War on Junk:

 Becoming Great with Deep Roots Despite  Tragic Times:  Because DEBAUCHERY and DISORDER go together


We can't trust people will naturally beautify their home--more often they'll let it go.  What is the worst plight?  Junky trashy neighbors.


It isn't just me suffering with this situation: it's anywhere "personal freedom" supercedes community desire for peace and beauty. One lady wrote " I try to make things so pretty around my home but  the junky man next door makes it ugly.  When I leave my door  I see his trashy porch and so do the other ladies who live nearby.  We women like to see pretty things and they work hard to make things nice and orderly  but  chaos depresses the whole atmosphere and is spiritually deadening. Home should be a charming place not a repository for someone's stuff--that's how people abuse their spouses and  neighbors.  No more "let and let live"--we have a right to beauty, not to endure these depressing sights".


There's an evil principal in the world saying we must tolerate everything Because of this junk mentality our entire culture is degrading overnight and one example is  BLIGHT. The reason things don't dissolve into clarity is due to denseness--physical matter with weight:  "junk and stuff" in our sight

These are tragic times financially but far worse is the  poverty of consciousness.  Everywhere you look are blank faces, angry faces, desolate places.  That is because they've bought a lie: that they're no better than the other guy.  This "communist spirit" is political correctitude and it's making  mean dudes, families in a feud, social fascism (rejection or just being rude). 
If you don't mind the chaos, disorder and obscenities of the tolerant culture it  means you've mal-adapted to the sterile, desolate world and are probably now   re-creating it.  If you dare try to correct things or ask your neighbors to PLEASE clean their junky yard you get a cold chill as they say "you're judging, imposing your will".  Of this false reasoning I've had my fill.  We DO have a right to aesthetic values  to calibrate our reality and pass what's high and low, right and wrong  to the youth--the new throng--for it's beauty and order vs. mind kill.



 The human brain has a need for order  so if things are out of place for prolonged periods it has a  spiritually depressing effect.  Hey--it's ok if you want to leave a rake out overnight instead of the shed but after six months it drives the mind crazy or sick in bed.

Higher Reality  or Skunk? 

This is something which effects us all--we ALL have trashy junky neighbors somewhere and it's a spiritual scare.  See these people for what they are:  aging babies.  Since all recovery is elimination they are stuck in bad luck.




No, God did not make junk but you become  junk because of all the junk you tolerate--junk is psychological abuse.  This is because man is an adaptive animal--he adapts to his environment. If  he makes his environment reflect GOD he becomes  Godly.  But man today is a junkaholic--he's so insecure living in the material not the spiritual world--where a person's possessions define him--that he personifies the Mexican saying "accumulation is cheap", or Hoarding: Being Buried Alive.  So many fastidious housewives  are made miserable by their junkaholic husbands keeping old appliances that don't work and other useless crap: (legally called  BLIGHT:  degradation of property and person) RECOVERY comes from ELIMINATION and that's  our new map.   Legally called "blight" this degradation and disorder of property creates crazy people and bad children. 

As a reflection of their darkened minds, tho' they want to clean up they don't have the energy to as the evil principal pulls them down: Getting rid of stuff is like amputation to dense man.  Junkies are so common that a neat and clean man is rare--I'd cling to him, the others are a scare.  Junk  has a depressing effect on our spiritual creative  sensibilities so your new slogan should be "a place for everything, everything in it's place".  If it doesn't belong there, get rid of it or put it in it's proper place--then you're the ace.  If you wanna lean a  frame against a wall overnight that's fine but after six months it's a terrible eyesore and you sir are the junk-whore.  As all  that clutter holds spirits you're holding  the whole clan back--have you not noticed they're either in trouble or the sad sack?  But when  wife complains she's seen as a nag, she loses confidence and starts to sag.  Men can be ruthless in refusing correction:  We've become a nation of pure dereliction and it all started with your junk ( that's the right depiction).   We must INSIST on our right to environmental clarity!  From clutter to clarity:  Just keep things clean to the core and when not in use either out  to  the warehouse or  out the door!   [Pre-fab warehouses are saving marriages all over the country.]  What is the mark of a superior person?  NO JUNK: HE'S A HUNK. 

Things, things, things!  Demons, demons, demons!

