make things right Lord/please don't wait!

Elite whites unaffected by diversity themselves force it on those who can't escape the bad results.

When they start that s**t say "so you want us to be a hated minority in our own country, is that it?

Higher education is no solution to current wage stagnation it's all about mass immigration.

Archetypes determine how fairytales and psychodramas are played out--we are owned by them, no doubt.

Those who say the races are equivalent have not been around other races or they're just nuts.

The marching feminists engaged in naughty behavior dressed like vaginas and humping each other.

Whatever you have, better be ready to fight for it or someone will take it either for greed or survival.

For the system to work, be a sweet little lady and he'll become a manly provider with nothing shady.

Start watching movie then I gotta stop it ten times to go outdoors and think for a couple hours.

It's the most rational choice as ancestors/angels rejoice: to defend one's own people and race.

The pro-life rally was about God, family and unborn children. Compare that to evil/immature women.

The 2nd amendment is for defense against criminal gov (rare) but mostly lunatic mobs creating terror.

Go to hell you liberal white cuckholds gladly giving away what my ancestors built for us, we, me!

Of COURSE you want what is mine, and invite your whole family in for more pieces of the pie.

Oh, the poor immigrants--and not one word about what's happening to us citizens being crushed.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo Da Vinci)

Due to diversity we've lost control of our future, children's education, survival and very destiny.

Other religions treat women like dogs but Christian men treat em like gold until wrecked by feminism.

Speak out now so future generations won't think we were all cowards and fools. Guillaume Faye

Transfer our funds to minorities is all about feeling good, relieving guilt and getting voters.

Why is it wrong for whites to wish to remain a majority in their own country? As usual, there is no reply.

More Muslims, more killings, and France and Germany is stuffed with em as bodies keep piling.

When you are all by yourself it's lonely but if four or five of you it's a movement, so get going.

We need separate homelands and with time--very soon--you'll find that out man.

Subconsciously they will think: why bring kids into a world where they're a hated minority?

Races are just local varieties--that's all they are--so how could a race denialist deny this?

Archetypes are in levels from fool to king. Repent then it's a higher one you'll naturally be choosing.

You don't like what I do, go--I can't adapt to you.

Life is a pie. For every moment you do that you can't do this, your destiny and God's blessing/kiss.

These people here, they are country folk bumpkins and I think we should get to know them.

The loving liberals are enemies of you, your family and your people.

Humans are herd animals: prefer to be in the majority. It can't be overcome so this is our tragedy.

One acre plots means men always building things with particle board/glue and burning trash too.

God is your true Father, you don't have to cling to false idols or frail props--you can have it All.

Neighborhoods: Beautiful country life--can't breathe. Gorgeous views--sick as hell wanna leave.

I don't wanna go to any more parties, please. It's always their opportunity to zing me from jealousies.

Democrats can't give you a good argument so they're just gonna import people who will go for it.

Ha Ha You thinking it's all-ok when it's not. Always pushing envelope making fools of yourselves.

The left wanted that Jezebel (the whore of Babylon blackmailed by all) in there to finish America off.

No, we're not "nice". It's about being real and telling the truth--that it's your evil we despise.

You wanna let other cultures in here to ruin everything we've created from Christian capitalism sir.

If whites valued European heritage they'd have many more children but that's not the case.

Venezuelans dying of starvation as the communists pass a law saying you can't call it starvation.

To the liberal youth: When you're fifty or sixty you'll be a hated minority in your own country.

All systems are fully entwined with multinational corporate finance and it's oligarchical elite.

Say it in such a beautiful way they can't dispute it. Beauty does the work and saves the day.

What idiot would want communism? Only the most shallow thinkers, the mentally ill or women.

Left was raised in nothingness--no loyalty to family, nation, God--and apathy/shame to ancestors.

Gotten away with so much, feel invincible/giddy: Wanna bring the west down/replace with tyranny.

Dumbing down started two generations back so when you talk to grandma she's also a liberal/cracked.

Depending on your money and not on God = holes in your bucket and being seen as odd, flawed.

In private that's how guys talk but in society may be better not to use colorful language, ok we get it.

Whites are gentler and more refined and easily taken advantage of--good nature perverted.

The law-abiding well-living are taxed so the lawless can be more self-indulgent and less giving.

The competent are taxed to subsidize the proliferation of the incompetent: imagine that.

Diet: Pizza or ice cream with best ingredients.

They take every opportunity to zing you from jealousy so just stay home and avert the tragedy.

Men are nationalists because it serves their own interests--this is obvious, the more local it is.

The violent hatred towards Christianity is growing daily so "preach it" I say.

