By People, Habits and Food.

Repent for Success and Bliss.



Genius is held down by obstruction: people, habit and food. Because of his differences the would-be genius can be stigmatized and held down by groups firstly and then by his own addictions to avoid anxiety from persecution, secondly. Then if he eats wrong he's held down by his own physical obstructions. This is a very simple theory. Just know the three obstructions and remove them, knowing the glory that lies ahead. You will then snap to all your unrealized goals waiting in the wings.


When obstructed there is a heaviness to the personality. People are cluttered with the nonessential and useless distractions. To succeed, eliminate the non-essential in body, mind and group. Leave all this heaviness behind--press on to what lies ahead! Rid of people problems you become a sage or monk finally able to accomplish something. Rid of bad habits you become a prosperous saint, and rid of inner debris--the disease and fat from lack of minerals--you're a savant with a miraculous body well into old age.

Living this way--truly free--will make you ecstatically happy and productive the rest of your long life. As you leave the outer behind and implode into the inner you’ll become far more productive and useful the older you get.  In your eighties you will just begin to maximize your mental powers for as the physical wanes the mystical and mental will increase to the same degree-so look forward with glee.  All the morbid cultural fears about age are the opposite to the truth.  Never forget this expression:  OP-TRUTH for all popular notions are false!




We are all taught to conform to the same mold:  the standard one in society.  Procrusteas was a giant who stretched or amputated his captives to fit his iron bed:  procrustean conformity.  Having to adapt this way splits us from our true selves, where the joy lies.  Losing the self is a homesick existence that paradoxically makes us seek out others more, thus losing self more.  The bull’s-eye to success is going solo.  To go solo is to be with God--separate is sanctified, holy.  To tow the line to conform to other people is a life of missed opportunity and lost miracles.  These are happening every second but you can never know them lost in loony logorrhea:  "word salad" or silly conversations where the trivial is indistinguishable from the important.  That’s society.  Just listen for awhile and you will hear it.


Do you love people?  Then help them to transcend the obstacles to creativity in dense herds and become their True Self.  Then they’re a shining light and exemplar to the race.  To conform and make  others do likewise just maintains the mundane social world--the bland, boring, banal, benign.  Having transcended the resistances which I will describe you become cosmic:  influenced by God’s creative spirit, not by other people.  People will only hold you down.




 Man is an adaptive animal--he adapts to his environment.  When it is sick he mal-adapts by becoming sick.  These mal-adaptations are his obstructions to health and wealth in a life of frenetic stressful laboring.  In contrast, cosmic man does nothing.  His clarity puts him in a constant state of hyper-synchronicity where his life is one "magic coincidence' (miracle) after another.  He  attracts what he is, and because he has peace he has total power.  Having emptied himself of all obstructions he has become an irresistible magnet to all good attractions while automatically repelling all-bad.   Spiritually right his work becomes effortless as it flows through with “holy spirit ease.”  Rid of obstructions he rules by attraction. This  paradigm shift to ENERGY has  one general formula for all life sciences:






Obstructions make us miserable, angry and depressed:


PEOPLE (sick systems)

HABIT (sin cycles)

FOOD (superfluity)


Before conversion life is chaotic and dark--made DENSE from one or all of these obstructions:




It is frightening how much people are  like animals in their group behavior--mimicking and following silly trends. They can hold you down as maintaining the system--the status quo---becomes the glue of groups.  Systems maintain themselves through mental conformity.  People gain identity in relation to others so they must “keep each other in their place” to keep identity intact.  Since identity is relational people will destroy others to maintain it.  This is why sick family systems will keep the patient down and sabotage recovery:  for the sake of their own identity.




How does the perfect family fail? Bad habits maintain bad memories.  Bad memories in turn become the cue triggering the craving to sin.  Giving into the same old habit simply reinforces the memory--which continues to degrade.  To mature to genius and  success one must transcend the past completely and then keep the slate clean each day, lest  memory  compel the repetition of old cycles.  Any temptation habitually denied will cease to exist, but will gain stronger hold each time we give in. 




Wrong food creates disaster: wrong choices, foolish past-times, moods and debris: dead matter with weight coming from the wrong diet of all but the natural (Neolithic) foods from the beginning: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds and we'll add starches and fats when hungry or in need of satiety-which is every day for the elating fast ahead.


