Ruined Metabolisms and Zero Carb.

Some say they gotta do it this way

but I need antioxidants and plants.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-61.jpegIf those guys on stage don't talk about the police state--kills us/takes our stuff--what good are they?


Due to the era I ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-245.jpeggrew up in I became a sinner but didn't realize it since the world called it a winner.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-452.jpegWith the needed insight, don't do a thing on it. Sit on it, let it percolate--don't fret on it, now do it.


What to do when ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-715.jpegyou see who he is: Don't get in a tiz for you knew it all along but stayed mind-fizzed.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1965.jpegIt wasn't you being bad--you soaked it up like a sponge. That's how brainwashing makes us grunge.


He's the man giving ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/mqdefault-219.jpgme the life I love. That's reason enough to treat him well and be sweet as a dove.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-892.jpegFor many life is in the pits. Don't let it continue--whatever you do, repent and shake the devil to bits.


Back down, don't ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-18.jpegpush back. Now pray as God pours ashes on his head and his world turns black.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-23.jpegWomen: don't push back but back down. For female power is silence then you wear the crown.


So you made a ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-105.jpegmistake. Just pray and watch God turn all-bad to all-good for those who have faith.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/default-2.jpgCompulsive behaviors are mental illnesses, even speaking loudly in public for attention is sickness.


Compulsive behaviors ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/mqdefault-49.jpgare from stress. Tho a form of PTSD they should still be addressed (no finesse).


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-1025.jpegEver notice how the compulsive also gossip? It's put-downs compensating shame in the closet.


All behavior is compensatory, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/images-65.jpegpsychologists say. Look deeper than symptoms--were they betrayed?


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-30.jpegYou've done nothing wrong but there's a war on your mind. That's why you often feel down, or unrefined.


Every woman is ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/gtb.jpegwise and foolish, clever and absurd, good and bad. It's a package deal: good vs. cad.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-486.jpegIf there's nothing coming through the spout, don't write. The worst thing is to force things--it won't be right.


There were times ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/33.jpegin history where people became crude. Picking their nose, pissing in the street, lewd.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/28.jpegI have a mental picture of the concept in time, a phrase comes through and then I finish it with a rhyme.


Most everything ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/26.jpegis PTSD. Otherwise we'd just be normal, you see? It's a matter of obstruction: debris.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/image054.jpgProblems like anorexia and bulimia are post-trauma stress disorders: fear is a robot out-of-order.


What is the trauma? ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-187.jpegInvolvement with wrong people forming templates of self-despair even for the able.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/Copy%20(2)%20of%20images-105.jpegBorrego Springs is a beautiful desert island in a sea of sharks. Better to choose to live in other state parks.


You can't bring ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/IMG00658.jpgthem up--they'll only bring you down. That's the reality of human systems vs. your crown.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1071.jpegLife's a paradox! Like missing wrong people you should block: they seem like doves but are hawks.


Most all problems../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-578.jpegcome from people involvement. Left to your own these irritations would be absent.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/mqdefault-47.jpgBe there for them as the veil falls from their eyes. When they see the light you'll hear the gullible's cries.


Go to bed tonight ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/lhn.jpegand wake up in heaven. Many people die in their sleep and what a way to freshen!


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/w34.jpegI write what I feel, couched in what I think. It's my way to deal with emotions while we approach the brink.


Those with most ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-24.jpegto say are shunned, ignored and minimized to their dismay. Wait, you'll have your day.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-34.jpegPopularity is no proof of the truth--but you gotta speak it anyway so the youth line up at your booth.


There's nothing on../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-486.jpeg the outer anymore. Except for the view, it's the inner realm I'll glorify in and explore.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-117.jpegDad didn't say it was easy but that it could be done. Now get off your butt, hon--and get disciplined, son.


They said it could../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/ed.jpeg be done, not that it was easy. People are sleazy and their wimpiness makes us crazy.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/24.jpegIt's all just energy: dense vs. clear. The bio-drives (food/sex) become the most compulsive (no cheer).


For every sin ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/IMG00607.jpgthere's a seed of compensation (punishment). God won't have to--it's inherent in the moment.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/image060.jpgTake out the trash. Those people brought demons too and thus you feel bashed--now get back your dash.


In times of transition../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-69.jpeg the archetypes explode. Take advantage of this opportunity to reach your goal.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/32.jpegSin takes you down a rabbit hole of wrong decisions (no success) so the answer is to stay sinless.


Slow and easy wins../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/_Device%20Memory_home_user_pictures_IMG00619.jpg the race. No sudden movements just daily diligence and it shows on the face.


(To discern ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/IMG00632.jpgpeople, look at their track record. That's all you gotta do--not your heart (break that chord)).