Admit it you were ridiculous but Jesus erased it.

Obama lied to us eloquently and constantly and you still love that destroyer creep/it's not funny.

I came to fire the whole staff and I sometimes use colorful language (Scaramucci)

Their low quality of life is their reward.

I was a terrible filthy sinner but God turned it all around, forgot it ALL and made me a real winner.

It's all on the website. That's what a website is for, so you don't have to send it around anymore.

The answer to insoluble situations is to fast--escape the matrix. Enter new worlds--block tricks, it's fixed.

It's that click that makes you a filthy hick and we see that now, heck--we're brought down by your hex.

So the little boys got to say the word "shit" all day and pin it on the president, what a trip.

He brings an evil spirit into the house, she puts up with it--then their home lives degrade, believe it.

You planted the seed now just wait as God said He would prosper and meet your need.

Putting the interests of immigrants over citizens--that's how whacked out the left has become.

"Diversity consulting" is a ten billion dollar a year industry and that's just the beginning of this fallacy.

Tho' they say it's swell diversity is hell and NO one likes being under it's spell.

Add butter, go 36 hours. Eating again is being pulled down, powerless.

It's not about racist--how ridiculous.

Who's bringing these people in: the churches and women. They want big gov/open borders, hmmm.

Prepare to be continuously creative. Make yourself apt to receive the greatest.

Globalists have preyed upon the weakness and gullibility of youth to consolidate their power.

The more we let in the smaller pieces of the pie for us but these crazy women can't see this.

Will Europe's proud heritage and culture slip away, replaced by Islamization, enslavement, death?

Listen to a racial realist to get escape from the mind-numbing prevailing orthodoxy of DIVERSITY.

Libs steeped in ridiculous egalitarian notions will switch when pilloried for speaking obvious truths

As it all falls down a power vacuum will emerge. Resist--why not want the best for your own, sir?

They dragged us down to avoid disapproval then things went too far so now we want their removal.

Another way they destroy is through confusion. On our most basic instincts they're creating de-evolution.

Since it was mental illness/demons, forget it. Get offa that thing, in the galaxy it's just a pin prick.

Eating once daily, things work for the first time. It's even more impactful than what I eat: what a find.

How the sexes get along is the basis for society but now "he" can beat her up in wrestling, really?

The utopian vision of crazy hippies is now the dominant governing orthodoxy of the west.

Groups get strong/expand or get weak, die out or conquered to the man.

There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood leads to fortune. Shakespeare

Weak people grovel to the altar of evil. Despite your phony smile we the wise can see you traitorous people.

Globalist's goal: To eradicate all sense of shared identity or purpose.

Whites as a group face existential threats completely unmatched in our history. Julian Langness

On pornography: Karen Kellock hates it and so eloquently states it.

Neurotics over-rely on the verbal.

Creative work comes in spurts. You work, you relax. TV confuses things--too high a tax with dense facts.

Mass migration masquerading as humanitarian cause but it's true nature is occupation of territory.

Real women aren't offended cuz they know it's true. They had men friends but women they'd eschew.

"Open borders", "no human is illegal"--some of the signs of the women's march of the dumb/un-regal.

The right: reason, logic, history and facts. The left: feelings, emotions, victimhood and grievance.

Feminists lie about campus rape culture, gender pay gap and the patriarchy--it's all malarkey.

So what if women reject you, know who you're dealing with. They're liberals steeped in slogans/myths.

Do your work, leave a legacy, make some money, support a family--that's it not your ego honey.

Modern man is callous and crude, that's the schools since the fifties having banished the prude.

"Give me your tired..." is just a 100 year old poem by a socialist so please just shut up.

If your enemy has a sword, get a better sword.

You're a product yet an overcomer of your generation so help other victims.

When eating wrong foods, of course they don't digest. This causes flatulence, the real pest.

Thank you God for this work You've given me to do. It's so amazing and fascinating to me too!

Keep your rabbit food I'm sticking to the most calorically dense then fast for the mood, that groove.

They attack Christians cuz they don't get angry--until they do. Stefan Molyneux

What are you doing about white racism and becoming a hated minority in your own country?

Globalists want totally poor people living in coffin apartments so of course they hate Trump the best.

Women are to keep the morals of the household--the "keepers of the hearth" it is called.

Suffering can either ignoble or cripple a people so now shun evil and stand high as a steeple.

The lust for egalitarianism is a smash them/silence them sentiment as whites go into extinction.

What's less worse--sugar or aspartame? The latter I wouldn't touch cuz fat and cancer isn't the same.

