They only care what benefits them. All other considerations are condemned--they're not friends.


If wrong you'll always be proving yourself. We grow up by getting clear: putting it on the shelf.


To make progress restore old paths. They had wisdom and clarity, not like now when genius is a rarity.


To progress fast, restore old paths. For they had power and class, unlike those acting like an ass.


If you're helping don't let em pile on other things too. You must draw that line, if youve a mind to.


God make me bigger than anything I fear. Though surrounded by the spear, put me in good cheer.


Ancestral ties bring great solace even in a dungeon, for courage and strength is their function.


The opposite to black boot tyranny is the beauty of nature--that's your therapy and God's your teacher.


We've fallen so far from the men/women of old. They overcame, they optimized, they found the gold.


See how fast you lose your currency with him. As ego's triggered he gets adversarial: foe not friend.


Return to the old paths--the only way out. It makes me sick what we're losing, all due to drought.


How to love when the other becomes adversarial too fast: This love story is no blast, being miscast.


In the past you'd fight it out, then you'd pout but now you're silent since you know what it's all about.


Watch out buddy, things can change fast and suddenly you have no control--when you've lost your role.


You knew it before, just couldn't close that door. Queens know how fast things change, then it's war.


"The things he said to me used to make me truckle back in. But now I've got vision: his flip flops are sin."


The truth is seldom sweet, it is inevitably bitter. But unfortunately we must face that truth to get any better.


It hurts so much being physically objectified. It feels like being depersonalized, a nothing, soul-fried.


It should be irrelevant what you look like. Let your work stand on its own and seclude from the hype.


When it comes to breasts is bigger really better? To many it's a fetter--inelegant even in a sweater.


Wisdom speaks when it has something to say. Fools speak cuz they gotta say something to feel okay.


She's devastated ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/Unknown-1.jpegnot because he called her fat but because he could be so cruel. Understand that, fool!


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE/images-1363.jpegTo be objectified hurts: it's scary to be not a person but just a number in the face of their flirts.


Suddenly you ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%202/images-283.jpegcould lose all interest in me. That's what I mean about the lack of stability and fidelity.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%203/images-318.jpegDepression triples chances of dementia. Change your view: no matter what God rules minutiae.


Homeostasis: ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE/images-1876.jpegBeing down brings pep-talks, being up brings insults. Thusly the system maintains itself.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE/images-1248.jpegThe verbal abuser drops bombs then insists you forget it. If you rattle his cage about it you'll regret it.


God stop this ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-76.jpegslippery slope--give us reason to hope! With these things happening how can we cope?


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-312.jpegWith stress people fall into their bag. That's everything from envying to being a drag or loving to brag.


Now is the time../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-1932.jpeg to hold on to personal reality. Despite all, this is your only serenity and serendipity.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/Unknown-52.jpegAll we can do is pray. But that's the most powerful remedy and just one needs to do it, okay?


At noon, I'm off.../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%203/images-1216.jpeg For life is two-speeds: Action, and reception. Active-relax, perception is freed.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-1326.jpegIn all your hobbies and projects, be neat and orderly. That's important to true genius/a mess isn't funny.


My Donald's gonna../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-214.jpegcall me, I know he is. I don't know why but he's my guy and we'll discuss all of this.


The truth is opposite to all we've been told:   resolving these contradictions is making gold.



Two choices: Relapse into their system (be neurotic) of be yourself and never see them again.


Due to sin/world, man's eyes lose their shine, skin takes on a grime and they all say "he's no friend of mine".


Though the sky is falling all you have is what's in front of you. Just live this day and God will protect you.


Forgiveness releases able-bodied mentally fit workers to do your bidding, excited to be contributing.


I'm doing it, found my groove. You're reading it, will improve.


From clutter to clarity, chaos to orderly: Happens momentarily--a click in the brain then were happy.


When you pray it tells God you want interaction: giving you discernment then energy for action.


Women with goals should choose husbands who are God-loving, hard-working, honest and loyal.


Maybe only age gives you discernment and if that's true, what a retirement.


Great performance by the lady but her interviews belie total insanity.


Acting out emotions to resolve inner issues.


It's highly embarrassing and disconcerting to meet a powerful performer who's in reality immature.


Just be sweet, be yourself, stay simple. No need to play these phony roles with personality crippled.


I'm done, not just a bum living in a cabin anymore, it's a mansion.


Here for now, tomorrow forever gone. Out out brief candle. Shakespeare


Compared to the chaos of TV noise, music opens mental windows inciting famous creativity and poise.


I finally turned the TV off for good. It's not just the crappy programs but me not thinking like I should.