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-731.jpegEveryone's the center of a universe and Facebook perpetuates this idea. Be creative: a genius galleria.


We started out ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/;;;.jpegright then got on the wrong track. How easy this happens in science or living in a shack.




../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/IMG02038.jpgThe would-be genius follows trends. In trying to please his friends he misses the unique gems.


To be a world success, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-635.jpegdon't need approval. To bring out your core, social neediness needs removal.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-2273.jpegThose aren't friends--you have nothing in common. You just see being alone as rotten (hitting bottom).


In social generations, ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-51.jpegsolitude is seen as hideous. How stupid--no wonder non-creativity is insidious.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/p..jpegGenius avoids trends--the herd matrix. He just does his own thing and becomes rich and famous.


Early sins can later do ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-704.jpegus in. It's a time bomb on the body waiting to happen--but with God begin again.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-2582.jpegAs a psychologist I study humans in relation to their systems and the moral is: keep your distance.


The unrecognized ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/rbt.jpeggenius has not learned to be alone: In truckling to trends he remains unknown.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1705.jpegGod empowers you for battle--to have class. This gives control over all from the low to the brass.


When the scapegoat../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/p196371_1.jpg rises up, she flourishes. Then, those who held her down sink and swim with the fishes.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-gu.jpegNothing feels so good as a turnaround back from the brink. The past was just learning from the stink.


When adapting to ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-1915.jpegthem I felt like a Harley-Davidson bogging way down when it's meant to go full speed on.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-197.jpegThe devil made you do it because you went where angels fear to tread then you made your own bed.


Oh the feeling of ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1682.jpeggoing beyond a persistent problem--to transcend and overcome after hitting bottom!


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/15.jpgMy uncles passed to the other side. This has been a psychic opening and sparked me from on high.


The family can ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-32.jpegbe the best institution or it can be the worst (i.e. not caring: you don't come first).


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-204.jpegA dog is not just an object. Make arrangements for him in the event of...


The sick family is ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-825.jpegdrunk with power. As it implodes the scapegoat rises up: man or woman of the hour.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/12.jpegThe same weakness is in those who held her down. Imagine that--after they told those lies all over town!


They can't keep you ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/23.jpegdown forever! For all those years of suffering now you'll accomplish your endeavors.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-1220.jpegWas it your sister who told those lies? Was that your brother who ignored your cries? Open your eyes!


Human relations mess ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/27.jpegwith your mind. High IQ means you see all levels and most of it's not kind.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1086.jpegOnce you hit on a key point, keep milking it. Let it simmer all day and night as it evokes thought.


When the nice guy../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/40.jpeg lies to you, even a little, see him as just another maniac and be noncommittal.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-394.jpegOn the net there are echo chambers of nonsensicalness so please go/leave me be or I'm joyless.


I suffer, ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/Copy%20of%2029.jpegI write.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/default-4.jpgPeople get depressed/suicidal in social isolation but it's an opportunity to find the true self/ELATION.


How much painful ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/43.jpegrejection is really ageism we don't know but just live your own life anyhow.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/Copy%20of%209.jpegStop trying to recapture past. Even if you went back it's never the same, God is eternity not old games.


I had to work through../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/6.jpeg so much outer chaos to get to the core but once I did it was automatic: whoa!


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/KK%20SITE%20777.jpegNo man knows my history so why tell em stay a mystery


Must clear away../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/IMG00661.jpg the outer dross: crap from culture, old wounds, sick relationships, failures.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-98.jpegIf what you're doing is totally revolutionary it may be that everyone will hate you: it's your jubilee.


Find your predestined ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1611.jpeggroove, it's the highest point and holy spirit smooth so repent, I behoove.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1093.jpegJust give up on them, they will never see. Don't waste one more moment and enjoy being free.


The sick family hates ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-39.jpegthe best and brightest of the bunch. Some may have to see that before their launch.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-468.jpegIn the sick family one becomes the angel and the other the devil. Then they switch positions (never level).


The sick family is../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/Copy%20(2)%20of%203.jpeg the basis for addictions and psychosis--as water seeks it's own level, it's a symbiosis.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-72.jpegWhen the victim recovers but goes back to the system, he becomes sick again--that is my wisdom.


If the victim gets ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/18.jpegwell and doesn't get sick, another member implodes (just as sure as the clock ticks).


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-372.jpegTo the sick family, good is called "bad" and bad is called "good": The "bad" is an angel and the "angel" a hood.


It's homeostasis: ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-228.jpegthe system maintains it's level whether good or bad. Stay separate, no more sad.


It may hurt being ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-275.jpegalone but if you persevere the pain disappears and soon your genius star is shone.



../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/j0316712.jpgI hereby declare to switch reality from outer to inner, including my family and friends--a real cleanse.


