Old Lady Diet: LactoFruitarian Smoothies,

Soups and Noodles if You Want it.

Eat Within Six Hour Window, Fast 18 Hours Daily



Scam: Body positivity is telling women obesity is not unhealthy. Pain and sickness: It's the food. It's the food. It's the food, fool! Life is fleeting. Appreciate everything but always trust God, your King.


Fruits, greens, nuts and seeds and later starch if you please. That's the food for man, all else is carcinogous/fattening, geez. Everyone lost their looks with this stuff. There's only one possible way: fast daily, it's not tough.


What age and experience teaches you after viewed as a nut: what to eat/not, when to eat/not. Food: Gotta eat our meal so we have it behind us. No fuss, forget about it now and fast.


Starch with fat and water-retained spongy tissues: love handles and saddle bags, is this you? The cooked starch safety net for fruitarians (failed) created a dark force for some, got fat/derailed.


In some sensitives, cooked starches turn to paste. Fruits, greens, nuts and seeds or cooked starch, dairy and meat? Frugal fruit the Ehretian way or massive fruit the Graham way.


Diets and restaurants kill. Eat what God moves you to eat with gratitude but watch bad food still. Hedonism: pleasure as the highest good. Epicureanism: have restraint


Is gluttony as high an activity as playing a violin? It seems this is a lower desire of gross sensuality, friend. If you eat that food you'll look that way--how they all distort after 40.


Creepy subculture of mukbang videos watching people binge on junk, wow. When bit by the glutton demon one can't stop--gaining weight but not being able to escape.


More agile, awake, alive, insightful, life is magical: clears the brainfasting prevents feeling insane. Maintain your cute figure: skip lunch and dinner. Those who eat dinner choke in their sleep.


Fake food restaurants: Those who eat out daily or much will get ugly and fat from those haunts. Food is rife with scams: even coffee, rice, honey and especially fish or meats should be outlawed/banned.


Delicious cheese, cream and butter sauces on my veggies are so I'll eat it. Otherwise, I'm not interested. Mainly fruits and veggies, store nuts and seeds and add honey to make candies.


Didnt feel good only on rice, noodles, potatoes, bread--even if organic. Like living on lead, brain dead. After my French lunch not hungry till breakfast. Just Skip Dinner because satiety will surely last.


Anytime a sauce has butter, salt and pepper, garlic and simmered WOW of course I'll eat and enjoy it. I carb up in the morning and the raw milk in there is essential. Now be ready for anything even evil.


Don't eat past noon. Man up, give body a rest, fast and be blessed as truths are revealed of the best. The idea of eating a big meal at night seems foreign to me--uncomfortable and impossible to sleep.


Krazy Kollege Kids are mal-adapting to the wrong diet. As liberals it's some kind of false diet dogma. What happened? Men used to be handsome, women pretty--It's chemtrails/soy in all things.


The way the Krazy Kollege Kids look is a simple case of wrong diet. Yuk: bloat, acne and lopsidedness. If you wanna live on rice/bread go ahead but it lost logic to me no matter what I used as a spread.


Lowcarb and no fruit? Yuk three times that's impossible to compute but fruit and fat makes you cute. It's not fat vs. carbs--it's both, in one meal. My life began when I stopped dieting. Lowcarb/high carb--I don't even think of such crazy things.


You don't have to do it a certain way. Put buncha fruit/yogurt in the blender and sip for the day. No amount of micros can fix bad macros (fat, protein, carb ratio)--it's carbs for those in the know.


Starch eaters thin but a fat eater (seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil, cacao) coupled with superfoods is fat? When you eat once daily, stop worrying about macros and just eat what you want to lose it all.


We're meant to live at high speed until the moment we die--not decline, become obsolete, wither, cry. Remember word: "essentiality". Keep only the essential (the quintessential) and you'll be successful.


Fake foods are shallow, flat, boring tastes--while real foods are galaxies never before experienced. "Pure" olive oil is the lowest grade possible. Some are cut with soy and on the body, that's volatile.


The fish industry is the most fake dish: Red snapper is usually tilapia which doubles for catfish. Lowcarb theory says glucagons opens blood vessels but I just grew saddle bags and love handles.


They mean nothing, you mean everything. Don't drink, it leads to drunkenness even in the best of us. Gluttony is a sin. We're to cut off our right hand if so inclined my friend.