Thank you God, you made me see the detriment of TV and then you gave me something better: me.


Your write the draft one thousand times then the final one: higher poetic images. That's the most refined riches.


I scribble words from my heart-pain and if it hits a vein and you know it, that's the function of the poet.


God gave me another chance, He brought me back from the dead. He told me how to live and be fed.


Rather than posting how much they hurt you, just delete em--that's the simplest way to defeat em.


To innovate you gotta think out of the box. That means not lookin at what they do--that only blocks.


Keep locking the whole into place, that's all you gotta do. The rest just takes care of itself, for it's the truth.


God said that all is vanity (emptiness, falsity and futility). This godly viewpoint has great utility.


She is so pat, so phony, so obviously insecure and just out for the money but she calls you honey.


I don't know what it was--bitterness or brokenness--but what a mess. Waiting on God gave me finesse.


Goodness in the present rectifies the past. Try it: invite past foes back in your mind and have a blast.


Divorcees think it's normal: their broken relationships. It's not--it's rot--but they are told to endure this.


Marriage is coming within walls. There is no greater high when this battle is won as our destiny calls.


The un-family becomes obdurate: obdurately against you and especially your views and it gets worse, too.


The body responds first (panic) then the frontal cortex reads what it "means": the brain is a fishy scene.


The un-family are blockheads: more like a fable and when it comes to meeting your needs, less able.


The self-sabotaged cleave to the un-family for results which never happen, amen. Find real friends.


We see moral insanity looking back. We all had a little as we absorbed culture and the fickle or the simple.


Un-family victims feel guilt and shame but when aware and separated these feelings are tamed.


The un-family makes you want death but when released you become stealth as God injects new breath.


The "loving" temptress hurts many (wives) women. Don't get too close or you'll be treated like vermin.


Men need marriage too, though they go to lengths to deny it. They suffer with divorce, so better to accept it.


Marriage is coming within walls, for it's scary out there. Both sexes need it or life's too much to bare.


Be what they want you to be. You disappointed before when they needed you more so now stay up--see?


The mark of genius is how many people don't come back. Most all want gross entertainment--fact.


For you to get the benefits first you gotta admit that you're an Old Lady. Are you pushing 50? That's nifty.


I gotta write what I feel. That's all that comes up, a great deal--the current circumstance or a new meal.


Though the theory remained intact, after my stroke I could not adapt--when they'd say things, I couldn't track.



In the Old Lady Diet our only exercise is maintaining house and a garden. Against all intruders, harden.


You don't take any crap on the Old Lady Diet. You just tell the truth until they can no more deny it.


Why do I need to constantly compare myself to others? That was facebook tension--underneath, it smothers.


The whole reason we got sick was adapting to them. With them on top our realities went black, amen?


They enjoyed excluding me--I was shunned. But now I've overcome all and that means a huge fund.


With death all these problems are resolved. After upset, hurt and mental damage you're God's pal.


The truth's said simply. Simplicity shows guts and self-assurance vs. wimpy wordiness and complexity.


When depressed I don't elect music. I must mitigate against this tendency and instead put on my therapy.


The best thing about eldering is the lucid recall of past pearls: we must mine these memories so our dreams unfurl.


Trendy man's too lazy to shave but the real man does it daily: he's the true rave (it's handsome vs. cave).


Our wrongness evokes their spitefulness and all other negative human characteristics: creeps and finks.


If they annoy you, re-focus on your own reality: Block them out, don't get caught up and fill thy cup.


No TV: Enter the delicious nothingness where the True Self's trying to get through despite our fickleness.


The solution is to shut up and wait: if your mouth causes problems be mute and don't take the bait.


Being a man isn't strutting around acting tough, but doing the right thing even when things get rough.


It's about who's superior to who. Encrypted in the brain, like having the flu and pure obstruction to you.


Face the void which fear keeps hidden through addiction: It's your predilection and answer to all problems.


When on top you'll be protected from the herd but until then you won't be preferred and may be slurred.


It's not about looks: pin-up pages. It's what you stand for (lest you stand for nothing) bringing high wages.


Seeing the system releases resentments: See how you brought it on, a raving witch from a fawn.


They want you on the begging end (not your friends) and once you trust them they'll do it again.


Don't get caught up: in weird useless tangents, sucked into drama and other human derangements.


Mining: Separate out the false from the true, common from the rare (just a few) and it's about you.


Only God decides when we retire--when we stop: On the date of the last curtain no one's ever certain.


What is freedom: staying free of anything tracking our mind or blocking our destiny--that is liberty.


The only way to stay sane at this point is to ignore the left's silly statements: just relax (smoke a joint).