Many are vegans living on just plant foods. If one is daily fasting they find adding milk products and fats like avocado, olive, nuts, cheese, yogurt brings such satiety they can easily fast all day. Many will try to dissuade you from this, telling you to "eat, eat, eat" three or more times a day. I find that a waste of time, for if you have one good meal you're so creative all day before you know it, it's the next day. Get eating outa your head, you won't be hungry. If you are later, have a few nuts or grapes. With gluttony out of the way, enjoy your brand new disease-free ageless body.



 Non-Swelling is Sweet Sailing


What I suggest is you know both diets: the starch solution with fruits and vegetables OR the lowcarb high-fat. Reverse between them: easily done when you feel like it, knowledge does that. Some days I want noodles or potatoes, some days just avocado, cheese taco. I've been on KETO and I can tell you after a while I want starch. I've had starch diets and I can tell you that soon I want fat like you do. When you hit a glitch, switch!



The elevated insulin forces the body to retain water and salt, closes in all the airways and arteries and leads to  hypertension, moodiness, violence and brain fog.  The sugar and starch  brings sleepiness and depression but the fat is a brain-stimulant since the brain is 60% fat.  After one goes straight (and streamlined) with a high protein and fat diet along with fruit [if only just lemonade or occasional grapes or berries] his body is relieved of all this superfluity, the water drains out and he feels energetic, happy, even.  The swelling from carb-fermentation goes down. These gut-dense potent foods like non-lactose dairy and nut-butters along with non-sweet fruits enables daily fasting for 18 hours and this is a hyper-creative lifestyle with all energy high in the head  while keeping the gut flat.  Non-swelling is sweet sailing which trips off the  fastarian  inner journey. 



Fat-Fasting  makes it easy to detach negative networks and habits reinforcing eating


All three obstructions reinforce each other. The "bad tone" from constipation or insulin elevation is an uncomfortable condition bringing heaviness to the personality, loss of energy, fascination and stability. Reversal dieting relieve all that so learn to REVERSE between Atkins and MacDougal (starch) and you'll be swinging. Some can eat 30 bananas a day and some cannot and that's why diet dogma can be dangerous. When you hit a glitch, SWITCH!


The results of eating too often (not being a daily fastarian) and wrong diet are people problems and other bad habits to self-medicate the constant dull drag. From flabby to firm-changing your diet also may change your habits and associates but mainly will keep you stable. When dissipation/constipation is eliminated the result is clarity. With clear nerves and synapses we gain the ecstatic birthright of humans: with skill and new co-ordination from fat-moistened brain, heart, glands and tissues we become the true genius we were created to be.

Diets can be evil. Each body is different and to force the fit is not giving it what it needs and wants. Go with your desires modulated with knowledge of the two diets. If you can mix fat with starch in one meal and stay slim, go with it. In fact I have started doing this if It's all organic. I'll have a fruit with nutbutter/yogurt/raw milk smoothie (fats) and then rice noodles at the end of the 6 hour food window (starch) and it's all-ok: Because I eat once a day I maintain my weight of 100 pounds, 5'3". In fact I get so busy and creative with my day I purposely add butter to bread or potatoes, cheese to tortillas-just for the satiety-so I don't have to bother eating again. Like a jockey I gotta be thin-I'm elastic, quick, energetic and happy. Some are divorced from their bodies and don't mind extra weight but to me it's pure ugly superfluity. With daily fasting you can have that without boring meals of potatoes without butter anymore.




The genius is in conflict with the petty negative forces trying to pull him down to something they can understand.  His job is to develop the moral strength to overcome these resistances, rise up in spite of them and make an amazing new dent in the world.  This tremendous feat can only be accomplished through moral purity.  Impurity will weaken and a sudden rise to success will be   followed by an overnight fall.  Sin creates arrogance and arrogance always precedes downfall!


The Bible is clear on the evil of these latter days:  men would be lovers of self, lovers of money, arrogant, malicious, gossipers, without self-control, brutal and vicious haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, steeped in forms of religion but still unholy, captivators of weak women and always learning but never coming to the truth.  In this sour state of mind people scapegoat those different from them.  What this means is that in all cultures genius in his primitive state has much to overcome, simply because his radical differences prevent adaptation to dense conformity.  


In this generation high-tech progress camouflages the severe degeneration in other areas:  mind, spirit, body, family, and knit of society.  As genius is a rose hitting a hard brick wall, most give up or die through self-destructive addictions to avoid anxiety.  Through this book and site you will rise up to a position of new-found power—just through  knowledge of what is going on in the human herd which maintains cohesion by destroying differences.




