Repent, Detach Disaster then No Longer be Cheap

People want to tell you how to live.  That’s a fact--if one cannot see it he’s so “well-adapted” he’s lost the vision of freedom.  Genius must be free in order to realize his destiny of due recognition and remuneration.  This means free of invading elements or the expectation to socially adapt.  Realized genius is simply someone who has learned to manage human relations--to carve out his way letting no one dissuade.  Old style psychology obtusely tells the client what he should want and how he should adapt to society.  This  psychology in contrast elicits from the patient what he really wants and gives him the tools to solve all other questions through his own inner journey.


The most important word genius must learn is “NO.”  The world is filled with miserable YES people doing what they don’t want just to gain approval.  Look around to those you meet--do you sense a desolate darkness, a watered-down wasteland?  That’s the face of a yes-man.  He’s filled with frustration but has adapted against his true wishes for so many years he doesn’t realize it.  He becomes passive-aggressive--a “nice guy” who shows his anger by being late, not calling, standing you up etc.  Frustration always leads to aggression and it will come out sooner or later on the weakest elements around.


We are a generation who have perfected phoniness, serving another God--the social world--who will kills us.  Those who care what others think have lost all direction in life, as their mood changes with whomever was last spoken to or what someone “said.”  A moody person is an outer-directed person and the outer-directed become moody as substances and people invade the temple and mind.   If you’re going nowhere any road will take you there.  As he becomes unknowingly contaminated he can no longer distinguish between his thoughts and the group’s.  Extreme outer direction was the Nazi campaign as social hypnotism justified evil, or anorexic systems where the group mind substitutes for “leader.”



Old psychology officiously objects to the inner journey as it cannot be controlled or talked to.  It mysteriously belongs to the person alone and does not abide outside interference.  This the “psyche pro” cannot stand.  He wants you to compete with him on his turf--your insistence to be alone within your boundaries means he’s lost for his theories and curiosities cannot go there.  If one wants to stay home so his adaptive energy can be focused on the project at hand society rebels for it looks like social anxiety or “missing out” on what they have to offer.


 If a genius is not strong enough to stave off aggression from family or society he could easily find himself sided against and then even institutionalized.  Lone non-social females in Nazi Germany were often put in concentration camps--on no other evidence than the dossiers of suspicious neighbors.  One needs strength to forge ahead so the unique blueprint can evolve on its own accord.  Learning how to deal with people and their coercions is the pivotal point determining the rise or the fall of genius.



Genius is simple like a child


Disease and aging come from obstruction.  Freedom and de-aging come from elimination.  Genius must be an ageless child:  creative, clean, carefree.  Like Einstein he must be “mild, saintly and sober.”  This ageless state comes from released obstruction.  Once clean and clear he becomes more creative with each decade up until the moment of death and continues to peel back to the birth symbol, the unspoiled seed potential of who he is.  What freedom!  How sad to be blocked by nosy do-gooders whose “concern” could destroy a destiny.  The roadmap to the power of real royal reign is human management and trusting only God.


All obstruction is just useless baggage to be eliminated for progress to continue.  The body/mind is a flexible energy field.  When clear we feel ecstatic as energy goes through us finding its true mark in the world.  Mental contamination--social infection--chokes talent, darkens the aura and denses the field.    It completely clouds creative clout--the charisma which would win every time.  When happy we have a transparent glow.  When clogged or contaminated we are opaque--a dead dry brick--as the eyes glaze over.  If you’ve ever been held down you may remember the relief of separation.  That’s the feeling of self-return!  After being so belittled, misquoted and told what to feel, want and think it will feel so good to  just avoid.


Avoid crowds. For clear (unobstructed) we actually vibrate with a delightful electrical sensation.  As energy flows our psychology--where we block--determines how our body looks as well as all else.  For example, bio-energetically when women block (or allow others to block) their self-expression that energy stops at the waist and the hips and thighs bulge.  But if clear the body streamlines and there is a mysterious undercurrent that magnetizes and heals those we meet in a contagion of enlightenment.  The mind fizzles with creative thought and joy.  But if again blocked through sin or people we miss the mark and relapse into the “bad act” or even dumber mistakes.  The synapses are caulked so creative energy warps in error and embarrassment.