Was she my mad mother or older sister? Whatever, she was my worst enemy but I overcame the bother.


Only her death erased the memories: of being put down, gossiped about with rep destroyed (calumny).


Things are gonna ramp up like you can't believe in the next several weeks--hang on to your seats!


Cant go back so may as well go forward. Old regrets (though we repented) turns us to salt: wrinkled.


Late-blooming adolescence is just as much an existential crisis.


Her constant criticisms drove me to perfection (in frustration) so I am grateful cuz now I'm on vacation.


Just when they said you'd never be healed, God brought a turnaround and you're the best in your field.


God turns things around so fast 30258_119620984725365_1750235_n.jpgit leaves you speechless. He takes you so high your joy is ceaseless.


When God shows up He fixes things youve been struggling with for years. Instantly, gone are your tears.


God loves seeing you fight the good fight, rejoicing and praising even when pricked by the knife.


Realize the devil's the adversary--and that good's always opposed in an evil world, so be wary.


God-filled, you're a nuclear weapon! The past is wiped out and you make your mark though a brat or felon.


All that was stolen ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-332.jpegreturns to you a hundredfold. Everything you lost will be coming back gold.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-741.jpegIf obedient you'll eat the good of the land. He'll give you favor: more blessings than you can stand.


You've been in the ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-2578.jpegditch but God's turning it around. Look at your enemies: they've all backed down.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%203/mqdefault.jpgGod's getting ready to move on your behalf--so much that even silly friends or family will join your staff!


Now it's a divine ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-1884.jpegreversal as all obstacles are removed. Your time has come, after years unmoved.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE/images-1913.jpegTroubles were a stepping stone, overcoming made you tired to the bone but now your star is shone.


Pure gold was tried../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-2538.jpeg in the fire. Being falsely accused has made it hard to aspire, but that was prior!


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%203/images-497.jpegIf it's important, say it. If it's not, shut up! Silly or useless utterances block thought, you nuts.


To do something ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-42.jpeggreat you gotta deal with backbiters but that's okay, just concentrate on followers.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-2584.jpegYou've too much to give to not come out of this. Destined to be great you must suffer before bliss.


You've said bad ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-21.jpegthings but God has cancelled them: You get the glory while evil is condemned, amen.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-145.jpegNo matter what you did, it's not over. Just get closure then spring to grand life with a chauffeur.


You wait, wait, ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-368.jpegwait and suddenly it all happens: As your destiny blasts open so do your options.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-344.jpegIt took years/decades to get to this point. Hard work paid off with wreck-aids which God did anoint.


Don't look at the ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-377.jpegmisery you endured to get here. It was all just resistance and will now disappear.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-337.jpegGod said "what I need from you is thought: open your mind by cutting out all lies you bought.


We all have a shadow ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-351.jpegbut sometimes others peg us for it when we're really in the light, though sorrowed.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-209.jpegThe old are afraid of danger. They've lived, they know of the stranger and the money-changer.


Solitude is enabled ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-184.jpegby each other. For being alone seems the highest thing to us birds of a feather.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-937.jpegMaybe today is the day when future breaks from dreary past and you're a world success, at last!


Think of it as an ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%203/images-478.jpegatom bomb or a seed you've planted, not a perfectionist document, forget all that.

Top of FormBottom of Form



../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/images-384.jpegPeople give you a funeral even though you didn't die. They agree to shun or it's outa the group, bye-bye.


If sensitive the most../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-2218.jpeg important thing is boundaries. This psychic armoring is also for memories.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-74.jpegThe enemy seeks to traumatize and trouble you, but that's God's cue to move in, right on queue.


The enemy takes ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-276.jpegadvantage of weaknesses, so you must stay sober and alert like all great geniuses.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-279.jpegGod made us all unique. When we hide that (fear of disapproval) we cut off parts of self: a freak.


We all have two sides.../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%201/images-40.jpeg It's a package deal--nice but a tiger inside. Prepare for their flip flops then decide.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE%204/Unknown-73.jpegWhat enemy meant for bad God turns around now. Their assignment is cancelled: you're in the dough.


We must choose ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/ORANGE/Unknown-62.jpegour battles: is it really worth it? Don't waste energy needlessly: they can't force it.


images.jpgThey're making fun of me: pray. Their talking against me: pray. God comes and saves the day: pray.


Weeping may endure 30258_119621488058648_2220896_n.jpgfor a night but then joy everlasting. Joy unspeakable and full of glory: blessing!


30258_119621484725315_6343204_n.jpgSuccess isn't from east or west but God who puts one up and the other down: you're renowned.