Genius must learn to be a champion standing out in a sea of sharks.  He must be a brilliant radiant life reflecting the Creator’s blueprint: his True Self, not led by puny finite darkened minds of men but inspired by the inerrant Godly force transcending all culture and silly human fashions--of thoughts, morality, customs.  Genius must learn self-gentleness and to deal with these times by becoming sensitive to the works of God: nature, seasons, love, beauty and genius in himself and others.  Becoming Godly brings awareness of the futility of the lives of the ungodly:  no progress, failing, vanity, carnality and misery.




This theory uses Einstein Energy Theories as the basis of the matrix.  The major energy formula is from his Field Theory:


1.  It is all just energy.

2.  All gravity is attraction.

3.  There is no time or space.


Einstein has proven that everything in the universe is just energy at different rates of speed.  This is creative energy.  If man is open to this energy source he sings, he dances, he soars.  His creative genius--a dormant seed in all men--awakens to make an amazing new dent in the world.  As open and clear he now attracts all and becomes a success against overwhelming odds.  The mature genius has bliss:  freedom from obstruction.  He has learned how people can hold him down, how bad habits degrade through dead repetition blocking the creative and how physical obstruction through wrong eating obstructs the creative ecstasy leading to perfect work.  The three obstructions are simple to know so the budding genius reader is asked to answer the test of all science discovery:  Does it Work?




This site is to the herd, about the herd, for the herd.  We are all being held down by it.  We are it! The herd is not a person but a mentality which equates being different [from the immoral senseless drum-beat] as being "bad".  The Bible reads in Psalms:  "Fear every voice which calls you to partake of the world.  You are in the world but not of it".  Keep this distinction clear. 


Neurosis and addiction are ways of coping with the mixed signals of sick systems and society--hostile environments characterized by contradictions--so that the only way of “fitting"  is by “slipping.”  People’s misjudgments of others may become a program or script of the other’s behavior:  he becomes what they say he is.  The bullied victim is so ruffled by persecution that he takes on self-destructive behaviors that prove to the bully that the victim is  bad.


This is nothing new--it’s been around since time began and all societies/families are involved.  To those denying this sad social fact the notion may bring fear.  Good--for it is the shock of recognition of cultural/family patterns keeping you down, depressed and drunk which will bring your psychic opening into clarity:  the Greatness of your True Self.  Through the following pages you will see that you are not to blame, for all mad or bad behavior is a mal-adaptation to a sick system--a hostile environment.  With this knowledge you must now get free to do your work.  Together as you read these chapters we can work things out.


Clear, you will multi-adapt to an ever-changing universe, not mal-adapt through disease, blindness  and being “hooked”.  The True Self is spirit, which is energy--it cannot be held down without severe and painful results.  Releasing blocked energy brings self-expression--the raw talents in the fine design--and perfect success. Genius is held down by prideful puffed-up powers exalting themselves above God.  Thinking they are God (new age slogan) they are jealous of the talents (God’s energy) coming through you.  


It is a spiritual war between  clear and dense (good and evil).  The involvement of human networks in mental illness has occurred since time began and is the human condition.  Creative energy being blocked  by other people has severely painful and traumatic results:  depression, low self-esteem and the compulsion to fail.  This is an urgent  problem in our addictive  society  because for every addict there are four people sick.


With early trauma in the sick, hostile or vacillating system a template is made of the toxic situation and the same miserable systems and cycles are repeated throughout the life of neurosis--in which one has been made  sad, bad or mad.  You need never feel these things again for releasing blocked energy will bring the talents of the True Self--your greatest joy in your new  life.



Innocent Adaptation


This work is dedicated to the innocent will of God:  children and animals.  All animals adapt to their environments.  So too man must adapt to his biological niche, his social world.  This becomes his whole personality as he forgets who he is.  Disease is no mystery if explained socio-biologically.  Look at symptoms as simply reactions or adaptations to certain systems--not a condition within the person.  You’ll open to a whole new world of the fascinating complexity of human nature.  Down with psychology, up with socio-biology and, after releasing obstruction, hyper-synchronicity.