Youth are an army of brainwashed bots who take the latest political correctness and bully us a lot.

You can't even say it's ok to be white.

Oprah is the "uniter" as she chirps men are horrible, Trump is evil, the media is wonderful.

Dogs are being slaughtered by the millions to adapt to (not offend) the Muslims so speak out man.

The liberals care so much about Haiti but not the millions raised for it then stolen by Hillary?

Most of the world's in tyranny--the default setting of mankind--where you lose your power and mind.

The "white privilege" button is just greed and exploitation of us: morally sensitive groups.

It's the little foxes that kill the vine and clicks that bring ruin and decline.

It's OK to love your own people and superior European traditions and history and to hate evil!

He's articulate in left wing ideology but if he loses swings to bad language and attacking the winner.

People want to determine their own destiny in a homogeneous community not forced diversity.

Trump: Call the cops and tip the neighbor's crazy and they go get the guns and maybe arrest him?

I don't trust many words cuz the truth can be said simply: their ship is sinking thus the shooting.

West was built by Faustian individualism but when surrounded by groupies it becomes a problem.

So you want us to be welcoming to y'all while for us pieces of the pie are cut more small?

They get us all worked up for justice then nothing happens--it all fizzles out. Will they ever arrest the cabal?

Turn off the self-love garbage, get rid of the self-love preachers, and get right with God.

They're gonna false flag it and blame it on us--that's what they do and we all know it.

There is no gender fluidity--there are two biological sexes, dummy.

I can't forget you loved the smooth and phony Obama and even Hillary a criminal worst in history.

No matter what you got, trouble may come so live for the best and pray it won't/enjoy your night.

Left is stuck in the futile conformity of social justice while we are bursting with energy and creativity.

Women's march: "We have all the black and brown voting as we want, now you guys get in line too."

The naughty boys at fake news love saying "shit hole" all day--360 times, ok?

Libs said they'd leave if Trump wins so why not move to Haiti, friends?

The evil are out there deceiving playing the victim role so you believe em and into hell following them.

Stop eating everything that catches your fancy or you'll go dense and start to look ordinary (not a dandy).

The major race science claim: There is more difference between groups than that within them.

Doesn't matter what he says, it's what he does, especially when you're not looking or distracted.

She tells us her life story and we don't even know her. She's the center of the universe: controller.

Get used to being set apart, for adapting to them will bog you down, destroy life and you'll have to restart.

Their false religion compels them to push the envelope downstream until their total destruction.

The last thing I need is false Christian/liberal female trivializing this or telling me to accept it.

People like Antifa and liberals: certifiably nuts going way beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Women thinking they're tough when they're not. They don't know a thing about survival/can't tie a knot.

Don't stake your soul for eternity over ignorance of God's word, a common tragedy.

Whites have the greatest power of abstract reasoning and imagination yet they give in and cower.

The Lord has fixed all the borders of the earth (divisions of land, sea and nations). Psalm 74: 17

It's an escalating displacement as new immigrants take our money and thus there are less births.

Cultural diversity doesn't always go smoothly. More often than not it causes great difficulty, truly.

They get delusional, mass mental illness spreads, the bedrock is removed as war's waged on the sane.

Liberals are no-good people worshipping themselves in an echo chamber of self-involved duds.

Biggest liberal myth in all history: all races are alike, it's just illusory.

You're to be bold in righteousness not timid and weak from sin your highness.

Your liberal virtue-signaling friends have become worse, more obdurate. Reject now and get with it.

Rich think they get outa anything by throwing money at it but find it's not true: holes in their bucket.

What the world thinks is of no consequence. Relate to God, angels, seasons, family and pets.

Don't be disturbed over when you mimicked the cultural neurosis of filthiness, it's just emptiness.

Forces of evil assembling against you not of God but living in the enemy's camp, you’re seen as odd.

Recall sweet tragedies: when evil sought to overcome me but God swooped down and saved me.

Stop feeling bad cuza what the dumbed liberal said. It's a powerful social hypnotic and it's red.

Stop feeling bad when they're prospering and you're not. It's a temporary thing before eternal rot.

It's not walking in your house that's killing me it's stuff per se--the more junk the more illness, ok?

Forces of evil assembling against you not of God but cuz we live in the enemy's camp we’re seen as odd.

You're so good, so high, that no one notices. You're so deep and so fast they just can't process it

If they lack discernment they'll make lousy and devastating decisions for your life so detach, revive.

You created the monsters by being liberal and not drawing lines. They got worse, you lost your mind.

The feminist "friend" started beating on me because I refused to see her as anything but a phony.