It's clean order  vs.  dirty disorder

Once you're rid of  junk  you can  appreciate elegant detail as your domain comes alive. 


Junkards listen up.  This is how you should have it.  Since the line between clutter and clarity  is endlessly  debatable the only answer is to go all the way to MILITARY SPOTLESS   SIMPLICITY.


Evil Chaos


your 41 comments on

 junky trashy neighbors and spouses:

Sickening!  Don' get me started.  They make me so mad.  Everywhere we move we always end up with one trashy junky neighbor and they don't care what I think.  Watch out--if they don't  like animals they'll retaliate on yours if you speak out too much.  But we do have a right to beauty, or what the law calls "FREEDOM FROM BLIGHT".  Blight is the junkyard, trash, old appliances and cars, trailers and huge ugly trucks.  if you live way out, you are unfortunately unprotected from BLIGHT.   Ralph H. damn mad too

    OMG!   I am going through this very thing right now, Karen.  My roommate is a total slob with all her crap and I do feel so imposed upon but if I say anything she calls me a "controlling bitch".  Oh Karen I wish I were dead--you are so right this is a depressing, demonic atmosphere.  The devil is junk!  Junk is the devil!  You know, before I read this I was actually thinking of going to a psychiatrist for my "depression".  I'm taking steps to get out of this hell on earth, right now.  I see how important it is.  thanks karen.  Susan U. 

Hi.  I wish to thank you for this treatise which deserves to be said over and over again.  The brain DOES have a need for order.  A clean and simple house is a happy house and a filthy cluttered one is from hell.   Chen I.

I have this on both sides of my house.  People who don't care about a thing.  They don't give a damn whether I like it or not.  I remember my mom said in the fifties people CARED about what the neighbors thought and no one let their homes degrade like this.  If someone was this way, they were ostracized.  My God, what has happened to this society.  Why is it only the high-class  neighborhoods are protected from human degradation?  Just because you live in a lower middle class neighborhood doesn't mean you have to live this way.  I think we should be vigilantes like you said.  Caroline R

Karen I woke up very early  on a Monday morning and just knew I was supposed to go to your website.   I have been very depressed--a desolate feeling has taken over me and  I have felt overwhelmed by it.  And now, I see everything so clearly and all my doubts are settled.   Although this is very relieving it is also a bit depressing seeing the gravity and OMNIPRESENCE of this situation.  People have become junkies.  Fastidious home-ladies are put down by feminists for their ultra-concern for neat tidiness.  Women are always leaving home to "go out there" to the world. HOME  is no longer a place of charm. 

Thanks for this page because I can see myself.  I was very angry at first but now I realize this is why everyone hates me for my junk.  They said it but you said it better.  Rick Torres


Karen--maintaining order requires ENERGY but the jarkards are drained--dissipated.  All they want is sensual living--they are sensual devils.  Then they have no energy  left over to keep house.  I understand your pain in your writing and you obviously had problems adapting to this situation.

When we bought our new home Bob's crap was covered in snow so it wasn't until it melted that we realized we lived next to "Bob's junk yard".  He is also negligent/cruel to animals which I find goes together.  We have asked Bob numerous times to clean up and he gets angry.  He also has wild parties on weekends in which we must endure loud acid rock until 5 am.  Because we chose to live out in the country where there are no restrictions, we just have to put up with it.  We feel sick because we love our home but can't sit out on our deck because we see his junk.  We are stuck with Bob, it's lowered our prop value so much no one would want it.  Karen we are young, in our twenties.  So it isn't just the younger generation who are this way.  Bob is in his fifties--an "aging baby" like you say.    Susan and Ned. K

I now remember I had a fastidious aunt  and all the family feminists  hated her, purposely messing things up and laughing about it. C. I.

My comments on junky trashy neighbors and spouses is:  I HATE them.  I never admitted that until now--but you've given me reason to hate them which I already do, and always have.  Trouble is, when I was young I was just like this, with no relation to my environment.  To keep things neat you first have to see things, which the fogged neurotic mind can't see.  Relation to environment in this sick culture actually doesn't happen until later years.   I wish you'd put back your page on chastity, because it really shows the relation between sin and poor housekeeping.  PIGS!  When someone is deep in addiction he doesn't have the energy to do right--good point!  And this is how Satan is bringing down this culture and the rest of the world especially India:  through JUNK and the "junk mentality"!  Ashutosh A.

