High IQ people aren't comfortable with networks, dates, social frivolities--but low IQs love these miseries. Superior man has a few friends for life. Lower man sees strength in numbers so the social is rife.


The popular culture is contrived, plastic, empty, meaningless, retarded and grotesque. It is tragic releasing sick systems but being relieved of demons outweighs when you missed em.


You just have to take the high road and reject em altogether. They're low: friends of fair weather. Seeing who they are makes you see who you are--a star--after your relationship had fallen so far.


Why do you wanna hang on to chaos and delay perfection? Don't stop now and think: completion! They told us how to think, they acted so superior. But God debases the haughty as inferior!


As the years passed mankind became stupider at a frightening rate and the most popular movie was "Ass". When ugliness is venerated as beauty we know we're in the late stages of civilization: invasive vulgarity.


Water everywhere and not a drop to drink. So much information while people get dumber/cant think. If we would turn from our wicked ways/repent, God would heal our land and bid foes good riddance.


Movies both reflect and create culture. Today: Harry Potter creatures, social justice warriors, safe space wimps, angry fascist violence. Don't view yourself as old or less but soon to heaven/outa this mess.


Youth is about boring social but eldering is fascinating solitude with God almighty--wonderful/prolific OH! Old age is not a detriment or disease, it's the icing on the cake after a lifetime of dealing with sleaze.


Eldering/aging is saging. Sagacity brings audacity, what fun: say it boldly when you tell em. When people fear aging they back into their past. A dusty antique or true maturity: eternal blast.


When I'm in heaven with a brand new body you'll be dying in the tribulation: old, sick and bloody. Old age: enjoy it, you deserve it. It's the apex of your life not the lowest as youthists like to see it.


The elder was seen as superior in all traditional cultures. It's only inferior with liberal globalist monsters. I have finally arrived, before I have arrived, by looking at the past not as bad but as a gold mine.


The B.S. of youthist dogmas must be ignored. You're past the argument and agree with the Lord. I don't need movies but they do jiggle thoughts. All I need is my past, a phantasmagoria that ROX.


Old age: enjoy it, you deserve it. It's the apex of your life not the lowest as youthists like to see it. You like things nice, orderly, clean. Walk away from the rank, the carnal, social, pugnacious or mean.


Have your goal be your own home with a yard, fence and locked gate. Now it's your domain/no hate. There is nothing more boring than a trendy. Can't you be a little original, and you're not truly friendly.

Top of Form


The trendies are cold, callous and loud. It's cacophony, catastrophe and everything's allowed. Escaping to a higher altitude I had to change my diet. It was fruit or I really felt it and never adapted.



I'm doing it all day from morn: the specific purpose for which I was born. I have to do what I do--I can't do anything else, and if tangential I always return to God and self.


I'm so glad I finally found my niche. It's automatic after falling into a ditch/surviving the witch. No place on earth can supersede the inner realm. Imagine that--you never have to travel again.


We're all busy but if we take time to yoke up with Christ our load is lightened, that's the gist. Wicked are greedy, that's reality. The best is as a brier, the most upright sharper than a thorn, truly.


Trust ye not in a friend, put no confidence in a guide: a man's enemies are in his own home beside. Stop feeling remorse over past sins repented of. God doesn't wanna hear about such things dove.


Jesus Christ died so your sins could be erased, so it's far better not to think of them in any case. By being rejected and sequestered you built character and they didn't. Born with a silver spoon = idiots.


She's on your turf competing with you. That's just her script but what is she doing there, fool? Why be so involved socially--people die or move away. Then all that time invested, for what I say?


Don't feel empty cuz you're lonely, separation means HOLY and now God will in-fill with things lovely. It wasn't you, it was the devil in you being weak but now you're nice and sleek, forget it/just seek.


Sleeping beauty had an evil mother and two jealous sisters. Until saved by her prince life was bitter. Wounded and scorned woman was gone, now beaming princess won.


It takes an older female to not accept society's normalization of things--that is her function for free. The stronger the spirit the more obdurate the denial until they can accept it and then it's gone, final.


All you wanted was to love em which they made impossible turning it into fear: family and peers. It's not what he said, it's the implications of what he said. The most sensitive are hated as they react and the others are "flat".


Of all input the best is thought. Use all media to trigger it though they will call you nuts. A bad event occurs and we punish ourselves for life. That's psychology, the etiology of strife.


It's the most sensitive who get hurt the most in this cruel world like their spirit's killed forever. Hate, guilt and fear. And the guilt and fear brings more hatred until reality: you can see forever.


Sell your soul--time, energy, money--for supposed protection when there's only One with that function. Stop seeking love and approval from people cuz they die, move away, cause upheaval. It's God vs. evil.



Whatever you've done, repent then forget it now! Jesus erases your sins, just think of that: wow! Right before completion you find yourself alone. That's how it always works, it's etched in stone.