Hollywood stars performing voodoo on Trump calling for him to die: Occult is rampant in that pig sty.

Keep your escape routes handy. For me it's music, it messages the brain/pleases like candy.

Saints all sensed superfluity when looking at the human tragedy. Stuff everywhere, accumulation is yukky.

Keep nice music on as the default setting of the home then short drifts into news, details (some).

I don't wanna read where I have to follow/track it. Just a couple sentences, get the gist then music.

Music/reading is a mental transport every genius needs, blocked by the incapacity for leisure/being free.

What's it all for? Just music until the end but have an escape ready for you, your family and friends.

A home is security, predictability, loyalty, routine and mutual protection to maintain happy days.

Materialism is bad just cuza the energy it takes to maintain it: no clarity, reality turns black and sad.

A writer writes, painter paints, singer sings so stop saying you're these things if watching television.

All art is about Self implanted before birth--it's your job to find this groove by repenting of the curse.

Tragedy brings grandstanding, faming, virtue signaling and gaming but the rest is enlightening.

Stop following trendies and get into your own niche it's groovy but never found in sin I behoove ya.

Create thru constraint: Make a beautiful home but the trick is keeping the dross away. NO junk I say.

It's ok to sit and think as you look off to space--that's most productive other than puttering all day.

It's a wonderful stage of life where you reject all details, like a stroke/a rise to a much higher level.

The West doesn't have to be Merkeled if it doesn't want to be--we can stop this crisis now, see?

Just music and dogs, that's freedom. Away from the maddening crowds cuz it's an evil kingdom.

Get outa old ways of thinking--keep escaping these connections. That's creativity/true action.

It's about who's superior to who. Encrypted in the brain, like having the flu and pure obstruction to you.

They're targeting me chemically or at least that's what it feels like to me, how come others are free?

Even things like alcoholism and psychosis are maintained as status quo. We get used to danger, ya know.

When true reality blasts open you may cry for a night but then a new dawn makes everything bright.

I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and truth comes to me. Einstein

The un-family makes you want death but when released you become stealth as God injects new breath.

Repressed emotions bring false positivity like seeing humor in tragedy or losing touch completely.

One acre plots ain't out in the country. Need 20 acres minimum or it's chemicals/unhealthy.

"Out in the country" means never sick. One-acre plots (PEOPLE) and they burn, spray, gossip.

There is no peaceful happy cum-bay-yah multiracial nation anywhere yet they force it on without care.

Study the victims of chemical weapons in wars--that's what's happening to children, you and yours.

If they can't rape em they'll do it medically thru vaccines, fluoride, GMO's and common core sex fiends.

Don't track your mind with TV, evoke thought with music in no groove but your own--be free.

They lie in wait for me/would swallow me up or trample me all day long, and there are many. Psalm 56: 2

If I'm bogged down with past people I'm a victim. If I put the focus back on me, I transcend em.

Fame, power, good looks, never have to work again--but superheroes still can't do the right thing.

Raging dominant tyrant recedes--next time you see him he's a doddering old fool on his knees.

When you're down you've likely been eclipsed by another. Put mind back on self, back to joy and wonder.

How easily the self is eclipsed by humans. Then all goes dark--ever wondered why you're losin'?

If obsessed with past people self-esteem goes down. Put the focus back on self = royalty with crown.

I learned this in a lonely cabin in the desert. High as a kite, happy as a lark then a drop-in/it all inverts.

I'd adapt to solitude: happy all the time. Someone intrudes: I'd get crazy, nervous, couldn't even rhyme.

A big fraud is taking place and they think you're so dumb you'll accept it/not save face.

Most people are entirely conformist, tribal, social, familial. But then you have your geniuses--alone, solo.

Sanctuary states protect criminals not citizens and thus they are gangster organizations.

Sure Europe is fascinating but I gotta rely on travel logs cuz I just wanna stay home with cats/dogs.

When God convicts it's easier to quit.

NO ONE should have pets if they wanna travel too. Get a heart, they are totally dependent on you!

As suddenly as he rises up he spirals down: the shining star without the ground/never renowned.

You can't lambaste them for it, you can only withdraw and build back up. Take a music vaca. You get the trial--pass it and God gives you ALL.

Any victim of the little people would do best to turn it around and help others dealing with pests.

The Fallen Hero Syndrome: when he starts to slip the whole gang pushes him more down, quick.

Since the greatest saints were the worst sinners the best future can spring from the worst past.

They abused her so much she preferred just a shack. This is Stockholm Syndrome, I had that knack.

How could I know my foes were my friends--it was always them that was "loving and good" they said.

