Daily Fasting is the Cure

Just Start, and Life Fits an Amazing New Pattern


It’s a cruel world and life gets harder as we age, right?  It doesn’t have to be.  At 64 I've never felt so free.  The only way out of a future of despair in an ageist society is to live in a brand new world of fasting miracles. 


Just drastically change your life, starting today.  Then the results will also be drastic:  your metamorphosis will be unbelievable and soon, so get ready and look ahead.  Be afraid to eat, for it will destroy the beauty of life and yourself, smudging the vision of God inside.


Eat wrong and you’ll fall from luminous translucency of skin and feature to dingy white and fuzzy, nondescript and indistinct features--not being sharply defined and looking very ordinary.  Which would you choose?  Your thought life will be just as disparate from magically great and optimistic to boringly ordinary and cynical. 


The faster lives in a separate reality of magic castles and endless possibilities. It’s all his, for fasting is all.  You can now throw away your psychology books and sessions--they’re of no value compared to the profoundly deep inner insights about to occur.


Fasting, your True Self sees all through direct access to God, the designer of  the unique blueprint you’re about to display.  Fast to  explore the millions of mansions in  your soul.  You’ll never be bored or lonely again.  


When you feel the walls closing in, when you feel your heart breaking, when you have no where else to turn,  go to your last resort:  the fast  will work every time.  In the twinkling of an eye the mere decision to fast will make mountains  into molehills as it changes your pauper status to kingship.  It will change your NO--“it cannot be done” to YES-“it ‘s all mine.” 


This trump card of last resort usually begins with tremendous heart pain---either from people or a sense that life is passing you by.  I speak to the baby boomers:  many of you sit in panic,  feeling obsolete.  Not true.  Fasting will change the tune--this you will see as you  move into all you’re meant to be. 


You know that terror inside that can lead to suicide?  Change the tide as the  fast releases your infinite talents inside.  Maintain the purity of your inner tone: Let the terror of obsolescence be a call to fast for your mere decision  releases positive healing  forces (PHF) that will start the Big Change that will astound you.  You’re not over the hill--you’re just beginning, for  with the fast the impossible can be done, and all in fun. 


The Brainless Won't Fast


Become firm--not infirm and weak.  The minute you do you’ll feel the growing power that will change your life.  I’m not asking you for a long fast but just the fasting consciousness of one mini-fast each day.  Just by skipping two meals you can experience this miraculous new life. 


Why isn’t this a world rage?  Because it’s a Dionysian generation who just wants the pleasure of eating irrespective of the damning results.  People get mad at the word “fast” not realizing the miracle that occurs.  That is what keeps it bound like a secret society.  That secret is owned only by a few, now including you. 



Bipolar Fast vs. Feast Consciousness


There are two sides of the brain and two separate nervous system.  That is two sides of reality:  the good and the bad.  The boring dead-end and the miracle of infinite possibilities.  It’s the difference between sin or grating with the universe, and synchronicity where everything fits together in one miracle after another.  Let’s compare the two states.   


Brain-Dead: Social Climbing Instead


When in the eating state the energy is pulled from the brain to the gut and “miracle consciousness” is lost.   You’re  now in dense dys-synchrony:  tunnel-vision and diligence ending in frustration. 


In the fasting state the energy stays high in the brain and now you’re clear:  hello magic synchronicity.  You’re now totally receptive to the moment where past and future unite,  pithy with new excitements and joys, new thoughts and fascinating avenues of discovery—a much higher vibration.                     


Your perception of the world can regress to hell through food—it suddenly seems like a prison to be avoided.  Just for the temporary pleasure of eating, energy is blocked as the system closes down through fear.


 With the energy in the gut the world may seem chaotic, disordered, bland and boring.  In the fasting state the world  becomes your arena of pleasure and learning--it seems friendly and fascinating as you open up through love and creative energy flow. 


Your placement in the world is also bipolar:  in the addicted tunnel-vision state  we feel separate, isolated or stilted.  We fake  “social consciousness” from fear of rejection or disapproval and lose true conscience.    In the fast we feel unified with  the world and always centered--a unique spirit vibrating with nature.  The perception of self  shifts from feeling vulnerable or tenuous to  invulnerable and safe.  