People and habits drain energy.  Without ecstatic jubilance there can be no champion, but with repentance there's an explosive creative release into a brand new life.  In an instant the miseries are gone and the old cycle ends just as the new one begins.  Since it was people and habits which maintained bad memories, the past and its awful recall are gone forever and jubilance (true freedom) is here.



Transcending Cultural Neuroses (The Herd)


The righteous are powerful, the sinners are weak.  The public speaker whose private life is impure will bore or irritate the audience, for the anointing of God won’t be there and the extreme self-consciousness coming from sin will destroy his talent.  Clothes, looks, fame and fortune won’t work--its only the power of anointed genius which speaks to the collective unconscious. Only this evokes subconscious analogies bringing true insight and change.  What happens in our private lives has everything to do with our public life.


One must have nothing to do with the secular world.  Since it is opposite to the True Self it will always infect with low self-esteem.  Are you young or old?  Male or female?  Rich or poor?  A fit or a misfit?  These dichotomies and stereotypes are the cultural neurosis, the herd.  For everyone  these will trigger intense self-doubt and fear at some point in life.  Whenever you feel doubt, fear or low self-esteem: check the environment--did someone bring the herd in?   Sanctify your home (your power-base and insulation from the world) and make it your monastery:  now join the spirit of victory.




At first insanity is a mal-adaptation to a particular culture or system.  Later it is triggered interactionally.  Someone can be normal when alone but sick when involved due to flimsy boundaries.   These are the hypersensitives easily hurt by contradictions, manipulations and the leveling processes that keep people “ordinary.”  The mature genius has learned how to manage people who want to manage him and resolving  these boundary disputes are the mainstay of his talent. 


 The social mechanisms which make you conform--the glue of groups, the tribal instinct--are taken-for-granted as “normal” by less sensitives who can “get along with people” or “pass go.”  The current line of thought--the herd mentality--is assumed to be truth or the way the world “works.”  Groupies demand we see reality that way--a severe invasion of boundaries and the reason genius secludes in his own niche: to avoid misjudgment and strife.




The herd makes two kinds of people sick:  the anxious-misfit-turned-conformist and the herd member who has  become dull, dimmed and ordinary from so much adaptation.  He’s worn the mask for so long he’s a stranger to his True Self.  Only the people living with him know who he really is--what he has become, this split being.  Come home--leave the split, go to spirit.  Both the misfit and the conformist are lost:  the would-be genius nervously trying to belong and the jaded dull groupie.  Only the True Self sits in the light--the pure symbol God designed--and all  else is  dark.  Both types mal-adapt to the mixed signals in society and in both cases energy is blocked and inner reality impoverished. 


At one time the great genius Beethoven lived in a small town filled with small-minded hate for him.  Children would mock and beat him up as he walked  by.  He could not distinguish between his reality and their projections so he took it all on and became a derelict in his appearance (while simultaneously writing his greatest concerts in his flat).  Its very hard not to take on the projections of others.  The fact that Beethoven did great work in spite of it all was a mark of his inner strength.   But most  mature genius learns to insulate from even the possibility of taking it on, for guarding the anointing of the creative spirit is the utmost concern! This is true humility--for genius knows how easily he can lose that power.


 It is the most energetically creative who become the worst when dropping self to adapt to society.  If we clamp down on self to guard against misjudgment, our behavior is “warped” as every thing is said and done for the wrong reasons.  True genius comes from the heart fresh or it warps in error.  Can he learn to ignore harsh hostility and just do his work?  For that is his only protection: staying high above the multitudes. 


He fights--he loses.  For most this means staying alone until success, which is now able to occur.  Don’t forget: mediocrity brings confirmation while true genius brings massive opposition particularly in these days of brainless entertainment and a severely dumbed-down public school system.  He cannot forbear a vulgar prostitution of talent for true genius is good taste while immaturity degrades with vulgarity (to get approval of the mindless mob).  It’s hard to watch the gross and compromising get acceptance while the fine and excellent truth is shunned!




Creativity is limited by anything which channels or constrains it.  Genius cannot be burdened with social inhibitions necessary to tow the line.  He  cannot “fit” the social dance for on every level of the hierarchy--eighty-five percent of which is nonverbal--he is disqualified.  From eye-blinks to posture he’s a misfit:  too different, odd and socially deviant.  Others get used to the ordinary, the sameness of most people and so may react vehemently to these differences. 


