Signs of Deficiency: Bloat, irritability, cravings,

memory/muscle tissue loss, B12 deficiencies, fatigue


Be like a door: Let nothing in your thoughts, body or home that obstructsthen soon less becomes more.


Use words penuriously: no superfluity or non-essentiality. This frees up time--no needless complexity.


Obsessing over movie stars is like looking at the dirt. Noticing the stars above Is fascination--now stay alert.


I'd do anything to get away from the crowd. I took the dive in '85 and ever since been alone with God.


Sometimes I gotta shut it all out. Start all over, bare bones: just music and thought, rid of the rot.


One time you did not react and you've won the pot of gold. Smash neuropathways and be bold.


Eliminate TV and a whole other universe illuminates: Turn the lesser off and infinity compensates.


Cut it loose (people, habit, food) to re-focus on eternity. Wipe the slate clean to optimize ability.


To rid remorse for past sins, mentally put them all into a bag. Now throw it out: because of Jesus you've a right to brag.


Your own talk show will just occur. You don't have to do a thing but grow then have your own chauffeur.


We love our small dogs. Theyre everything to us, ever-attendant as our nurturing instincts triggered by God.


Bullies ostracize: they size you up and cut you down to size. If shunned your soul dies but in solitude it revives.


After aimless years he came alive, focused (on his best) then came to the front from the rears to his crest.


Purity = perfection and protection. It's not a random stew but what we do that determines God's predilection.


You could look inside the person to find the reason but I look at the system where hearts are freezin'.


They get so mad they swear. That's where they go wrong, without a prayer. You must stay pure to take the boss chair.


Sin draws fire but repentance is total protection. Its simple: look not outward but inside for affection.


Hate turns to love but also love turns to hate. Dont pile it on for things break when at hell's gate.


You've already done your time. Remember that to expect good not bad: just stay in line and be kind.


Say it simply so there's no doubt what you mean. They've got A.D.D. and are hypnotized by fiends.


Sin warps creative energy. Give up sin = release of talents and gusto to act: breakthrough!


You have to achieve a certain level of audacity. It's boldness and it's from repentance (no mendacity).


You get to where you're so sick of em you transform and it's a divine battleship protected from swarms.


I didn't need a therapist I needed a locked gate and high fence.


They're cajoled to cross that line and once they do all hell breaks loose, that's how the brain works.


Demons take worse forms in each generation: it's dis-eugenics, or bloodline degeneration.


Know what it's like to be invaded by inferior characters: the necessity of high boundaries/markers.


Of course they act stupid/silly cuz they're all in sin or condone it in friends.


The creative act matures underground and is unrecognizable until that moment of completion/elation.


Goal: to replenish the sources keeping me creative. k.d. Lang


It's not about status symbols but staying productive and creative.


If you're always alone the cultural mud won't get on you. Take it as a complement with gratitude.


Excruciatingly deep emotions expressed through a nugget, a pearl, a story, a concept, a two-liner.


It's not the majority rules when it comes to religion and we're becoming a minority fools so start fishin'.


My husband and I couldn't be more different: that's the birds and the bees but that's what pleases.


The superior man is marked by his need for solitude. Being separate is holy while they are crude.


What if the people you're trying to impress our now dead? You thank em for the incentive to be best.


We all have a niche we have to find and I found mine: Fewest words have greatest impact if it rhymes.


I went to the school of hard knocks and it was transforming. You gotta do this or you'll be conforming.


The greater the task the more Satan triggers weaknesses. Overcome (make gold) and the result is human genius.


What you went through was horrible and humiliating but now you'll have the perks for all the trouble/waiting.


Finish you work, let 'er fly--see what God has to make you high.


Poetry is the science is least words.


False prophets declare their own works. True prophets works speak for themselves. Mat. 7:22; 9:25-26


I pray the work of your hands will make an amazing new dent in culture or turn the ship around for sure.


Life stages of a person: starts unrefined then ends a true genius with a Creative Act of the rare kind.


Now the end occurs: completing old cycles and beginning new ones. Glide through the transition, it's fun.


Some people prefer a separate reality being alone with God and pets. They're not the herd but the eccentrics.


Clear the decks so God can give you what you want. You're blocked with distractions, that's my rant.


No TV--It's priming us for bad things in a diabolical plan, you see? Focus on your own home and family.


Secret to best work: wait. The superior man never acts unless cued--that's what makes him great.




People who judge you by your past don't belong in your present. So true--reject, or be soooo blue.


You follow gurus and mentors until you mature. Then you sift and decide for yourself: boss chair.


What are you getting out of this? Meaning, acceptance--or just filling time while destiny is missed?


Must just show up. You've studied, cried, overcome those who lied--now just shine as you reply.


Hold back (strength) until your time has come. Then it's power unleashed (never called dumb).


"Lord, turn it around!" Repent and return from the brink like Nineveh--then feel bliss like nirvana.


Pneumaticity is "leaving a space" which can now fill in. The best way to work is to just start chillin'.


Fights are a case of wrong identity--you are misperceived and miscast as the enemy. Just be friendly, okay?


We frantically search the internet to avoid True Reality. But it wouldn't be if you'd just be open/let it be.


My favs are becoming boring to me. I'm sick of input: I want to create and from all outer chaos be free.


Search the net: what you're looking for isn't there. It's True Reality, but leave a space for prayer.


Friends and family may be on the other side. They refuse to face the truth so from you they hide.


Give 'em a break: use few words. They can't take it in (as they are the herd) so cut it down by 2/3.


Need to divorce the past? You'll be in a new cast. For you were miscast as fool for seeing so vast.


Get off the net. It's not helping, you're just procrastinating from true reality where your soul is, I'll bet.


Fact: The more social media, the less happy.


The only constant is change and the earth remains. Grace Jones


With God the worst day of your life can become the best.


You hurt and cry then everything turns around. Wait for this reversal and you're heaven-bound.


Divorce all snobs-- you must. For they feel superior but for you it's self-esteem or bust (only friends you trust).


By snobs your identity is framed and it's a lowdown thing being thusly chained. Reject, esteem reclaimed.




Karen Kellock, Daily Fastarian


Stop listening to experts, they only know the

latest dogma for which they seek approval.