Denial is our illness. Evil people exist but our connection shows Stockholm Syndrome blindness.


You're alone cuz God separated you from the evil herd. It's the latter days: people are mean and hard.


The mark of a superior chat is how many don't come back. People hate the truth, that's a fact.


Many waste their whole lives in a lie. Don't say they're nice just to get along. You don't need them, the evil throng.


Watch who enters your house. They leave spirits and you'll find yourself arguing with the louse.


They don't suicide because of the phobic culture but rather their own sin/insanity in a spiritual war.


The insecure will absorb the sick culture and become the worst of the lot. It's all for approval, A LOT.


The hypersensitive is so shocked by modern intrusion they become psychotic/stuck in delusion.


God tells us to hate all evil even if we have it in us, people. You were too good for them and that's the whole problem.


Recall that it's evil getting recognition. Once you stop telling em your history you can say "no man knows my history".


They don't know who you are, they walked you by. That's cuz the good are hated more every day.


Separate means HOLY. God made you that way so stay AWAY.


The pain you went through, ok we got it. All have it so now forget it--grateful for the gospel, speak it.


Settle old doubts, draw loose ends together: see similar patterns in the past and the implications at last.


Your own talent goes beyond your personal path or the things you went through. Let em go: renew.


If you don't fit you don't feel legit. That must be overcome to get to God's power, to be positively LIT!


Protect the patient from fear. Keep from all bad associations.


A thinker resolves contradictions while the others stay crazy with bad affections.


Letting everything-you-went-through go brings a bright new vista. No one will ever recall it in ya.


Settle all doubts then connect the dots. Then let it all go for you have more work to do for God.


Letting it all go, you see: it was all just a template to create thee but it wasn't for free and was a tragedy.


No one would ever know it, so why tell em? Let it all go now and grow up beyond playing the victim.


Don't be a sensual devil. Carnal is a black cloud and sinners are disheveled. Superior man stands high above other men.


The problem is lopping off heads: "you're no better than".


They are consumed by darkened minds. It's rhetoric, empty and theoretical, memorized rote, unrefined.


Enough of the movies and outer entertainment. Time to get into your own movie: the eternal moment.


Gotta do it, not much time left. What you've prepared for all your life and which God has blessed.


Enough movies, time to get back into music and think. What is the major point? Find synchronistic.


Forget all of your details and go eternal. Let it all go (but what you learned) as if it was just a fable.


When you find your groove you'll want to do nothing but work, to move, to influence the group.


The only way you can help the group is to not be a part of the social hypnotic, the set-up, the scoop.


We must forget the hurt from humans who are now dead, sick, ineffectual or can't remember it instead.


Nothing--ever--will give you as much pleasure as just your own work. Find out what it is then the perks.


Find your predestined groove even tho' a lost art or never seen before--it's unique and never a chore.


Don't belabor the past or miss the present. It's an energy budget: in memory the moment's spent.


Why remember the era of sin/occult. It's easy to slip into but now you're free, you've repented/out.


Dangerous detours are made in life cuz you don't know what to think then decades go by in a stink.


I asked my heart in the light, which of these sects are right? Chest burning, I moved into the blight.


There comes a point where no movie, music, or person can fix it. Then you go inside and find you're it.


Old templates [social hypnotics] remain in the head tho' the system's dead and that's neurosis, period.



Repetition brings boredom but creativity is constantly clever, part of nature and God's kingdom.


Don't repeat experience to avoid the void. Keep moving, evolving, ever-changing, employed.


Forget what you went through--the template on the potter's wheel: to adapt you became genteel.


Find the beginning and the Creative Act will finish itself. Work when you feel like it, be yourself.


When creative well runs dry there's sin involved: It blocks/we devolve. Letting everything-you-went-through go brings a bright new vista.


No one will even remember it, sistah.


It's not that I don't wanna see you, our paths just don't cross. Save that, I'm busy being the boss.


They're not superior cuz they're social. Get that outa you head, it's better to go inside with God ya know.


The introvert has low self-esteem in a social world. Everything is opposite from truth, inner is the goal.


So tired of cum-bay-ya social chat, how you been, smiling like a Cheshire cat.


Yak, yak, yak: a total waste of time on the phone like as if there is nothing but chat, to hell with that.


Many introverts feeling inferior in a social world end in suicide when they couldve had God as Guide.


Depend on people, get screwed up. Depend on God, get in His jubilant flow as He mightily fills your cup.


They're taught to bear their teeth like an angry lion, tho' smiling like a needy social fool always tryin.

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form

Bottom of Form


"Say cheese" says the social sleaze as he castigates the sober saint just enjoying the aft breeze.


Must know the curse is over, you've repented. The future will only get better because God said it.


Social settings can literally cause delirium in a nerd. It's so phony: mixed signals/feeling slurred. Don't cry when false props die: all fear dissolves when on God you rely.