It used to be that women created the reality of the home, the charm and events that were etched in memory for a lifetime. She was careful about every detail and handed down these "best way of doing things".  Now this brings only resentment.  Home-making is REALITY-CREATION of the home, the "spirit" of the home.  Now I feel sorry for the poor kids and animals having to adapt to these homes.  Rober G.


Despicable, sickening, heartrending when you think of their children.  It makes me sick that some children are so unfortunate to be brought up in these messy homes.  These are the baby-boomers and their offspring, who seem to despise order, routine, work.  They are lazy and they are angry and cruel--yes they do go together!   If you try to correct them they "despise correction" and that means they will bring themselves down.  But in the meantime it's hell adapting to them.  They can ruin an entire neighborhood.  It is an evil cancer.  Kathy

This is what feminism has created, and the public schools who espouse "freedom" like as if routines and work is "bondage".  I feel sick too because I realize it's gotten so out of control, with three screwed up generations, that there is no going back.  The only way we could get our culture back is to send them all to boot camp or reform school.  But in a free nation that is not possible so we just have to let them get into trouble and put them in prison.  It is so obvious what is happening.  John R. W.

LOL you have just described my grandkids.  I do not look forward to "their day" here.  It is chaos.  If we discipline them, it is so different from the lax attitude of their mother that they rebel or throw tantrums.  I hate their habits and foul speech.  They have no respect for their elders.  They act like animals in the way they DON'T take care of their rooms or bathrooms--but that is insulting the animals.  I wish to thank you for writing this page--it is especially germane to the older ladies, and I thank you for it.  So many times I am soooooo angry but don't know how to express it, or even WHY I'm angry.  But then I read you KK and see why!  You are the expression of an entire generation who are FED UP.  Leolyn Jack

I'm now writing a dear John letter to my girlfriend who's a pig.  Larry

Hi Karen it's been awhile since I was here and I'm so glad I checked out what you were saying now.  I'm so sick of all the liberal mindless new age crap on U tube.   When I read your views I know how to discern things so much better.  This is a confusing generation when everyone says right is wrong, and wrong is right or  that good is evil, and evil good.    The youth are so wrong in their attitudes  from the public schools.   It is a very serious matter and yes I think we should take the law into our own hands and form groups.  What first must happen is realizing the importance of  beauty, and the degeneration which comes from human ugliness and messings.  Lucille Calle-Tellez

Every city has ordinances pertaining to this.  I suggest we read up on everything we can do.  Few people, for example, realize that junk cars on properties are illegal, or inoperative appliances.  Check your area, do your homework, write POLITE letters and save copies, do everything you need to do in a CALM, POISED manner.  No anger--that will only come back.  Just do all you can, then enjoy your own day looking the other way.  Semantha H.

Yeah, realize what you're dealing with here:  HUMAN MESSES.  Getting angry just means you still expect them to be right--they can't because they are in the blight.  I like how this article ties it all together with sin.  Junkaholism follows sin.   Marilyn I.

I think it's one of the greatest benefits of wealth--others maintain your order so you can mask your decline into sin that way but the  poor are seen in this condition by all.  Even so, there's the evil principal inside in which everyone knows--they can't put their finger on it, but they KNOW.

I love it that this gives us ammunition against what many of us have always hated but didn't think we had a right to!  We were adapting to our own kids, thinking it was "none of our business".  This is bull!  SK

It seems to me they are also very arrogant when they are messy.  They seem to think the world revolves around just them--it's really a youth thing, a stunted growth thing.   It truly is junkaholism.  It is the reprobate mind which is only focused on the sensual not the considerate.  It is sickening.  Nowadays I see

Hello and thanks.  My kids are always calling me "hateful" because I criticize their messy rooms.  I believed this but  I see everything in a new way today because of this.  It makes me mad but it's also a relief as now I know I"m not crazy, nor "hateful"   Grace J.

Haha. This is great, you know you get to a point in maturity where it's not a question IF you're the queen, but that you MUST be the queen or the others go into ruin.  That is you to us, and what every woman should be in her home.  She should be a rock, a glue, a model, a pointer of the correct path, a finder of the "old ways" which are best.  You are a godsend to this wretched generation.  Alex R.