No discipline in school = maniacs later = go to jail. That's what they want: we're set up to get fat and fail.

One finds God then trustingly joins a church. Now he's got a brick to carry not a lamp to search.

My time in the desert made me realize the infinity inside. Any intrusion was hard to take (blind guides).

What kills the churches is the spirit of compromise and control: let the world in and sell your soul.

Style is nothing you can fake--you're born with it. You either have it/not and when pretended it's rot.

The greatest test of friendship: Do they cheer your success or become mute when you suggest it?

When the churches show liberal characteristics and think they're good cuza them, forget em.

What's it take? Daily assiduity. Day by day equals a masterpiece, truly.

With God all things are possible. Always remember that lest in down times you become irascible.

Compared to the world, America is heaven for minorities and women.

Decency, decency, decency not diversity.

Jesus is Lord, He made the universe. Evil antiChrist takes over thru conquest, enslavement, a curse.

You just don't know who you are aligning yourself with: the devil dressed in sheep's clothing persists.

Most important for your young genius is: learn how to handle people while standing high as a steeple.

They get so bad (go so low) but when they've had enough of the dark side they become sweet/aglow.

Engineering depts: Instead of aerodynamic lift and drag it's representation, feelings, micro-aggressions.

They want us to focus on batman/cartoon characters rather than the caricatures they've made us.

The feminists say boys will become rapist men if we don't beat the masculinity out of them.

What's it take: a sense of humor, a little lack of respect and you must work harder than anyone else.

This is the importance of an inner courtyard in nature secluded from neighbors.

A point is reached when seared conscience melts down. A period of tears follows then the Self is found.

In elder years the temporal lobes open up to reveal eternity: panoramic perception in a smaller body.

Foreign occupation is being eased in through police departments. It's UN (global-controlled) government.

Born clear we mal-adapt to an insane world and the smartest get the sickest or they find the pearl.

It is the fact I could never please them that I got so good cuz it compelled constant improvement.

They're coming to take advantage of us because we are people who create wealth/they can't resist.

Kellockialisms are brutal logic reversals

Can't rush ahead and force it myself. I've learned that from false starts, humiliating failures/God Himself.

I know we get busy but don't forget to party cuz the incapacity for leisure blocks genius or the arty.

Like pooh on the shoe it keeps coming back so why we need a desktop Manual to keep us on track.

I've done my work, it's complete. But am I going to market myself? Never, all problems He'll meet.

Yes he's the king of narcissism/egotism but we love it cuz God designed self it’s like a magic elf.

If your motives are good you can be as arrogant/conceited as you please, just not a cheat/sleaze.

Be an exemplar in your generation. That's opposite to them--it takes strength not to slide down.

You're at the top of your game and it's outstanding, electric, cosmic, the apex--cuz you gotta fence.

The great are lonely. The more significance to what they built the more they must watch for phonies.

Transition makes you need Him--it moves us into prayer. Thus it's followed with success, so prepare.

Success is greater than all your suffering. For every tear you're stronger, no need for bluffing.

Their hate is a sign God's getting ready to bless you. So don't justify or explain, just bid them adieu.

Loneliness teaches how to be a leader. It makes you tight with God--no need to "fit" or be a breeder.

The minute you explain yourself they lose respect and start to test.

Your trials give you something to say. Now they'll really hate as God turns your ashes into a bouquet.

Your group doesn't understand you so of course you feel hated or odd, so get with those who love God.

It's your time so resume dreaming. Keep that dream alive: no need for scheming, God is redeeming.

Is she happy for your success? Or does she strangely disappear like she couldn't care less?

Globalists created Hiphop/gangster culture. Any way to dumb us down and make us hate one another.

Look how they made us into gangsters--in fashion, talk, our cribs, living life like in a hiphop video.

They'll burn you out and rob you blind. Life tests then rewards non-drunkards.

Go ahead and serve your evil globalist masters, you'll be the first to go when they take over.

Like Joseph and his brothers, don't you dare say you're gonna make it or they'll kill/throw you away.

Dark night of the soul is over. What a curse but I learned so much and now it's time for takeover.

Having someone tyrannize over you is the best education to be a good leader.

Even things like alcoholism and psychosis are maintained as status quo. We get used to danger, ya know.

They must adapt to you or you'll never get anything done. You're problem is being eclipsed by them!

Those favored by God are hated by man. They hate your success so don't try to explain, just ban.

Liberals hate western civilization and Christianity, it's key component/basis for our great nation.

By saying "words are violence" they can throw you in jail for assault through your verbiage.