The genius is sensitive to this harshness and rejection and so may try to gain social favor by “learning” belonging styles.  Being of the same culture he knows how people like himself are viewed and tries everything to adapt, to conform, to banish his hideous stigma.  But the more he tries to gain social favor the more hideous he becomes--so far removed from the rich spontaneity of the True Self.  The more dense the herd (limiting, stereotypic, non-creative) the more stifling.


The unique genius deserving of fame creates shame instead if he needs social approval which punishes the unique.  Energy is either turned outward to creative self-expression or inward to creative self-destruction.  Because it often mal-adapts through addiction--thus losing it’s talent as well as it’s sanity--true genius is rare.  It is killed off early either by the leveling processes of the herd or by addictive mal-adaptations. 


The herd mentality can be so brutal that successful methods of avoiding social anxiety can be very addicting.   The  exhaustion from overcoming obstacles to selfhood often ends in death through suicide or drugs.  The mundane herd reality--the obstacles to creativity and the “ordinarization” of the person--is overwhelming to the sensitive who finds he can only create his own personal reality in the face of it through mind-altering chemicals.  As he becomes progressively more dependent his solitude ends in death.   Lost genius is the greatest casualty of the mundane.  




Genius is everyone’s birthright but it is only a dormant potential--a “surplus potential developed in problems areas.”  It is developed from overcoming obstacles after which it naturally blossoms into maturity.  All animals have seed potentials and unique genius is ours.  Genius is born of obstructive obstacles but matures only through moral purification--by eliminating the addictive coping devices dealing with ridicule, rejection and  necessary reclusion.  This feeling of being a "stranger in a strange land"--the gut feeling of being abandoned and lost--is a result of this separation from the True Self, not just society.


Via everyday face-to-face interactions, original behaviors have been punished in the family, the social network and the public.  Nonverbal slights and rebuffs may not be consciously acknowledged but underground the gut and heart churns shame, fear and grief.    Little does the genius realize he may  be far superior to the others--who have long since stunted their growth in order to belong--to maintain dependency in fear of loneliness.  Hyper-sensitives show a “genius gene”:  hyper-sensitivity to contradiction.  This leads them to great breakthroughs in the arts and sciences:  landmark works which smash through silly precedents and myths.  But this sensitivity also means they end up alone, in a desire for sweet saintly solitude.




To gain sufficient force to transcend the power of social constraints, the genius must have self-assurance and certitude of Who He Is and that He Is Right.  Then he can go fast forward to perfect success--world revolution in his field.  This kind of self-assured certitude only comes from moral rectitude--of knowing he is right.  The same energy plunging to shame becomes fame as the worst becomes the best in this transformation of energy. 


This is the fine art of energy transmutation:  By giving up social needs and secluding and then repenting of mal-adaptive coping devices [sin] the aspirant purifies his energy and insulates his mind against mental contamination and manipulation.  He takes his eyes off the herd and puts them on work and world.  What a glorious relief:  now things are easy and joyous as he attracts admirers to team his masterpiece.


Life has many seasons.  One season is destroyed by people and vices used to dull the pain of life, but in a later season one separates from these wasteful sins and associations and sanctifies his life instead.  Now free he can just do his work for the world.  Refocused and recharged he transcends social approval and gains real world recognition.  The very behaviors bringing ridicule in early life become the means, talents and tools of Victory.  Though genius is born in problematic soil it flourishes only in non-problematic soil:  in eliminating the nosy busybodies he comes to maturity, out of obscurity.



Silly Social Sickness


We can only make sense of society by realizing it makes no sense:  Then wisdom arrives.  Note the following Bible passages:  “Only he who hateth the world shall gain eternal life….they love only their own--the others they despise…they hated me before they hated you…only God is good.”  Or as Jesus said to the church leaders, priests and scribes (who later killed him):  “Pharisees, hypocrites.  You’re outside is beautiful but inside you are dead men’s bones and all uncleanliness…all your doings are to be seen of men.”  Jesus hated hypocrisy the most.  Insanity comes from adapting to hypocrisy  by going blind to it.  Once we become blind to it, we are it!


The herd is the perversion of tribalism, the leveling process destroying creative action and growth.  It’s an automatic rejection of the novel, the unique:  and so genius learns to expect and avoid harshness.  If genius can learn to insulate  to develop on his own accord, his talents and skills can evolve through purity until his time has come.  Otherwise genius dies early from addictions-to-cope with the constant stress of misjudgment. 