The conformist has lost his True Self in order to adapt to the world--to be accepted.  This puts him in instant contradiction and confusion.  It is confusion and contradiction which marks the social world as people deny themselves and act by rote.  All is explained by  the herd matrix, the mental maze-way of the time.  It is all just fashion--of thought, of ways of relating, of clothes, painting etc.--all which change with the times.  But the truth is timeless, transcending the follies of generations and staying fundamentally true throughout.  Those who speak babble (confusion) come from Babylon but those who speak clear truth come from above--transcending  all culture, family, trends, era or gender-limitations.  The cosmic man is the same no matter when or where he lived.  He is clear and in perfect order for God is not the author of confusion but of peace.


When genius comes whole to himself he realizes how cluttered he was with the non-essential (like things he was told to “want” and to “need”).   Once whole   it is austere simplicity which marks true genius--and this is the seed potential at birth.  Having cleared away all distractions he can now focus only on obeying God’s voice inside.  The opposite is neurotic “adulthood” jammed with superfluity, for the goal is the simplicity of clarity. The release of obstruction brings an automatic reversal in one’s life on every level:  group, mind, body.  This is conversion:  from blocked to clear energy.  The sudden transformation from the old miserable life to the new one is called enantiodromia:  everything converting to its opposite.  What an excitingly unbelievable revelation:  In the twinkling of an eye the sinner becomes a saint--the bottom becomes the top and the top becomes the bottom.  Having dissolved  old bonds keeping him down the now-realized genius attains the spiritual skies.


All Success is Attraction.  Clear energy is mind energy, psychic power, will power and  constancy.  Since all gravity is attraction between like objects we cannot attract success when dense (fogged, distracted, hypnotized by people) while automatically the absence of obstruction attracts it all to us. [Obstruction is also the battlefield of the mind later in the form of negative thoughts and residual resentments long after the problem people are gone.] Since there is no time or space (Einstein) our re-adaptation becomes an irresistible magnet to all our goals.  The minute the past collapses the future has arrived.  Whether you are up or down is purely a matter of blocked vs. clear energy.  You choose the obstructions pulling you down.  When dissolved you snap to your goal:






This is an entirely new matrix for the life sciences: that great vitality and perfect health is simply the absence of obstruction.  Rid of obstruction you shoot to the stars.  It’s  a promise:  the instant switch to a new life will be felt in self, body and group.  The boundaries of the old self and the bad memories of the past will melt down as if they never happened.  Your self-image will suddenly improve and all social relations will switch with you on top.  The subsequent release of creative energy will overwhelm you with joy.


All of your plans which would never come true will now blossom naturally having been un-jammed.  You will now de-age as the release of destructive stress and tension transforms into total creative power just waiting to burst forth.  Your perception and worldview  dragged down to ruts have prevented progress of any kind: these rut-habits were frozen energy recycled in old channels.  But when ruts are released  the great new pattern emerges of a successful life.   From destructive repetition (ruts) to beautiful new patterns: this is the change you are about to see.  Give up the bad associations, habits and  food--then see the wondrous blueprint of a gorgeous palace made impossible otherwise.  Instead of losing we now win.  No longer degraded by people and  ruts we hit the bull’s eye every time and stay on top.  No more ups and downs--the saint is constant in his energy.  Energy means spirit and spiritual excitement is jubilance.  This ecstasy is normal!




Energy is the link between the body, mind, spirit and social system and as you release bad associations, habits and the wrong diet you will see all levels come together in an amazing new pattern.  The more obstructions you release the more energy you will have, the higher in vibration you will go and the more miraculously you will see each minute come together perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle.  All of the lessons, people and attractions blocked by debris--the non-essential clutter in your life and diet--will now flow in naturally.   We now have the magnetism and pulling power of the most talented people in the race.   Even the weakest among us can attain perfect pulling power!




We are all surrounded by bothersome irritating people.  We all have burdensome habits we can’t seem to release.  Whenever you feel down, depressed, anxious, angry or frustrated just ask yourself:  who was I around, what habit was involved, what did I eat?  You will surely see that one of these obstructions was involved.  This is an incredibly revealing exercise which will teach you more than a library of books.  Just go back one day in your life and you will find the problem obstruction that took the wind out of your sails while raining on your parade.  After receiving a distressing phone call just ask:  "what sin, person or food preceded all of this? If it can’t be found you can assume it was just a test bringing out  your best.