Lowlifes need constant attention and admiration from each other: it's a laugh to those going higher.

Not born that way: Women are dumbed cuz they want each other's approval more than truth, ok?

They need red carpet gatherings so they can feel better about being wrong with all their frivolities.

We elected you to stop flow of illegals into country, Trump. If you vote for DACA we'll throw you out.

Magnify "the march" to make it look bigger than it is then lionize it to make it look pure and noble.

Be merciful to me O God, for man would trample or devour me: all day long he oppresses me. Psalms 56: 1

Arrogance of narcissistic criminals brings them down. Boldness brings success, then the mess.

Don't get complacent. Keep working/talking.

Every sentence is saying the same thing in a different way.

There is no gender fluidity--there are two biological sexes, dummy.

The effects of IQ can be subdued by political systems.

Virtue signaling defined: Taking the politically correct view on a trendy topic to not seem unkind.

Celebrate diversity while your culture is being displaced. That's part of their plan calling you "privileged".

Race realism is based on biological fact not social construct making life sad.

A sermon is only based on the fruit it bares, so ignore all those golden-tongued orators.

How insane a celebrity's profuse apology for mis-gendering nut jobs in this new pathology.

People happily self-segregate to be with their own, expressing the natural tribalism of humans.

It's Jesus plus nothing.

Expect me to forget how you went along and fell into the popular groove, just to be approved?

Listen to the inspiring liberal message: from "we will overcome" to "we will overthrow".

Well I will forgive all this cuz I'm a Christian and I'm supposed to but doesn't mean I need you pal.

We are deconstructing the enlightenment period, on the brink of a new dark era. Helmuth Nyborg

No other country lets foreigners in to put their snouts in the troughs. Jarad Taylor

The sick may justify bad foods which affect the mental. It's a process to awareness: non-compartmental.

Captive by a false ideology leftists think suppression of truth is justified for the greater good.

Don't we have a right to remain a majority in our own country established by our ancestry?

These humans look like caricatures cuz the globalists want us dumb and dumpy cartoon characters.

So you went off a cliff, so what. All great geniuses had quirks and ruts.

You're to be bold in righteousness not timid and weak from sin your highness.

Feminists hate real women too so it's not just you. You don't conform to their BS learned in schools.

Biggest myth: If we outlaw guns they won't be plentiful. With prohibition, they drank to their fill.

The gun agenda is only a tactic in the goal of total control and that is what every good patriot knows.

Mexico: Total gun ban for citizens, highest crime rate in the world yet you go along with this?

Without parent approval kids now change their race not just their gender: mentally ill pretenders.

First they censure then demonize, arrest then kill--and they're cutting off our money and speech still.

Whenever someone says "We're all God" or "all churches are the same" escape to where you came.

The left wants to normalize evil--can you imagine that? Doesn't that show who they are: ingrates and brats?

Oprah: Create crisis, manage crisis.

Research Oprah's tax exemption, the UN and other things she's involved in then be chagrined.

The unified religion is Lucifer.

They seek satan after told they'll feel a wonderful strength, energy, lightness and rapture.

Proof we're at the end: Invasion by people not our friends to whom our own government lends.

They killed 80 million of their own people and you liberals align with the Chinese? Evil, evil.

You see, they came here cuz they like white society so much better than the hell holes, a fetter.

Extreme chemtrailing after Davos cuz that's how they get back you know.

We don't want white power, privilege/supremacy. All we want is to be left alone in our own country.

On the right, government exists to keep your freedoms but on the left it exists to buy your vote.

You never know when the creative cue will hit: never adapt to TV time schedules or you'll not be legit.

The coasts are liberal and lost--people are expatriating to middle America which is safe and patriotic.

The bible raises man up from slavery and degradation, then they become useful citizens again.

56 million babies aborted and they could care less (don't even seem to know) as evil is totally supported.

Breaking thru delusion is hard with a child being taught--it's the same with all the lies they bought.

Leftist democrats care more about illegal aliens than American citizens.

Jesus Christ brings a revival or a dogfight. His own family thought he was crazy. Charles Lawson

It's like day and night: the dark women in spirit supporting abortion and whatever vs. the pro-lifers.

Nationalism is the wave of the future while multiculturalism has been a disaster.

Fasting, I can be anything I want. It raises the bar and opens vistas: a savant blocking taunts.

Globalism seems an intuitive thing. It's like a tautology, appearing logical with a self-evident ring.

Just wait, you progressives! There'll be a Tsunami of backlash against you for the mess we're in.

There's nothing wrong with wanting your grandchildren to resemble their grandparents not aliens.