We can't be drawn back into this defiling dietary doctrine but that's what Satan wants and it's sin. Diet isolates/rigidifies, you don't follow God's edicts and won't listen to what He says about it.


A new obsession in the church: diet/health programs stealing our great inheritance and it stinks. Don't be a sucker falling for church-dieting hook line and sinker cuz it's the devil Satan the stinker.


Since many churches talk of diet it's proof how far we've fallen for God calls it hypocrisy/leaven. Nervous gabbing and gregarious gluttonizing. Fruit, noodles or tacos. Can't eat animal, that's just me folks.


Nothing more sickening than a not-quite-clean restaurant. When you go out, use discernment. Greasy (fatty) spoons and sticky spoons (lowfat food but unclean rooms), going back no time soon.


No more restaurants cuz we don't know what's in it and we never feel good the next day darn it! Soy, cornstarch, gum, wood, sugar, corn syrups, bugs, GMO: it's all in the food making us ugly and old.


Don't tell me restaurants are good when I bloat for two days, there's always something I wouldn't use. "Eat whatever's put in front of you"--can't do this. I get sick just thinking of it, credit it to age I guess


The law is death and condemnation not in Christ so don't be defiled by dietary law, that's the gist. When it comes to the booze there's no in-between if genetic and that's the great lesson for ascetics.


Sure, I'd love to have a beer once in awhile but I KNOW--and refuse, cuz I look back at hell below. In my great ancestry they either died in the gutter or became great orators: boozers or tea-totalers.


Vainly puffed up in their fleshly minds, not holding fast to Christ from which health is sustained. Diet is a form of witchcraft promoted in the church to it's shame--even Nazi dictators did the same.


Not only is diet an expensive and pointless deception, it will defile you into bondage away from God. I can feel so good, then suddenly lousy. It's from chemicals which are rife everywhere/get drowsy.


First reaction: acid. Then vertigo, dizziness, nausea, can't put head up, coma, casket: it's classic. Cuz your sick suddenly or well suddenly your family may say you're faking it, another snake pit.


Chemical sensitivity causes mental illness too. So not only are you sick they wanna lock up the shrew. Fasting: Height-width ratio changed, cranial enlarged, physiognomy realigned, tone purified.


If I eat noodles/veg or tacos I'm good for 24 hours but if meat I grow saddlebags/love handles. Feelings of abandonment can come from chemical sensitivity--that was quite an insight to me.


MCS: So it's a limbic system problem, over-reactions increase sensitivity so gotta rewire the brain. The average state in the west is to age very ungracefully but ignore what you see, it doesn't have to be.


It's a doctor's duty to protect you for those who do wrong: that's big pharma and diet all along. Nutrition is the most powerful tool to attain cessation of the aging process: think of that, success!


There's something wrong with their faces: lopsided, conflicted. The more inflammation in your system the more pain with age but there's a one-third drop going vegan.


Chipmunk cheeks says he loves the ketogenic diet but there's something wrong and she can't deny it. So much aging is just closing-in arteries. Now de-age by unclogging through fruits and veggies.


The highest therapy is to eat once a day and tacos do it, don't even want any more fruit before it. TACOS: it's all RAW, the lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cilantro. Yum, tortilla/cheese or avocado.


Rice noodles are great as a backup or storage. But it's still cooked and compared to tacos, boring. If you can't eat, drink smoothies to give yourself superior elements.


Cancer victims can't eat but they can drink: Put raw milk, banana, fruits in blender/get in the pink. In the past, cancer victims refrained from raw milk but now they see it's a cure, with skin like silk.


Eating is a youththing (you want it all) but later it's hardly anything (the lovely fasting call). Anti-depressants cause rage/depression sometimes decades later after cessation, who needs em.


Different body type = different temperament. Ectomorphy (thin) is more proprioceptive/secluded. Old Lady Diet: Smoothies, Soups and Stews. Eating like a bird: seed crackers after smoothie.


Cancer cure: raw milk-fruit smoothie daily. Raw milk/fruit smoothie crucial but cure is from eliminating the harmful. Low digestion, high nutrient density = seed cracker after smoothie.


This banana-berry-kale smoothie is nutrient dense but that's not true with the bread or rice. What we want is nutrient density so make your curative salads right in your greenhouse and enjoy.


To hell with low fat crowd. Fat is what makes life delicious and satisfying but they're the most loud. Adding fat to diet I felt so much better. No more hunger pains or having to eat again/love a little butter.