Looking at life this way it can be fun to grow up--to actually use daily problems to grow up in spite of  them.   If I feel attacked by someone rather than directing angry energy back I have learned to garnish self-control and look at the whole system.  Inevitably I see how a relapse into an old habit--like negative thinking or associating with bad elements--attracted this toxic circumstance to me.  If I ate wrong the ensuing weakness or pugnacity made me take offense where none was intended or suffer resentment for days.  A pure and properly-nourished bloodstream puts me in ecstasy where none of this has effect.  Always remember when down:  write a recipe!


This new world-view will make you humble as you realize your own part in things, primarily your refusal to dissociate from evil elements.  You must maintain humility when you attain  success by realizing it's not you but the release from obstruction creating this new power:  release, snap, God!  You had the guts to release the bad to get to God cradling you to perfect success instead.  Humility and character will keep you there but self-congratulatory arrogance will bring your downfall.  Be pure, stay sweet.


When one meets frustration he must not react as he usually does.  Instead, with total self-control let this inner fire transmute to a fruit, not a fight.  It is the alchemy of passion:  refusing to give in (to a tantrum or habit) will create the necessary fire to make gold:  the necessary patience attracting success.  Patience--the royal temperament--is the only way to muster the power to rule.  Only by facing these irritations can we build this powerful fruit.  It is self-control that fires frustration into freedom, that finest of all fruits.  It is the lack of this control--giving in to our natural inclinations--which takes genius  to the gutter to die there.  All through the centuries great genius was found dead due to a lack of self-control.


See every pugnacious person as an actor brought in by God to develop this royal quality in you as you take the throne and rise up in family or field.  Only when  you get to this point of maturity, humility, and spiritual perfection can you know with certainty that success is sure.  And thus you can accept success, knowing you deserve it (you’ve taken and taken it and reacted with poise and calm) and yet you are humble, knowing how fast you can lose it!


                    INFINITE   INTELLIGENCE


It is the physics of Einstein which lends scientific guidelines for skillful navigation of life through the  eternal laws of energy, and these are coterminous with the spiritual guidelines of God. Through repentance anyone can have success.  Sin is recycled and blocked energy, thus missing the mark. Because with sin comes compensation, it contains its own punishments--it's inherent in the sin itself.  As a result, instead of betrayals and losses we now have loyalty and wins.  At our wish the energy flows in to do our creative will--the will of God through us. 


Despite overwhelming odds we have perfect attainment.  All through history sages demonstrate that less is more:  one man  can be a majority.   Our obstructions—sin, cycles and sick systems--kept our intelligence locked in ego, a very low level of consciousness.  Release the block and the very act of self-denial takes our puny minds out of the equation.   Now we can attain the Mind of God--infinite intelligence.  Here is a common sequence:  Has this ever happened to you?


 1.  The herd is working to break your mind, tame your goals and bring you down.  You know it as indicated by flip-flops, sting-shots, nonverbal slights and rebuffs, whispering and harsh words and evident gossip (backstabbing and people siding against you).  Whenever you enter the group they all stop talking.  Your best friends are suddenly mean-spirited and it hurts. 


2.  Then work (inspiration) stops and you fall back into your past:  your mind is now tracked into old fear, guilt and low self-esteem templates created by old systems keeping you down.  Stop, yoke to God and relax.  Allow time to ponder the situation by opening up to nature.  Set your mind on things above--so all things below  go strangely dim.  It is time to give up people-worship and realize the hypnotic nature of systems that track your mind in gutter grooves. 


3.  Soon, in one sweeping revelation you will see:  there are infinite  problems but only one solution:  repentance.  Though the situation may not be our fault it’s a test of character as repentance (elimination) allows us to meet it with power and success.  Though we may slip we intend to do right and it is the intention of the heart which prevails--and which God reads. 


4. Having released the old  burdens of dead habit and social infections, self-esteem alights and you are back to center:  happy, healthy and holy.  You are now God-centered and receive His power as the Created and the Creator properly unite.  If in sin or a sick  system you will not  receive this power--your interest will flag and you’ll lose charisma and become the “bad act.”  The more talented and energetic you are basically,  the more shameful your actions when that energy is recycled in outworn channels.


5.  No matter what happened in the past, no matter how many times it happened and no matter how recently--turn from the sin, return to the right path  and you are now forgiven, safe, fresh and new.  Now the consequences of sin are dissolved in memory, a void is created and the reward snaps in.  Reacting to bad situations in the same old ways will maintain the same patterns of lack of success, ruin, betrayal.  You must now change.


