The True Lady is Gentle

Worldliness not Worldly Grossness. 

The Fruit of the Spirit is Self-Control.




Through diet you can compete at any age. Escape the fat cage in a miracle and be all the rage.  The answer to insoluble situations is to fast--escape the matrix. Enter new worlds--block tricks, it's fixed.


We're told to be fruitful. That's no accident for the harvest is obvious: it's so suitable and plentiful.  Jesus made everything even the fruit, which is endlessly beautiful to be youthful and fight the brutal.


Giving up an allergic food is life-transforming. That's how badly it affects behavior, looks and performing.   Eating once daily, things work for the first time. It's even more impactful than what I eat: what a find. 



When bad food pollutes, the body dilutes by retaining water (bloat). RX: fast on your green juice.    When eating wrong foods, of course they don't digest. This causes flatulence, the real pest. 


Every vet knows how the animal looks reflects his health. Do you look good (true wealth)?  High elevation: fasting 19 hours daily. Keep eating = sleepy, dizzy, hazy.



Moving to a higher altitude forced me to upgrade diet just to adapt, be undizzy and alert: fact.  Eat your fill then stop-eating past noon. Now enjoy thy day immensely--watch as this catches on.



Keep telling yourself you're fasting--pat yourself on the back. You stopped eating, that's a fact.  Fasting, I can be anything I want. It raises the bar and opens vistas: a savant blocking taunts.  We shouldn't say what diet, but God did say fast to heal it. 



Seeing an old loser friend may be an anchor to the past you don't wanna re-experience, man.  The babies we've raised: entitled to perks, can't take criticism, tyrannical and they hate hard.  



I'm into individuals (genius) which is true diversity, not identity politics and the inevitable adversity.  They've made us so afraid to speak, to be arrogantly rejected by these creeps: the trendy clique.



Now's the time to become very selective. Let most pass so just the best is your elective. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo Da Vinci) It's the God of Miracles: showing up at the last minute (as history shows).



Why are you so sad, why so tired?  Cuz you let in the walking dead in--those stuck in the mire and soon to expire.  Never mess with fools--the shallow who act tough and cool but when it comes to you it's a gag rule. 


Nerds feel unpopular  like no one cares. So they join the liberal commoners who are boring (not rare).  It's the Wounded Gathering Thorns Syndrome. As life goes on templates create their own kingdom.



The polarization is increasing exponentially. This is scary and as old friends exit suddenly it's eerie.  Leave behind false ties--the world of dust. An email if you must then leave yourself open to true trust.



Frauds: their final facade's about to collapse—that is the way of God.  The right: reason, logic, history and facts. The left: feelings, emotions, victimhood and grievance.



They're not your friends who control, censure or block your words. These are ideologues and a curse.  Their low quality of life is their reward.  No original thought there--just repetition of silly slogans conjuring their growing fears (not seers). 



When you think: "I've heard this all before" you must not respect and realize you're with a bore--now soar.  Not optimal (N.O.) designates the foods to avoid. Anything other than Optimal = make it a void. 



What's less worse--sugar or aspartame? The latter I wouldn't touch cuz fat and cancer isn't the same.  The sick may justify bad foods which affect the mental. It's a process to awareness: non-compartmental. 


Daily Fasting gave me a whole new reality: the problems dissolved and I mused: "this is true vitality".  Just skip dinner. Above all dieting techniques I've found this to be the winner for getting thinner. 



Fasting, I've never been so pensive. This is what I've always wanted: it's spiritually and mentally intensive.  These humans look like caricatures cuz the globalists want us dumb and dumpy cartoon characters.



Every diet will work for some people. But not all and that's the point: for some the results are evil.  The left is vacuous, empty. Though it all seems so light, glowing and friendly when it's tyranny they get petty.  Top of FormBottom of Form Top of FormBottom of Form



 How to Win: Divide a people, create false flags making them irate, come in as the savior/decider of fate.  56 million babies aborted and they could care less (don't even seem to know) as evil is totally supported. 