Doing things his ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-86.jpegway he got a bad rep. That's the way of the hep but it'd be far worse staying in step.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-368.jpegIt hurts being shunned, hon'. It's a common reason for suicide so hold your head up high--you've won!


Non-genius is marked../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-192.jpeg by superfluity and non-essentiality. A real bore can't streamline to the core.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-189.jpegThey're heartless because the heart is blunted in this world. Educate their heart: find their pearl.


It's not their fault, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/Unknown-19.jpegit's how they're taught. They're under a social hypnotic trance in lies they bought.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-994.jpegThey're dead wrong but don't hate them for it--they just haven't been told. That's your function and its gold.


Shunning is sh*t. ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/i0MB4E5.jpegIt's such a common thing with evil children or neurotic adults I had to do a quip.


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/564573_2568877480717_1817628975_1551874_308281510_n%2012-05-31.jpgCan they get any more phony? Must they fawn/gush for approval from their cronies? Hah: baloney.


Some women are trite, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-35.jpegshallow, carnal and willful (un-cheerful) and when they talk you get an earful.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1197.jpegMusic's the fastest therapy as it opens windows in your mind--your scene. TV is the opposite: all fiends.


TV and internet--DSCN2993.JPGso much static warping your mind. You may not know it but just music is such a find.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/Unknown-77.jpegDon't recall embarrassing incidents, put it all in one bag: the devil. God forgives it all, you're level.


Your work was suffering, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-304.jpegyour suffering was work. After all that refinement you retire into the perks.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-229.jpegFind what works then do it daily. The answer isn't perfection--just look distinguished, not plainly.


Life is a pie, man. ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-2065.jpegDo you want so much of that in your plan? Release emptiness, open new span.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-12.jpegCaution: Do you go along with group attitudes? That's your ruin as your genius sinks to platitudes.


Since life's a pie ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-675.jpegjust decide what's important and to the rest say goodbye then fly as you apply.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/images-495.jpegPeace at any price: You think they'll let up--but soon their insults are back up, your dreams blown up.


Don't give yourself ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-107.jpegover to them. Use restraint and pull back to your own sphere--don't be a suckup man.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-2220.jpegOld systems call you guilty 4 past sins 4 which you're forgiven. They want you down: shame-driven.


Life's a pie--the more../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/ddert.jpeg you spend here, the more not-there. This stops the waste which brings despair.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1560.jpegThere comes a minute when you give up for good. Life changes suddenly after killing that big bug.


When you conquer ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/NIGHT.jpgfears (of aloneness) they'll call you a seer. Having cut the BS you're in full gear.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-863.jpegI've always strived for meaning. To me it meant instant healing--it always stopped the heart from bleeding.


If you're great they ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2567.jpegbash you, If inventive they sass you but If you conform they'll still trash you.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-26.jpegLike I told you, life is a pie. When deciding what to focus on in the moment: see the pie, say bye-bye.


To do your best work, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-52.jpegtake the day off. The clearer you get the easier the completion: blastoff!


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-948.jpegI'm not a hater. I describe the psych--of the lesser to the greater--and how the latter's from the Creator.


Tired? Persevere. ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-73.jpegAlone? God is near. Sad? Have good cheer. Mad? Open to new happy frontiers!


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-126.jpegStart your day well-informed, be a student of life so they be warned, avoid the rabble or be harmed.


This life is just a ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-57.jpegshabby porch to a magnificent mansion--so look ahead and endure all treason.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-67.jpegHuman paradox: the "nicest" are (in truth) the meanest: facades creates conflict and then weakness.


It's easy to be complex ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1892.jpegbut hard to be simple. Simplicity is a mark of maturity after the messes/pimples.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-939.jpegIt's hard to be simple but easy to be complex. When I try to read all that I'm left perplexed--bad effects.


The mark of a genius ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-708.jpegis how many people DON'T come back at first--for if not best he's the worst.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-584.jpegPrudence sees the trouble that's coming and hides itself. The sinner says "it's all okay"--not a magic elf.


For them to get their's, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-915.jpegfirst you gotta separate the wheat from the tares--the good from the bears.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-82.jpegDue to demons our tangents were absurd. We lost our way, lines became blurred--forget, now gird.


Divide from the mutts-../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-145.jpeg-mind your gut! For it tells all and if you don't listen you'll end in a rut with no out.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/mqdefault-4.jpgThese are mean helpers. They'll do anything to get you hooked to drugs, downers or uppers.


Enemies have ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-338.jpegplotted against and hunted you like prey--it's hard to accept when it's your own family.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-287.jpegWhenever I feel shame I think of the cross. No matter what I did, because of what he did, I'm boss.