 6. Once having regained spiritual power you become an irresistible magnet to all good attractions You now have smart, honest and enthused workers on your way to the top.  This is the Truth of what Christ knew and Einstein proved:


A.  It’s all just energy, dense to clear.  Sin blocks energy down to lower dense centers.  These are corrosive “traps” of desire:  of flesh, power and security fears.  Consciousness always goes dark and dank--hopeless despair and craving--when made dense by sin.  No sin is harmless as it  contains its own consequences,  contained in the sin itself.  Sin sends you to hell--while still on earth you fell. 


B.  You repent (clear) and then there is no past.  The past is gone (your sins erased), the Tao moves on (memory gone, no longer habit-encased).  Sin maintains bad memories: every time we give in to a craving to avoid a toxic memory, the memory is reinforced in mind--our history becomes more inflamed and distorted.  Repentance smashes through this magnified holocaust to bring fond memories of the past--the slate is wiped clean in the erasure of sin.  It was only our sins which carried the past around to beat us up. 


C.  All gravity is attraction.  Having released obstruction (the past has collapsed) the future has arrived (an overnight success).  If adversity merely bend a man,  it only made him stronger (attractive to all-good, repelling all-bad).  Einstein proved that  gravity falls towards (rather than down) things of like affinity.  The Law of Affinity is:  things of like tone vibrate together.  We attract what we are,  not what we say we are.  If in sin, we automatically attract evil elements  and repel the good.  If pure we repel the bad and snap into the good in what seems like a pure accident.  This force-filled law cannot be changed! 


It’s fun to be clear and clean--to be pure is to be fast, quick, ecstatic.  This is the reality God meant for man, not heaviness and despair.  A closer look at the three obstructions will compare the difference--their a drag (on perception), a jam (of  creative energy waiting to burst through) and a snag (in your work).




The human group is tribalistic: held together by enforced conformity which punishes non-conformity and uniqueness.  85% of rejection is through nonverbal gestures of which one is unaware, though it registers subconsciously and hurts physically.  A woman for example can "collect" these stings and erupt when she reaches her breaking point.  The reason is:  the only way to conform is to block energy--mal-adapt and live by rote.  This dulled adaptation  ["correctness"] creates mediocrity.  In these fascistic social groups we compete through established rules based only on tradition,  precedent or  (in the case of dysfunctional systems) the fears and anxieties of the dominant.  Our uniqueness--our biological striving to be and  become our highest potential is blocked, our spirit choked.




The mental adaptation is the box mind.  Box thinking is the mentality of the crowd:  it sees statistics as the truth, stereotypes as good and right and group consensus as “morality”.  The box mind is a mindless clone that chooses not to be independent.  The box thinker is legalistic correctness and concerned only with appearance, bringing harshness to the personality.  He may be in total agreement with you and  flip-flop suddenly when getting with another box thinker.  Consistency in thought—trustworthiness--only comes with true independence and strength of conviction which the box thinker lost long ago.  To buttress up strength he relies on bloat, boasting and backstabbing to gain approval.


A genius growing up in this atmosphere has much fodder to work with as he can use it to maximize his strength in resistance.  If he can see it this way he can succeed greatly.  Turning lemons into lemonade will turn the most senseless tragedies into glorious triumphs of never-before-seen masterpieces on earth.  Go for it.  Learn to thank God for all obstructions for the more the obstruction the greater the reward for coming through it.   It is very difficult to overcome--become impervious to--the harshness of these legalistic systems.  Cruel put-downs are a way of maintaining the status quo-with one up, the other down.  Sting-shots and flip-flops--the indicators of a sick system--are the ways the dominant maintain it. 


Cruelty becomes embedded as a trigger to incur anxiety and maintain the bad identity of the misfit and the system set-up.  If you threw tantrums at these triggers your new powerful life begins the minute you don't. This is such a powerful change that the system erupts--but  if you can maintain your poise you'll end up on top.  Make gold at the scapegoat system and enantiodromia can now occur as everything converts to its opposite.  Now the top becomes the bottom and the bottom becomes the top.  Hah!  the scapegoat system stumbling block has now become your stepping stone into success.



