Fruit, Fat or Starch Means

Never Famished or Fatigued.



Anytime you're stabbed in the back but keep on walking, God's set you apart for successblessed. You don't wanna be my friend? It's okay, I'll be all right because I'm never alone: on God I'll depend.


She's a diva but she's got diva neurosis. She has no lines, too edgy and does immature interviews sis. After it's over you'll see why you went through it. It's all part of the bigger picture and God always knew it.


About Sparky: If he thinks you don't love him anymore (because you discipline) he starts barking. Repentance: the stairway to heaven, the only way to right-brain living where it all fits without leaven.



You know how bad it is, but still God loves so now just enjoy thy day and stay sweet as doves. There are always problems and fears but I know Jesus lives and loves me so I will persevere.


When God gives favor He makes your enemies bless you. Though they smeared, now you're revered. The very fact you went through all that (and are still here) is a sign you've been assigned, a gold mine.


My best friend and uncle died. Now I'm filled with power as words flow out, as if supplied. I didn't play silly games or compromise to get here. I just overcame being stabbed in the back, then a seer.


It can be done. Knowing this relieves stress and life becomes fun. Know it--and new life has begun. If they don't want you, they're the foe--a non-issue, a John Doe. You've had it up to here, you know?


Cut-off gestures: closure. I was so upset I lost all composure until the end brought on my future. It's best to give em a funeral. If they've disowned you, disown them back: this is particularly crucial.


With death all problems are resolved. Everything we thought was important, isn't: in thin air it's dissolved. She was the kingpin of the system setup so when she passed, trouble let up.


Poets all feel pain, many die of drink or fear--unless they know Jesus, then they just persevere. If they don't want you, let them go. More often then not it's because you're in-the-know or they're the foe.




Since the biggest obstruction is people, eliminating them will bring ecstasy as out goes all evil. It was a Cinderella System of two against one (me) so when one passed the system dissolved (free).


There was a hellish time they had power over me and now I see they were for Hillary. Without her there the entire system with other abusers dispersed--I don't think of them now, the worst.


Push these people out of mind, they don't belong there. Keep it only sweet and kind with lots of prayer. Focus on one thing and you've blocked other things. It's like a budget, so let go and your heart sings.


You must disown back to keep your psychology intact then heal from all their group attacks. So much to worry about--about this there is no doubt. The cure is faith and prayer until fear is a drought.



As a poet emotions use few words. It's as deep as the ocean when discussing Gods rewards or curse. If you're empty, don't work. Youre a creative artist, not a clerk. You gotta wait for your quirk to get the perk.


Remove the deadline and outflows the Creative Act. This proves how important it is to relax. If one's conscience isn't seared, he just "knows" things. But the cold are dense/have flings.


Repent and shoot up like a rocket. Sin was obstruction (even gossip) but now God fills your pocket. I'm so sick of old hippies who say they're "loving" but go for wicked things like homos and baby-killing.


God turned things around for job after he prayed for his friends. It works great, like a cleanse. RX: Transform your mind: Stop all you're doing and mentally transport to another place and time.


People who judge you by your past don't belong in your present. So true--reject, or be soooo blue. With Jesus the past is erased---but not with so-called friends who will bring it up in your face.


Through Jesus sins are literally erased and that's called the "absurdity" of the gospel--seems impossible. Turn em all off and get back into music. The repercussions of not doing so can be tragic.


All needed insights from looking out the window: By allowing your mind tracked you just stay in limbo. You get to the point where you either survive or scatter. Man up: focus only on that which matters.


On treacherous friends: never speak to them again. Champions insist on absolute fidelity, amen. God sees truth but waits (while we gain patience building strength) before storming the gates.


After cutting off all outer that tracks, keep the mind usable by God--let music/nature evoke facts. Don't delay God's gift with useless pursuits! Don't fill time, maximize it--by finding your spiritual roots.


Don't call it addiction but a neuropathway--a compulsive robotic groove. But cut it loose anyway, I behoove. Turn it off and focus! Let nothing track the mind, it's hocus-pocus. Do your own thing--that's the locus.


God has a plan: Your blueprint destiny, a whole life span. If it's hidden from view, just repent to find it, man. You don't have to say one word. Once you know something your vibration alone changes your world.





Finally, after years of scattered forces it all came together in a rod of power: the man or woman of the hour.


Just think of God and you're always home. He's in every corner making it clean and shiny as chrome.


Keep your mind supple. When dense, get out of the bubble. Don't get hung up or it's trouble, double!


Cut it loose and you snap to your goals. Since it was obstruction now your whole destiny unfolds.


When caught up in ego all creativity stops. This is when the brilliant voice becomes a wet mop.


Must learn the Art of Walking Away Gently. No big thing just cut it loose while shooting up mentally.


Forgive yourself for wasted years: the decades of dung when you knew nothing but sin and your fears.


Repent and sin vaporizes into thin air. Redemption is instantaneous--for God is most clever.



We don't think thoughts we choose those going by.

It's totally your choice to be sad or stay high.