Genius is the unique flowering of the very peculiarities the world puts down.  His early life is smashed in collision with the world forces that disdain these differences.  If he accepts their view the addictive devices become traps of ruin.  Genius doesn’t fit, so he must get strong to make a way or  break a path.  He is meant to make a peculiar difference and amazing new dent as God’s “peculiar treasure” and true delight.  The preparation is overcoming obstacles, the reward is world success and justified remuneration.  Genius is evoked and evolves in the problem—but only gets the prize by overcoming it.


No first-class soldier gets entangled in the enemy’s ways and traditions.  We are entangled:  There’s a perfect path for each man but we can’t get to it roped to the stake of society--or the past.  We must live a holy life--meaning a separated life.  To prosperously hum along in our own stream Jesus said “come out from amongst them [separate] and I shall give you great favor.”  To overcome the powerful world constraints to genius we must strengthen a vessel free of all doubt by clearing out these deadening blocks:




The more genius the potential saint, the more extreme their highs and lows.  That's what makes them finally come to blows: how badly do they want success which rests on consistency?  The time has come never to fail or be seen as a fool again!  For the dense mal-adaptor has constant mood swings covered over by a social image to appear constant.  The inner conflict between who he is and who he says he is creates vicious changes of mood and cruel--though “polite”--explosions onto other people. 


These explosions are bio-devices to relieve stress and are also masked through an image of “niceness” (“polite cruelties”).  It is these contradictions which drive genius mad.  This contradictory matrix and the resulting insanity mark the crowded conditions of the modern (non-natural) world of man.  If in fear we let social anxiety hitch us up to others we lose our own reality where the bliss is and then wonder “why  am I always so tired?”  What holds us down?  Other people.  When down look only to future glory--persist on the inner journey to the Self and trust only God.


You can be having a wonderful day moving point-to-point in your own little cornucopia—puttering, pondering, petting your animals, playfully creating.  Then someone arrives and debates against your life.  You’ve suddenly gone from light to dark.  Now you’ve experienced what the Indians did with the incursion of the white man and all his legalistic dogmas and “shoulds.”  You’ve not yet learned to simply nip it in the bud:  “I don’t want to debate--live and let live.”  Then you could have stayed happily bathed in light.  Instead you “got involved” on their level, went dense and woke up irritable.  Stand strong!  If not strong enough to block the blockers you’ll mal-adapt through sin.



Happy  Release  Through  “No”


When a strong person is even subtly or politely insulted he says “NO” and moves away from the interaction.  A weak person--made dense by previous systems--is actually hooked to the toxic dominance.  The unfinished business from the past compels him to work to change the rejection or rebuff.  The rejecter looms large as he needs his approval more [STOCKHOLM SYNDROME].  He keeps himself down at this point by looking up to people rather than God. 


Although people were his problem he becomes a people-worshipper.  And thus he is a perfect complement to the Zvengali who keeps self-esteem low to maintain the relationship.  His biggest problem is asking for advice when only God’s advice matters:  Unsuitable advice--people’s advice--will never hit the mark for God’s ways are higher than man’s and the genius blueprint can never be mapped out nor predicted by another.


They're a brick  wall so don't expect approval from the herd.  Self-esteem is the only way to illumination and reaching the goal:  it’s an ego-less life just between you and God.  It’s this divine relationship which gives you self-esteem--not a person, lest a Zvengali relationship easily develop.  Self-esteem  can’t be faked for the false will always fail.   It’s this point of ego-less purity that precedes  success.  If total aloneness brings panic and one calls or slips (into bad) the gold ring is lost again,  perhaps for good.  


Don’t worry if old systems leave your scene--your new growth disrupts their comfort zone!  And asking for their  advice is a sure sign you’re “not there” yet.  By refusing entanglement in the world and its values you’re  offering yourself to God.  “Be not conformed--be ye transformed.”  Overcome the world by going beyond  it, to walk with God as you work and win.  Let Him get a hold of your whole mind so your life proves what is good.  Leave nothing out as you relate to Him.  God’s will is the best for you, your will is mediocre and the will and advice of other people is useless.