It's sick how the church leaders are justifying debauchery. On Christian morality it is pure butchery.  People have so lost their way they're even afraid of guns. The very things ensuring liberty--the true fun. 



Stink: Mental slavery is having to view the world through how a priesthood tells you how to think.  You're to be bold in righteousness not timid and weak from sin your highness. 



The dam is breaking cuz they're finally realizing we tell the truth and they do not. We're clear, they're rot.  Dumb permissive liberals don't realize they're worshipping Satan and going to hell for their shenanigans. 



She tells us her life story and we don't even know her. She's the center of the universe: controller.  Liberals: wrong theory, misapplied constantly to everything then doggedly sticking to it despite any facts.



Is it possible we could come back from the brink?  Yes, these turnarounds all happen quickly, I think.  Don't petty-fog with stupid trivia! Be a bottom line person (less is more) with high standards and criteria. 



They do smear campaigns on those with brains. A stake in keeping dummies lame, they make fake claims.  The milquetoast always sides with the majority, and this false power shoots down all else as heresy. 



Watch old movies: keep your mind in '47 not '87 so you can think clearly and (unlike them) reflect heaven.  Unravel from the mental illness of the last half century. Return to reason, tradition and our history.



We didn’t fit, we couldn’t be “social” for it was trivial, petty, competitive, mean, sexual and global.  Prepare to be continuously creative. Make yourself apt to receive the greatest. 



My work is done, now where is all the fun? I felt lost but music opened me up instantly, joy again.   If aligned with God you find the Self He made. If aligned with self (and in sin) it is folly/God evades.



Thank you God for this work You've given me to do. It's so amazing and fascinating to me too!  Creativity is what comes through you not something you have so just get clear and open the valve. 



Creative work comes  in spurts. You work, you relax. TV confuses things--too high a tax with dense facts.   You never know when the creative cue will hit: never adapt to TV time schedules or you'll not be legit. 


All you gotta do is keep doing what you do best. It's like breathing or a bird singing IF you're unstressed.  Living in a tiny cabin in the desert wilderness made me appreciate rain on a tin roof: godliness.



Looking back it was like a big black cloud: Not being myself, not able to obtain, crying in the rain.  Since it was mental illness/demons, forget it. Get offa that thing, in the galaxy it's just a pin prick. 



Marginal people go off like a rocket when incited by these maggots.  Diversity kills quality.  The Methodists have gone totally liberal. Was born/baptised in the church but this is a shame after all.  Demons in the pews. 


Always go after power but pretend to care about morality. (Saul Alinsky)   Since progressives resented American superiority, kicking us down was their greatest priority.


The radical left is communist, period. Very short-sighted but they too are the victims of this bad spirit.  Another way they destroy is through confusion. On our most basic instincts they're creating de-evolution. 



I knew the left was bad but to merge with a group who does those things--like Marquis de Sade?  The liberty movement is generating nuclear energy--we're all high. The left is destroyed, bye bye.



With knowledge comes great sorrow cuz we see the difference between God and the darkness below.  Chips-on-their-shoulder mental patients.  When self-love is lost evil power fills the vacuum: America stopped seeing itself as superior, doomed. 



Cultural diversity doesn't always go smoothly. More often than not it causes great difficulty, truly.  "Sustainable" is the sickest word. Whenever you hear it, turn away--it's the destruction of our world. 



Despair or pessimism are common reactions to seeing corruption.  Corny comedians playing to the biases and vanities of their audience, political prisoners of conformity.


 They dragged us down to avoid disapproval then things went too far so now we want their removal.  Don’t be  the poster child for the arrogance of the left and the tombstone for liberalism: daft.



Revitalization Movements  are when the herd marches to a new beat--awareness of cheats.  In Satan's world there is no justice: That's where the evil are honored and the good are mistrusted. 



He ruined our great country and we let it happen. More interested in fashion/jokin we were nappin'.    Liberal-global view is bland, false, illusory, dull, sadistic, sexualized and communist.  