The problem is there is no "line".  Where does not-quite-clean become disgusting clutter?  Where's the line?  That's the problem--it's one of definition.  Is "junk" everything not attached to the house which is inoperative, or what?   It has to be that.  Steve L.

Karen this last post was so stupid.  "Steve L" is a fool!  The fact that we can't find the "line" between clean and clutter means we must go all the way clean.  Don't even leave the rake out overnight, put it back in the shed.  Go all the way with it, then you know where the line is!  Be like you were in the military, or like the Chinese who in their prisons are very very very tidy and neat--the "white glove" treatment.  I'm sure no modern woman could ever be made to get down to those details so she remains "not-quite-clean" and that's as good as she gets.  If a woman is impecunious and fastidious  she's called "neurotic"   Frank J.

You do have the most intelligent audience.  I like all these comments and have learned immeasurably from them.  Thanks  Cecile.

I had neighbors once who had a bunch of junk cars in their  lot.  I remember how  the neighbors  started hating him, and then he got on drugs to deal with the hate, then next thing I know he was in the paper after stabbing  his girlfriend.  This man had a very stormy life  and one time I saw the inside of  his trailer--it was like a bomb hit it!  I couldn't believe anyone could ever live like that.  This is human degeneracy in it's worst form. -- Susan K.

Most "modern" homes  are disgusting cow pies.  Joe L.

I get so angry about this very thing that it's endangering my health.  Sometimes it's healthier just to shut up and adapt.  They are stinking wretched human messes, you are right.  But what can we do about it--the sensitive suffer far more than the dense about  this.  I do so feel sorry for women all over the world--especially elderly women who probably hate their own aging baby kids!    Mary L.

THEY'RE CALLED "WHITE TRASH" and it's all around us too. JL

Yes we have a right to be angry.  And I get VERY angry about it.  But sometimes I wonder if we don't get like fish wives, screaming and yelling.  I know we can't help it because we are so mad about the filth, stench, disorder, crappiness of life with these demons.  But what is the proper comportment in reaction to it?  It seems like NOTHING works--not being an example, not yelling, not crying, not doing nothing, not being sweet, not being a martyr--they are so lazy nothing gets them moving so what is the answer?   Divorce or moving?  Someone please help me!   Lauri S.

I NOW SEE HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO OUR MENTAL HEALTH.  But they are so lazy they'll never move the crap until forced to.  This is serious.  I feel like killing somebody!   Suzi J. I. Nebraska

I remember reading in one of the KK books about the "beautiful feedback loop":  where seeing beauty excites the tissues, which brings inspiration, which produces more beauty.  And how ugliness brings the opposite down-response.  L. U. S.  Los Angeles

Dr. Kellock:  My daughter sent me this page and I'm glad she did.  For fifty years I have been married to a junkaholic.  He's always bringing home crap, I'm surrounded by crap all the time.  It has made me an irritable witch all through our married lives.  I weep on anyone's shoulder I'm so desperate for understanding.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Now I see why I've been MADE crazy.  I have taken so much valium, and even started drinking gin to calm my nerves and give myself some solace.  I feel sick but excited that FINALLY someone takes my side.  L. Genevieve LeFebre

Karen isn't this CEREBROTONIA you're always talking about?  I mean, the cerebrotonic is PHOBIC about disorder.  Wouldn't a cereb go crazy around a slob?  I feel many of the ladies above may be super-sensitive about order, and thus their plight is DOUBLY, TRIPLY bad.    Murray  I.


Our daughter Mary is very attractive and popular in school.  She does her make-up, follows all the fashions and spends most her time on the phone.  But she is a SLOB.  If you could see her room!   Why can't people learn to pick up after themselves?   (No wonder the world hates Americans--filled with abundance and a-bunch-a-mess).  All she cares about is her looks and the boys but not how she annoys....Somehow we've got to get these kids in shape, but how?   The state would call it abuse.  Guess that's one good thing about communist countries--mama don't take no mess. Rob J. I.

"It starts out where you just mildly annoyed which builds to intermittent anger then all the time.   Then you become lethargic and dull from enervation and fascination with life flags.    Time lags.  Then, you start mal-adapting to the trash by getting smashed..." JM