If not diet its also the reversals: keep switching

Start and fat to bring balance and utter happiness.



The organic movement is moving exponentially. It's exploding everywhere--no longer an anomaly. With cancer the most important solution is diet. Theres many "remedies" but its diet that does it.


One female role is the family's nutrition but there are other essential duties to keep down the friction. Many eating disorders begin with family fighting during mealtime and thus food becomes an issue/crime.


When men were men and women were women the latter cooked with herbs and no cancer came in. Dieting is just a way of dumbing yourself down. Decide to eat once a day, whatever comes around.


84,000 noxious chemicals in everyday items. Sick, we can't remember feeling normal in this asylum. I hate phones they give me a headache. Email so I don't have to adapt and can answer when I like.



It's hard to believe one could act that way just cuz they were drunk, but it's true--alcohol's a skunk. Bad memories lock in the body beneath the neck. Release through detox or remain a wreck.


Calorie budget: rather than three small meals why not eat all you want in one then victory's a steal. It's fun to fast if already eaten, so eat then enjoy thy day as everything's forgotten (sweet as a kitten).


I can't eat as much as I used to. When young I wanted to eat the whole universe as a hedonist. The answer to a skinny old body filled with wrinkles is to fast--it all disappears quickly and it lasts.


I brought on divisions and lost loyalties from my orthorexicdownputting of diet, my apologies. But unless its marked "certified organic" and you pay twice as much for it, it's pesticided: forget it.


How living in cities makes you fat: Breathing smog-filled air causes obvious weight gain in lab rats. Since the body sequesters toxins by creating fat cells, lose weight by detox then fat dissolves.


It's constant sensuality: food and more food! I'd rather fast and be spiritual, happy and real. It feels so good living in the moment when free of sensual desires keeping us dumbed down.


Food and sex are lower desires. By making gold--transmuting this energy--one can aspire/go higher.Eat, now live in cosmic space: fast. Life above food's a blast, in a new cast doing divine tasks.


Less body, more spirit: As the body lessens the spirit grows--it's a way of being in the know and have glow. Try some hip-huggers and you'll see the superfluity bunched up in the middle (hard to be slim as a fiddle).


The older model looks like Ghandi, not eye candy. He's not a fake trendy but sleek, thin and ruddy. Eating too much is aging. You can see it in the gluttarian's face, sagging. Eat once: high-aiming.


You get to where you'll do anything for the look. The saints choose beauty or they feel forsook. All those meals makes one fat and ferocious. I remember the bloat--not enough stability to be audacious.


Even with "good" food it's wrong to eat all day. Eat in a 4-6 hour window then fast: love life this way. If one part tightens, the others will too. It's AUTOPHAGY: body excretes inferior cells through poo.


Fasting, I'm not afraid of anything. Fasting, I'm joyous as my heart sings. Fasting, I'm the King. The fast answers all problems. Be ready for the cameras: the breakfast-only plan for saints so glamorous.


Fast--and when hunger starts you know you're burning fat. What a wonderful feeling, I'm loving that. Be like a snake as it all goes through. 24 hours and you'll have the new you--you can see its true.


All day smoothies: slim and trim. Cooked starches: ok but wider, puffier, possible constipation. Cooked starch can be as bad as dairy and meat. Every day I'm more into just fruit/greens/nuts/seeds.


Eat then don't eat. Enjoy the whole fasting day, don't cheat--then tomorrow beauty and strength of a fleet. As long as I'm fasting, I'm queen. From breakfast to breakfast it's so spiritually sublime and freeing.


He who doesn't eat wins hands down. Eating lowers the head from the crown to an inferior like a clown. Find a good buffet and pig out once a day. As you see the fat melt away you'll be saying hurray.


No more sticky spoon Chinese buffets. Yuk, I can do it much better myself with rice noodles and veggies. Distract, haze: Diet/health programs is how Satan tries to destroy God's people in the latter days.


The four biggest insanity-producers are food, alcohol, pharma and people--and all four can be evil. The point of one meal a day is every day you're better--a little cleaner/leaner with more digestive fire.


God and diet is all that matters. The saints choose beauty to compensate for these evil days, the latter. The healthier we get the more body rejects bad food. Bubbles, acid, dizziness and burping--not cool.


Goodbye food, hello body--cuz it bloats, dries, gets flaky. It reacts through distortion so watch it baby. In all day fasts, seek higher elements. A balmy breeze, feeling of sun on the skin, the stars, amen.


Tubby gained 100 pounds then learned how to stay thin right: one meal and no more downs. Desire to be a model (an exemplar of the best human specimens) at the highest peak--are you able?


How boring if you're not eating what you need cuz you're constraining to a theory--how dreary. Though it's not on your diet it's maybe something you need. Do not be a robot with your food, be freed.


When you finally get rid of all dieting materials you'll be free and health will return with normal meals. Autophagy: How fasting helps the body cleanse Itself, replacing cells and de-aging into an elf.


Answer to all problems: fast and pray daily. You do that by eating one meal only: Now life is gravy. The true artist loses all the weight by his own instincts not what the others say--elastic and thin, ok?


Be like a snake: free the mind. Eat then dont eat for fat-burning consciousness and being refined. Lose all the weight than autophagy will eat the bad cells/loose skin and replace with good ones, ok?


Wait as long as you can for your one meal, lest you must eat again and victory won't be a steal. Life began when I gave up diets: I saw they were all legit by science but hijacked life like pirates.