The left wears smiley  faces--but look at their eyes. They're pure disguise and what about all those lies?  The liberals live in la-la land--but life has problems, get real. God helps us through them, that's all. 



Whites ended slavery but like Nazis the SJWs kill the whole street/blame the whole race/not legit.  The left wants to normalize evil--can you imagine that? Doesn't that show who they are: ingrates and brats? 



They cover up for evils of their handlers. They are gainsayers for gamblers--they have no standards.  The backlash from GriffinISIS will only help us (the nice) in this crisis. 



All these years you took the blame, victimized by leftist logic making you look bad--putting you in ill-fame. The value of freedom is not known 'til it's lost. Boots on our neck is too high a cost (make that embossed). 



Barry said "all nations are equal" meaning no American exceptionalism or guiding light—fool.     No Barrack, all nations are not alike--some murder gays, women and Christians. Shame on you man.  Media isn't saying their swamping us with immigration but ask small towns across the nation.


The elites wanna conquer the planet to control it's fruits and that means you and me with no dispute.  We worship a new thing--the flag of modern Babylon. Prepare for death, starvation and vagabonds.



Most of the world's in tyranny--the default setting of mankind--where you lose your power and mind.  Not a word about ISIS just a bunch of other things. These are master planners and their underlings.



The whole world is a stage, each of us players upon it. (Shakespeare) Adapting to liberal thinking was the pit of hell but it brought out hidden talents/I came outa my shell.   Don't tell me we're all one, man.



There is good vs. evil, God vs. creation so protect innocent people.   Dishonorable trash reporting the "news", so out of line with the founders of America and without a clue.


Weak people grovel to the altar of evil. Despite your phony smile we the wise can see you traitorous people.  Appalling, creepy, weird and totally unfunny.  They virtue signal of the necessity to take down our history and statues:  way to fame for fools.



Change your diet then let your body morph. It's so exciting when of food addiction you've had enough.  Beauty may not be lasting but even in old age you can be flashing: eat right and there's little contrasting. 



 I'm inclined to eat breakfast and fast 18 hours from noon. I want all eating behind me, then I swoon.  If there's any fat on the frame, you're eating toxins because it sequesters into ugly bulges, in the main.



Stop eating everything that catches your fancy or you'll go dense and start to look ordinary (not a dandy).  No more orthorexia: I will now eat what I want, when I want and stay slender and gaunt. 


If you ate too much the day before, thank God for now you gotta fast for the benefits you'll adore!  Middle age bulge doesn't have to happen. Just stick to real foods and eat once a day--it gladdens.



Getting your diet in order is the most important thing to (change your life totally so  you can) dance and sing.  Diets become idols in those who embrace them. It's evil law vs. Christ in God's kingdom. 



We do not walk according to the flesh but the spirit. The law is the flesh (sin and death) and that's a diet.  Weaklings: there's only a few who can even diet. They have no resolve: they start the fast then they fry it.   



Is he/she the reason you can't lose weight? Stress packs it on so unhook from evil and you will deflate.    Instead of doing the work, the lazy turn to gimmicks--none of which work whether diet pills or clinics. 


"Lord remove my gut roll and make me a bean pole". That's all you gotta ask now just follow your soul.


As the body adapts to one meal a day, fat begins to melt away (it takes two weeks of this good habit, ok).  Habitual Daily Fasting:  When the body knows it'll be fed, it burns fat (rather than storing it all instead). 



The body sequesters toxins in fat so no matter what you can't get rid of that except to detox the crap.  Cacao in smoothie, great for morning errands. Wouldn't take it in the aft unless you want insomnia friends.



Just fast  for a few days to achieve new reality, especially after faced with facts of a tragedy.  Bad memories (early trauma) are literally locked in sh*t. I hate to say it but look it up, it's legit. 



Diets become idols, deceiving doctrines and lies in hypocrisy, ruling factors in lives of you and me.  Fasting: loose flesh gets tight and you're high as a kite when hungry at night.  Though we shouldn't tell em what to eat, realize food can be a major sin blocking God's treats.  These things may seem subtle to you but they are tenacious.