God doesn't want ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/mqdefault-187.jpgyou belittled so stop those crazy thoughts: your social knots create blind spots.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-155.jpegThink of the cross whenever you feel shame. Let it settle all doubts that now you're not to blame.


The mind is a ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-828.jpegbattlefield, so keep the bad out as you remember the cross settles all doubts.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-531.jpegDon't worry, for the fake are flimsy. But that's also why in their friendship there's so much treachery.


Can they get any ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1157.jpegmore shallow? No, and when it comes to moral courage they're just plain yellow.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-267.jpegThe enemy has plotted against and hunted you like prey. That's hard to accept when it's your own family.


"The tables are ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-178.jpegturning": Keep saying that, come outa your sleep, start learning and then earning.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/images-920.jpegGuard your mind by substituting thoughts. When you think of them replace with the cross.


People get old, age../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-1065.jpeg and die but the traumas they caused still remain in our brain and that's PAIN.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1676.jpegGet some class, hick! Draw lines and be sturdy--strong as a brick and split from the thick, quick.


It is possible that ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1469.jpegmarriage takes us the rest of the way--struggling for years but this saves the day.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-1913.jpegYou just gotta meet the one who'll make it all happen. Then He takes over while you enjoy nappin'


He's a cute kid ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2131.jpegbut inside a creep without character. The latter takes decades if they lacked a father.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2185.jpegShe came to awareness fifty years after the original trauma. Neurosis can last decades, or not.


Childhood emotional ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2229.jpegneglect causes isolation and distancing later. Despite help they feel they don't matter.




../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-681.jpegSeparate from losers and destiny blasts open. These are the blind, the walking dead and the unchosen.


Psychosomatic ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-705.jpegillness from porous ego boundaries--you let the scoundrels in, thus bad association is sin.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2325.jpegTrust no man--that's what the bible says. Just love the Lord not fragile humans though they be fans.


The genius has ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2076.jpegfew friends that he can trust. To the world it's a hideous thing that we can't thus adjust.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1267.jpegWatch who you put your faith in, friend. That's the most important thing I leave you with--now transcend.


Once you let these ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1228.jpegcreeps go your destiny blows wide open--your new show for those in the know!


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-977.jpegI got hurt--that's why I talk like this. I learned my lesson well after they used me only to dismiss.



../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-1257.jpegWhen you think of them do you get a stomach ache? That's your solar plexus warning to stay away.


To be Truth you go ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1664.jpegagainst the grain. I know the resistances to genius, the urge to conform--but no gain.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images-473.jpegYou're way ahead of your time and that's why they mock and degrade you, the pathbreaker sublime.


If you're a genius ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/mqdefault-230.jpgpeople call you "fickle". You're multi-talented so you want it all--not just a trickle.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/maria's%20garden%20villa.jpgIt's bad to be captive to another's projection. This is mind rape you must escape though it means rejection.




Protect yourself from ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/mqdefault-255.jpghurt by not trusting those you shouldn't. Look at track records not listen to pundits.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/IMG_1134.jpgI was broken by society and had to build back up. God put me on the potter's wheel with growth nonstop.


When you see ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1034.jpegtheir true colors, don't forget it. Don't let it drop unconscious as usual only to repeat it.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-1831.jpegOnce you see traitors recall back to all the things you submerged. Make a list of how they scourged.


No matter what's ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/mqdefault-182.jpghappening, creativity will keep you high. It's God comin' through--to the world bye bye.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2366.jpegTo get ahead you must reject false idols. These are people you thought were great but now no-nos.


You gotta do your../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%204/images-2036.jpeg own thing--not look at what others are doing but just sprout in your own stream.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN/images-506.jpegThe function of poetry is to be so simple they can't dispute it and that's why I love it: don't reason, just intuit.


I suffer, I write. I suffer, ../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-642.jpegI write. And it's been this way for forty years, day and night (high as a kite).


../Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%20CHAPTERS/green/images-2325.jpegThe words came from tragedy and emotional tumult but then was rewarded with big bux in the wallet.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%202/images-1122.jpegTurn it off (what tracks the mind) and the environment comes alive: your destiny illuminates, no jive.


Music opens us up (wide) ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/images-38.jpegas TV closes us down (narrow) and that's why it's music or be fallow.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%203/mqdefault-123.jpgDogs/cats love music cuz it's mathematical. That shows what's best for us too--be right-brain fanatical.


Our pets want music, ../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/clip_image002.jpgnot all this crap. To them it's just chaos and noise they'd like you to scrap.


../../../GIANTSTRIP%201/GREEN%201/images.jpegBe kind to animals--turn the TV off. Your pets just want music not this other stuff--it makes life rough.






What is true grit? It's more about separation

than physical strength

can you draw lines, can you split?