You act like you need the approval of your silly generation--can't you broaden?

He cannot live here and have prurient interests, I am a total Calvinist that means by the book.

SRI's magnify weaknesses. So if one is insecure he plunges into bloated immaturity or bad friends.

Feels like old London with dark murky air. I'm in the country but neighbors burn trash/don't care.

How to get to success: Take the the day off.

We love his crudity, his outspokenness raw truthfulness but you snowflakes implode from realness.

No matter how bad soon you'll turn a corner.

Hello, it's been a long time. While I made a mint from conservative rhyme you're still in liberal slime.

You have pushed us too far--even calling for white genocide cuz you know they don't care.

Liberals: wrong theory, misapplied constantly to everything then doggedly sticking to it despite any facts.

Liberal-global view is bland, false, illusory, dull, sadistic, sexualized and communist.

I can't forget how you were so social you neglected your dog or family members needing you hog.

Whites are bad when they leave (white flight) and bad when they come back (gentrification of blacks).

It's much better for you to pull back rather than rush forward saying "it is me", let Me do it said He.

Why have politicians championing diversity escaped to the most white places? Notice this in all cases.

For the first time in history the unfit are having more children than the fit.

Only someone from an overpriced college could live in the theoretical/be so divorced from reality.

God hates abortion, homosexuality and intoxication to name a few--but repent and you're straight too.

In Satan's world there is no justice: That's where the evil are honored and the good are mistrusted.

It's 40 X more likely for a black to assault whites than the other way around, yet they're told to fight.

As he hung himself/his guts fell out we witnessed the ignominious end of a traitor, to pray for.

Just skip dinner. Above all dieting techniques I've found this to be the winner for getting thinner.

The left is vacuous, empty. Though it all seems so light, glowing and friendly when it's tyranny they get petty.

Stay strong as they'll be force feeding us Oprah, the face of black depopulation and abortion.

Homeostasis: Being down brings pep-talks, being up brings insults. Thusly the system maintains itself.

One click and he lost everything, how amazing. Forgive but never forget, now he makes you sick.

Racial realism is the only ideology giving answers to the confused white youth in our nation.

Blacks like Oprah/Obama talk like preachers to emotionalize and brainwash you to be controlled.

White abstraction gives them the ability to ignore reality and so what is good becomes their tragedy.

Dysgenic birth rate: Low IQ many, high IQ few.

We don't want our children and grandchildren to become a minority in a country their ancestors built.

I feel so much better since I blocked you babes from Borrego. You're all virtue signalers and the foe.

For Jarad, the price of dealing with constant attacks as a race realist was undeserved obscurity.

The bible raises man up from slavery and degradation, then they become useful citizens again.

They've made us so afraid to speak, to be arrogantly rejected by these creeps: the trendy clique.

Any news on TV is globalist, save a few. I'd give it all up and select what you study, good for you.

It's the God of Miracles: showing up at the last minute (as history shows).

The babies we've raised: entitled to perks, can't take criticism, tyrannical and they hate hard.

So what are you doing for anti-white racism? I thought so, you don't understand anything ma'am.

Sanctuary state governors or city mayors are criminals and should be locked up now.

Your works are trash compared to what He did for us so just believe then you quickly progress.

We're now required to lie about biology/punished if we don't. Reason's gone/hearts of stone.

Black unemployment is the lowest it's ever been in recorded history under Trump.

Carbon taxes are a cash grab, the latest liberal scam and fad.

The milquetoast always sides with the majority, and this false power shoots down all else as heresy.

It's not that we don't care but we put our own first, the most natural thing when not under a curse.

Liberals vs. the right: Nothing makes them feel more virtuous than apologizing for being white.

I hope you enjoy this journey through my mind. If you don't, kindly drop me and I'll attract my own kind.

If "race doesn't exist" how come racism is everywhere? Jarad Taylor

It's a transforming thing to behold white youth explode triumphant after so much cowering.

Every race has pride and that's ALL-OK but if I'm proud of my heritage it's "white supremacy": NOT-OK.

It's Jesus plus nothing or else you're saying His death isn't enough to pay for your sins, see?

The liberal constantly spews whiney crap, perversion and corruption but always as a "nice person".

If you wanna be a girl or boy, do it: take up violin not wreck a sport for all the other participants.

They probe in little attacks so later when the main attack happens we don't recognize it.

Looking at the comments, increasingly more whites are seeing it for the embarrassing insanity it is.

The safest place for women and children to be is in a marriage which Oprah type feminists only disparage.

The Trojan horse is through the gate. No time to be irate, it's gonna ramp up to a terrible fate.