You can tell by looking at someone they've got worldly bloat and it's from the food, you know it. If I didn't use a little butter on veggies I'd be hungry and an avo doesn't cut it and it's not as tasty.


Without fat in diet I'm hungry all the time. Maybe it's genetic but this lowfat thing seems a crime. Few modern diet dogmas would put sweet fruit with lacto (dairy) but to me it's perfect with ENERGY.


Make sure it's a humane dairy with grass fed cows. Raw milk cures cancer along with the grapecure. You're supposed to be lowcarb or highcarb but refuse these designations and just eat dense nutrition.




I like my fruit/yogurt smoothie in morning then a veggie with butter/garlic sauce--French approach rocks. Lacto-Fruit: FFF is fruit, fat and daily fasting. Ten more pounds--to be cancer-free you gotta be skinny if you have the propensity.




If fats go acid--burning in the esophagus--are they truly good for us? It cacao does it, stop!


Man can adapt to living on fat but starches have sustained the human race thru time, that's a fact.


FFF: Fruit-Fat-Fasting is Fruit/dairy with 18 hours fasting daily.


Fruit/yogurt smoothie, nachos, fast 24 hours: High as a kite doing it daily and feeling powerful.


People eat to avoid facing feelings/reality. So by not-eating they face it, reintegrate and get happy.


In exact proportion to how I cleaned up my diet, the pain stopped.


Have butter on bread and if just one meal it may be ok. But for me, fat and starch built bumps (dismay).


In exact proportion to how I cleaned up my diet, immunity came back.


You're middle aged and acting like that? Don't you see what's happening as we're poisoned/made fat?


In exact proportion to how I cleaned up my diet I became a cute chick.


When momma's home it's food and cooking, snacks and hugging, music and eternity, loving!


Why do the lowcarb gurus all have a bump at the belt? Not a beach ball belly but definitely not svelte.


It's lacto-fruitarian fastarianism that slims one down, have some starch but fast all day.


You say you're sooo fit but there a belly bump. The abs and tummy must be FLAT to be fit, bud.


Cancer radiation builds beach ball bellies. Bloated men you see have often had it/not an anomaly.


The wealthy meat and dairy industry loves the lowcarb theory. They pump up these fat gurus heartily.


People wanna hear good news about bad habits. Meat and butter's good for you, things like that.


How can political vegans make their point to other people by looking so terrible? Anger triggers devil.


MacDougal Attacked by vegans as phony cuz thanksgiving he takes a bite of turkey.


Just by looking good, being well-informed person and getting in their face--DO IT. (John MacDougal)


People love to hear good news on bad habits--like eat all the butter you want, no need to resist.


Much of it was due to poor diet but also the things I went thru early before I knew it and I blew it.


Vegan militants: I hate the tyranny of the movement and the ridicule if you break code even one bit.


Natural hygiene (fruits/veggies) used to be a kind, gentle thing. But now it's like SJW's/it's worrying me.


It's not about your being superior cuz you eat a certain way--that's like the social justice thing, ok?


Things work better with tomato cheese for lunch but theyre pushing lowcarb for the money: lose weight, be unhealthy.


Separating us from land is medical tyranny cuz they're the ones who'll make the disease-booty.


They don't want us farming/kids aren't taught. They want us in city ghettos living on GMO's we bought.


One is nearest to God's heart in a garden, and it's a natural and fascinating thing to children.


The more sugar, the less insulin resistance and it cures diabetes (opposite to what they tell us).


Dr. MacDougal looks so good and look what he's up against: the meat and dairy industry hoods.


Sugar makes insulin work better and cures diabetics--opposite to what we been told by the non-legit.


They put down sugar so we'll switch to dairy/meat instead--pushing lowcarb/confirmed by med.


Women should be feline elegant [slim] not chunky muscularity [it's in] but little ladies are a rarity. He's great cuz he binges in mukbangs?


Let em party: wine, dine, dance. Soon they'll be a mess: breech lines, get fat, take a bad chance.


SRIs: Torturous slow death and shortens life by 20-30 years: Yah let's give it to em, there's nothing to fear.


Even tho' inserts say drugs will kill ya, they don't care they're gonna make your take vaccines, ya hear?


We're gonna poison you/sexualize your kids. We're gonna put you on drugs with a 33% increase in death.


Omnivorous bodies can adapt to various diets. Like shiny yogis living on milk and fruit, believe it.