  Scapegoat Systems


Genius is created in problematic soil but flourishes only in non-problematic soil (having seen the hypnotic trance he was under in the system).  Had he stayed blind he would never have been able to see the gem he was meant to be.  He must transcend the family system to become whole--only then can the others (the covertly sick) recover too.  To evoke awareness one should know how the system operates:


Sick systems block through conformity and competition.  Fear--not love--prevails as one must become hyper-alert to social cues not creative ones.  As he adapts to the moods of others he  becomes entangled--contaminated--by their own illness.  This makes him even more hyper-alert to--entirely focused on--the others until he becomes one with  them.   Insofar as he stays involved he remains created--and sickened--by the system. 


Self-control (not reacting no matter what)  will smash through memory and the tendency to tantrum while creating a whole new authentic identity in us.  This non-reaction makes us instantly new people: the refusal to play releases the true self and the unique genius therein.   The dense identify themselves by how others see them--and in that system that has been bad (not in God’s image).


These systems are steeped in identity crisis.  Since all identity is relational---how we see ourselves against the background of others--the members must keep the victim/patient down to maintain their own identity intact.  If the genius is a scapegoat nothing he can do or say will change the negative perceptions people have of him--his stigma--except to repent and grow up.  To accept his true identity would put theirs in jeopardy so those on top don’t want to revert—by truly seeing the squirt.  But if the would-be genius can learn to not react,  fast and wait so enantiodromia--the  big shift with him on top—can occur,  the world will call him “sir” and his foes will become a blur.



Labeling Theory


 This need to maintain identity of being “good”, “nice”, “considerate” or “loving” against the backdrop of the other's badness or madness is a common tragedy in the medical/care-giving professions.  Often an insecure therapist who may experience competitive or envious feelings with the female “patient’ may link with the system to put her down.  Both the professional and the family may be unaware of the abuse of power for the sake of their own identity.  Let’s take an example of an insecure female physician (very few people are truly secure) who officiously gets involved in family problems to feel superior to the patient towards whom she feels competitive.  "There is no house big enough for two women": female competition  is evident in several other species like dogs.


Throughout the literature on systems theory (on schizophrenia, alcoholism, anorexia and AA: anorexic-alcoholism) we see examples of this collusion  between the sick family and insecure therapist.  A weak male caregiver may be sexist, threatened by a strong female patient whom he wants to “put in her place.”  He will often link with the toxic family against her,  jealous of her  “arrogant” force of will.  It is naïve to think that  wearing a professional label deletes  human characteristics, for jealousy is the biggest emotion in the human race.  Championship training is learning how to deal with thugs  accusing  the ace.


As you can see, the nightmare of human systems is bigger than the family unit.  The system is nonsummative:  the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts.  If the scapegoat doesn’t stand up with strength (rather than lay down with weakness) he may be hounded to his death or worse:  institutionalized.  There are multitudes of rare genius never heard from again as the very differences defining their rare aptitude gets them locked up for life. Genius who overcomes is rare, for many die of suicide or drugs in response to the painful plight of persecutory put-downs.  The soon-skeptical stigmatized soul  sees everyone as having the loyalty of a rattlesnake. 


The box mind--the group mind, the devil’s crowd--was most evident in Nazi Germany.  Many Germans had Jews as friends but overnight the Jewish reality turned black as images changed.  People are controlled by agreed-upon images, not their own perception.  Social irascibility and cruelty is not peculiar to the Germans but is evident in all tribes and  cultures to different degrees.  It is human nature which has the capacity for both soaring heights and devastating lows.  Man’s quest for identity--to feel superior--has no bounds in human pounds!





1.  It is mixed signals that mark the social world.  Needing approval, man is constantly focused on the social reality--leaving no time, energy or receptivity to the higher creative.  In genius this loss brings low self-esteem and more co-dependence on the sick system which continues to block his energy and hold him down.


2.  The “herd” is not a person but a mentality.   Through constant conformity and  feedback it dances in perfect synchrony as if to a drum.  This induces a trance state where no matter what, “all seems normal.”  Absurdity is seen as “normal” simply because it is prevalent.  Dancing in perfect step to an absurd but taken-for-granted-as-normal-tune  the herd reacts harshly to genius deviancy to the dance.


3.  Thus genius is lost early in life.  Why?  Because man’s quest to belong is that  strong.  He may boast of his mental independence but watch closely while he foolishly marches in step with the current line.  True genius cannot conform to time and place--fad or fashion--but is fundamental:  a rare timeless achievement.  


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