Things are best six hours into the daily fast: in energy, clarity and appearance you'll be having a blast. Fast the way you want to, tell em to shut up. Everyone's an expert but the True Self's a magic elf.


There's truth on both sides so I like to Reversal Diet. When I get sick of one I do the other--I even fry it. To get "the look" you gotta activate youthifier: human growth hormone: Fast and work til tired to the bone.


People object to Reversal Diet. They want you to go one or the other, not have fun with life (truly live it). By getting away from facebook tension, I lost weight. It was too much anxiety and a burden, changing fate.


Food automatically makes us fat so we gotta compensate for that: skinny for longevity--daily fast. Living in the past is like toxic gas. All variables have changed so be vindicated by a fast. Church dieting is a demonic agenda.


Eat then dont eat, let the fasting process take over. Fast for the day for a complete makeover. It's not so much what you eat but how long you fast in between meals: fast and all diseases are healed.

The efficacy of fasting
surpasses what you eat, so eat what you want then fast and don't cheat. Acid comes from bad food youre fed, then it's Rolaids, Alka-Seltzer, milk, bread. Stop pain: fast instead.


Orthorexia: constraining food choices to dogma rather than what you want or need--dangerous, indeed! I eat what I want when I want and that's my new diet. I'm through with gurus who even lie about it.


Sinners have a muddy aura. This includes bad food sins making one pasty and bloated: horror! What you should eat is not a diet, it's what's available, what works, what tastes good/no fireworks.


Eternal consciousness: get outa the temporal. One digestive burn a day, that's all I can take. Eat again and feel miserable the next day--big mistake. I even get acid after water. Eat then Don't Eat for 24 hours--no more acid pain and you'll be hotter.


Fast food causes cancer and obesity--very dangerous, so avoid hunger by eating a big breakfast. When you go to stores you see the dead, dying and mutated. Not just dumb but fat and constipated.


Most big breasts are boob-fat from bad food. 1950's actresses had small ones/weren't crude. "Lunch with little, sup with less--better yet, go to bed supperless"--advice to patriots by Ben Franklin.


I'd only eat once a day, since digestion robs creativity. Make yourself ready for the cue, with levity. In the depression people ate less and found they got healthier. Elimination makes one happier.


Eat in a six hour window then fast 18 hours a day and this is what I call the magic carpet and perfect days. I can't control the outer so will focus on the inner world and that means diet/fasting is the pearl.


Every diet will work for some people. But not all and that's the point: for some the results are evil. Just get some rice noodles and soy sauce, the rest of the meal comes from your greenhouse.




It's anorexogenic but great: Give up on the outer/uncontrollable, control the body and the mind follows. It's how they look that makes me want/not want their books. If no looks it's a diet scam of crooks.


Every good veterinarian ascertains the health of the animal by it's looks: Duh, obvious isn't it, kooks? You gotta lift your face without surgery. That's through the food and when you do that the Face Lift is free.


I hit my best combining the best of seven theories. Don't ever follow just one or it's tyranny. After 40 you gotta work at being handsome/pretty. You can't take it for granted but achieve it and be steady.


A blood filled with crap (food/air contaminants) shows in bloat, mud tones, pastiness, lines and disfigurement. Beauty is: lack of obstruction. It's who we are (God's image) when free of dirty/worldly contamination.


It's not fat it's bloat cuz you ate the wrong type. Now just switch back to God's and it cleans the pipes. A blood free of all toxins is called genetic body fluids and this creates God's beauty with words lucid.


Deceiving spirits/doctrines of demons concerning diet: even churches advance it but better to wing it. Diets are men's inventions not according to Christ: we are complete in Him/only He can suffice.


If you don't wanna die that way, don't eat what they eat. Look how they age/get sick--eat right, don't cheat. A clean toxin-free body is the foundation of true health. We feel so good after cleaning cells from filth.


Digestion is a big issue, because if it doesn't digest right it dulls your spirit and ruins your whole life. Fasting is a flight off into the clouds, angels, ancestors, foreverness and on earth: cleverness.


You get to a point where digestion causes gas, belching, acid, bubbles, feels like cement: troubles. Most food is poison and noxious deadly chemicals are everywhere. But who believes this, who's in despair?




Supposedly the GMO and pesticides etc. won't have an effect if I pray over it but that's hard to accept. When you get to a point where digestion is hell, may I suggest smoothies: improves looks and smells.


You get to a point where digestion feels like a brick in the gut. Mental energy goes down/you're in a rut. Digestion robs creativity. It's a budget: the less goes here, the more goes there-- productivity.


Whether pain or weight gain I know what it's like to feel trapped in a body you hate but there is a way. 85% of Americans are obese (BMI >23). Fruit and fasting is joy everlasting as fat dissolves and energy's blasting.


I always ate to avoid memories--somehow it distracted from what was painful to me. Dangerous medical drugs and unnecessary surgery: 2.5 million people every decade die in this tragedy.


250,000 people die yearly from med practices. Journal AMA. Mass deaths are excused by "look at all the good the system does"--huh? Children and babies destroyed by vaccines.


The med profession doesn't fix the bad cuz they're part of the elite wanting to depopulate the planet. Medical cartel/big pharma is as big as the pentagon but more powerful.


Ketosis, fat-adaptation: was on that kick for twenty years tho' miserable and stuck in obstruction. We need fruit too: the feline slim comes from antioxidants, fiber, lowfat: all in the plants.




Reversal Dieting is constantly bringing balance while getting what you want. Dont constrain to any one diet yet enjoy life fully but fast every day.