The liberals live in la-la land--but life has problems, get real. God helps us through them, that's all.

Dishonorable trash reporting the "news", so out of line with the founders of America and without a clue.

"Sustainable" is the sickest word. Whenever you hear it, turn away--it's the destruction of our world.

The backlash from GriffinISIS will only help us (the nice) in this crisis.

Man's problem is not lack of intellect but a fallen nature--his heart--which "niceness" covers in part.

Our women enjoyed great liberty/freedom until feminism destroyed those privileges, long gone.

White people love feeling good about themselves by feeling bad about being white. Jarad Taylor

With email I can think about it/have a record of it, but phones are pure chaos and I'm thru with it.

Look at the FRUITS of religion: we were rich and influential when we were a Christian nation.

Why are whites so exploitable when no other race does anything but look out for their own?

How the sexes get along is the basis for society but now "he" can beat her up in wrestling, really?

Whites are told to "celebrate diversity" even though it means our dwindling influence as a minority.

It's like an evil tidal wave as false doctrine (one-ism) takes over everything but it's a lie: NOTHING.

Each of the 30,000 Christian denominations say they are the only way but it's JUST JESUS I say.

You can predict women's votes--they're vastly democrat and hate their republican husbands.

Fake victim hoaxes mean instant fame and tremendous sympathy for the instigator who is lying.

Family of origin issues = mate selection of alcoholic wifebeater.

Their idea of Christianity is virtue signaling on trendy topics, the ones most people agree with.

Though we shouldn't tell em what to eat, realize food can be a major sin blocking God's treats

We don't hate blacks or Mexicans we hate elite whites who force it on those who can't escape em.

Beans and spuds, butter and cheese--what else is there? Raw milk and fruit smoothie please.

Having been taught debauchery and acting on it, seared consciences just can't accept God.

Is Trump out of joint? The constitution remains the same no matter who's in power--that's the point.

Choose your side but we'll win regardless.

There is no escape from our tribal nature: There will always be us and there will always be them.

Churches have fallen into lies, fables and disrepute! It's all from carnality, compromise/no fruits.

The system opposing us masquerades as a humanitarian concern for human rights and stuff.

But that self-loathing, self-doubting mechanism of white guilt has made us deep and interesting.

Inner-city criminals spreading out thru small towns who are not equipped to handle this behavior.

It's the fallen new age churches that want everyone the same color so "racism" will be no more.

Oprah brought honey to sweetheart Harvey who's just as twisted as her: Hollywood scum lovelies.

Crap hole defined: Third world place without plumbing: Haiti.

Do you remember the promises he made to you--to restore our way of life so eroded by liberal fools?

If your church is that way it's not God but man-made--get out, escape and let Jesus save the day.

The violent hatred towards Christianity is growing daily so preach it I say.

It's not about a nice smile but maybe it would help. Though you're dead serious, share yourself.

He felt bad about what he did but not enough that Godly sorrow would worketh repentance.

Media isn't saying their swamping us with immigration but ask small towns across the nation.

Outa California for two years and I'm still edgy, looking over my shoulder--no way to live when older.

Repent of your sins then a humble and contrite spirit (cuz you fear it) draws men to Christ, know it.

Instead of doing the work, the lazy turn to gimmicks--none of which work whether diet pills or clinics.

We need to be rehorrified by homosexuality. Linda Harvey

I live in community that takes care of my business and emergencies--more important than family.

Cunning sinners are always caught, no matter.

It's just unbelievable how you believe in princess many-words but that is just how it works.

Why are they the inferior? Because they're coming here (on the dole) and we ain't going there.

Diversity is a curse on any society. It erodes trust and makes building social capital impossible. Studies show those who live in diverse neighborhoods don't trust neighbors and are not involved. Arrest her: Merkel is responsible for destabilizing the whole continent for generations to come. Truth is no defense in Canada because it may spark outrage against the invaders and more trauma. Sure things happen here but not so much on the surface unless it's NYC or California of course. To Hollywood scum, Trump restores economy = BAD. Oprah and Meryl defends sodomy = GOOD.

(No Matter What’s Going On)

It's getting ready to overtake you (what you've been crying for): success--real progress, largesse. Before you’re blessed you’re hated. We go through "pain on purpose" but it's just a test--your success is fated.
The day and hour of world success cannot be predicted but can be anytime since the work is done. Just think of success--of crossing that great divide between total enchantment and this mess.


See ya tomorrow for continuation of the Karen Kellock Klass:

Are you a legend to yourself or just hidden by God? Think: before that minute you're seen as odd.