The world explodes into two potentialities:  a spiraling down to the same old ruts or a new heaven on earth through the agency of true genius-now-revealed.  One must decide between world and God--to go back down, or be catapulted up.  The natural unfolding of the universe is like cells which always divide between higher consciousness and those choosing to stay (in the status quo).  The earth is split between the old and the new.  The old won’t realize anything but its own chaos and pain while you will have instantaneous ascendance just by repentance, rejecting the relentless and regaining the anointing. 


Do you have the courage to just trust God and let all the old go or stay down and listen to your “friends”?  There is no more time to vacillate from momentary enlightenment to the doldrums.  You must now stay steady.  Don’t be surprised as the world rips away from you--God wants you to heal  so deal with present pain by looking ahead:  think futuristically.




Very few geniuses have not suffered early rejection.  With this background they wear their peculiarity on their sleeve:   Tremendous guilt and shame remains-“maybe I am bad, a criminal, too-sad, perhaps mad…”  He shuts down emotionally and wears the armor of a porcupine.  It doesn’t help to tell the victim:  “your early rejection is a sign of their  inability to love rather than your unlovability.”  After early rejection the social order becomes more important to him than what he wants as  the rejection is unfinished business seeking social correction.  Instead. truly  correct it through the development of talent, forgetting social approval and seeking God’s instead.




The problem of early rejection is magnified when in order to belong we banish our own liberty which could enlighten the world.  Staying alone to evolve and prepare is very important to the world:  The result of self-work is charm and taste--two traits very lacking in everyday man who mistakenly thinks the liberty to be is actually the liberty to sin.  Thinking he is “liberated” he substitutes lust-enslavement for true independence.  Peace-liberty-enlightenment only comes by being your True Self, revealed only in purity.  When God’s spirit is refracted to the social--which occurs in many churches--there is much trouble as genius (intended as the true reflection of God) erodes.


The Statue of  Liberty is not a symbol of  domination but of power!  Every human being can have victory as a genius child of God when free of bondage--the worst being mimicry of silly trends. All other illusions of “liberty” are lies.  Get free and just do your work in happy harmony,  not the pain of pettiness.   This revival looks forward to the harvest, the ultimate goal of the changes of spring--as Genius Gets Up Again.  Oh lukewarm and lonely genius--revival restores!  Just set your mind on things above so that things below go strangely dim. 


Forget your fair-weather friends--for “happy is the man whose mind is stayed on Him.”  Then happy will be your work hours as you seek the unsought and teach the untaught.  Like a lightening flash creative insight will come forth to dent the earth--the searing light of God’s truth in your work.  Along with hard work and perseverance you will have your Great Reward:  here on earth, and soon.




Without God, isolation can be more terrible than sleeping on ice.  If in sin it suffocates with loneliness and creates insanity.  But with purity-in-God it’s exhilarating as you appreciate beauty as never before.  Reveling in freedom the mind escapes time and distance.  A fine thing to feel the mind go voyaging through space:  This mind transport blows out all the circuits of early rejection.  Now just stay put, fast and avoid all old sins and systems. 


If it’s only the fast which brings on this consciousness then you must fast daily.  Solitude will change your life so you can come back freshly endowed with new powers and make your amazing new dent.  The older family scapegoat said “suddenly all my persecutors were finally gone.  I couldn’t believe how good I felt.  The lifelong block dissolved  I instantly attracted  world success for the things I had worked for all my life.”


In solitude (liberty) new schemes are developed to increase the content of the minutes and hours.  By doing things systematically the biggest variety of sensory input is provided and the mind soon becomes universally receptive--everywhere at all times.  As this fascinating journey continues to increase we cannot tolerate too-much social stimulation and all work habits and isolation are geared to keep stable the brain’s arousal.  Suddenly our lives go from casual to formal:  no more drop-ins, just appointments.  It’s a gold mine only in purity: for if twisted in sin we are separated from God  (total darkness) and automatically fall in with lower associates.  Work to please God, not people.




Karen Kellock Ph.D. Make peace with your family situation by seeing the system and finally letting it go--along with all toxic templates thereafter.  Reject all agitators: as denial lifts you’ll see them all around.  Reject the bars and reach for the stars.  Instead of praying to God to “make something happen” you must ask:  “where from?  The outer world?  It only dulls.” Just pray and wait for happenings inside---then the outer world becomes your oyster.