"Don't mix fruit with milk, berries with acid fruit, don't put bananas in it too"--forget restrictive rules.


Raw milk, yogurt, nutbutter and lotsa fruit in a smoothie. If not that some couldn't eat, like little old ladies.


Europe has raw milk machines throughout. Not drinks with aspartame carcinogens, throw em out.


He drank wine from morning till night--his wife mal-adapted by becoming a sorry, psychotic blight.


Old lady lived on a huge smoothie of lotsa fruit/yogurt sipped thru the day and happily lived that way.


They drive you crazy with their food combining rules. Learn what works and do it your way, fools.


Life's too short for this orthorexic crap. Enjoy your food, enjoy life and live it through your OWN MAP.


Don't tell me not to eat bananas with pineapple. Cram rules: be like a baby choosing what is natural.


Grace Jones lives on 4 dozen oysters a day: beautiful at 70, great example of living your own way.


If you wanna drink pond scum (green drinks) go ahead--I like sweet fruit with full-bodied yogurt instead.


A genius breaks all rules. But first he's gotta learn em and the integration makes life so cool.


Female genius is rare cuz they're killed off early from drugs, suicide or incapacity to deal with snide.


Even tho' past abusers are dead the mental illness from their intrusions go on 'til God takes over instead.


It's in there/must be dealt with: the primal scream. Solution: new friends, smoothies with fruit/cream.


The primal scream from past abuse by the obtuse drove me to love James Brown/yelling thru the roof!


"Sh*t happens" said the street philosopher. So true--now go on ahead and stay happy and sober.


Tho' the culprits are dead still mental illness remains cuz it's stored in the body, pulling your chains.


Hollywood stars have no capacity to identify corruption even when it's standing right over them.


You gotta bring it up and face it. It hurts, I know it, I've been thru it but you'll be a new person (FIT).


Alcoholic parents leave children no capacity to identify evil since the dense system let in bad people.


Age brings rage looking back at the mistakes you made from being put in a cage but that will fade.


To heal, identify evil. That will explain it all/you'll be free of the depression and confusion of mixed signals.


We go thru life phases so soon you'll forget the early pains, fading like an old photo or joy after rain.


It's not happening now, just remember that. Be more in the moment, free of the past like a dog or cat.


It's like lecturing us over diet yet can't distinguish freaks and pigs: That's Hollywood scum, you dig?


Some are divorced from their bodies and dont mind extra weight but to me its pure superfluity.


Like a jockey I gotta be thin cuz to me (a hypersensitive) it means elastic, quick, energetic, thrivin'


Imagine yourself huge in the galaxy and past introjects as little earthly specks. Now, don't go back.


Just as they removed God they made us worship people. Being "social" they called it/made life evil.


Could never stand the social thing and still can't. Seemed like a clubby atmosphere where God wasn't.


I wanted to stay home all the time (go inward) while they socialized and stayed with the party line.


Don't get stuck--move on! Use the pain of rejection for your own success.


Repeat: Every time they insult me I will convert it into motivation.


They've been brainwashed to hate you and aren't smart enough to reason themselves out of it too.


The fact it was the whole system doing the rejecting proves only one thing: they all can't think.


It's a herd consciousness--or a flock, school, tribe--but a genius is individualized : please see this.


I went thru hell before I learned I had a right to be different from the tribe--I saw thru all of em besides.


I will not diet ever again. I know what's best for me, I'll stick to that and stay healthy, fit and trim.


I don't diet anymore. I eat fat, I eat carbs, I eat em together and I am now ten pounds thinner.


Only dummies diet cuz I tell you truthfully it's of the devil, your body needs it so now listen to self: do it.


It's the Art of Energy Transmutation: they insult, you build back up then strut your stuff.


The kindest thing you can do for kids or pets is put em on a schedule. Don't make em crazy fools.


Hardest thing to extinguish is intermittent reinforcement. Thru routine, let em know when you'll be back.


In a teen poll 54% said they wanted celebrity as a career yet 70% had no idea how to achieve it, weird.


I have my own talk show or are on the news getting out of a limo. That's the fantasy of kids ya know.



Fasting has always been a survival measure, the trump card, the last resortthe one that works. You can be proud you chose this way because few do. Dis-fattening the body is one way to find the true self. The body is filled with the past, so slim down and become a completely different person. Start a new life while using your enemies as a stepping stone to success. Karen Kellock, Daily Fastarian