Your perception of self also changes:  From feeling victimized and hooked to self-centered drives which degrade your self-esteem or control, to a vision of self as a perfect  unique seed symbol.  Just by fasting you now have superior control which is ego-less as you gain access to God. 


Your perception of others is changed.   From seeing them as opportunistic, treacherous, deceitful, threatening and “different” to seeing them as simply unfolding beings--yes evil but mostly dense.  The fast brings true intimacy as people now respond with interest and warmth—that’s the fast-attraction.  Your perception of the environment changes:  from overreactions to trivia and easily being irritated with interruptions to there being no effect or strife.  Here you flow with interruptions  through clear instinctive reactions. 


In the dense (eating) state you may feel your behavior in life must be vigilant, cautious, controlling, forceful and manipulative.  In the fasting state it is relaxed and  clear  for your energy is upward to God, not  against others.  It becomes an easy life of simplicity and sign-seeking:   this is synchronicity as miracles fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.


 Your responsibility for actions and reactions is also different:  from avoiding, ignoring or evading to accepting, learning and facing up to things—no more the phony surrounded by foes.  You are now fearless and friendly.  From having nothing but petty people-problems, fasting now gains favor with man and angels all around.


Your perception of the future changes from the sense of  impending doom to always better, fuller, easier, more profound and carefree:  trying new things! You will even look forward to  the elder state of infinite consciousness.   Your inner world will go from anxiety and fear to relaxed, calm and confident well-being despite all problems. 


Your patterns of growth will surely change:  from constant fears of victorious enemies leading to non-creativity and all energy directed against, to no competition:  all energy going upward with utter fascination.  In your own stream there is no competition.


Your goal-setting will  change.  From a tendency to limit goals and force the fit  via maps and plans to setting high goals  and then falling to them gently via magical interruptions created by God.  What a relief to give up that compelling forceful show just to prove things to an indifferent world that could care less! 


There are other black-and-white differences:  Like your perceptions of power:  from ambivalence to authority (admiration combined with hate) and seeing only black and white labels and status,  to relating to people as they are--unimpressed with images.


                                      Resume Childhood Hobbies


The fast is the answer for the hopeless.  The worse you feel the more you are about to experience a metamorphosis that will shock your world.  Hang on while the worst becomes the best and you overcome all obstructions in your situation. 


It’s not a matter of how we get to cosmic consciousness but rather what keeps us from it  for it is the most natural thing to have.  It’s not a matter of how to get up but what keeps us down.  So if you’re down what keeps you there?  For much of the time it is food, it’s effects and the habit of eating.




If adversity only bend a man it just makes him stronger.  The biggest obstacle to genius is being ignored, misjudged and trivialized by the dense dull herd.   But the fast clears things up fast.  In clarity every one and everything is novel and new. As it all comes together in beautiful wholes all we must do is watch while each moment the ever-changing puzzle fits perfectly. 


The cosmic man does nothing but attract what he is, knowing that God is his only source.  He has found the fast as key to this attraction:  Then, since there is no time or space, past and future are here right now in the magic moment.  This “collapsed” moment  is pithy with solutions and witty inventions to any problem you may have.  Fast to see them.  Clear, your attractions stay pure and God is everywhere at all times.


What a wonderful adventure on which you are about to embark.  I feel it every single morning as I face the new God-designed day.  Whereas before I would eat to smudge that design now I fast and wait patiently as the miracles unfold in  divine order.


A crisis?  Relax--it only opens new avenues--sometimes we need to be goaded to move but it is sure to be smooth!  Fasting is a shield so now our troubles must yield.  In fasting we stay King and Queen.  Eating for pleasure keeps us  down, dense, dull and  mean. 





The two opposite states are the key to understanding what is happening in the fast and will urge you to do it more.  Soon you’ll look forward to and always return to it when all else fails.  It will take you from pall and pale to panache and patina:  Pall is to become pale, to appall, to lose strength and effectiveness, to lose interest or attraction, to become tired of something, to cause to become insipid, to satiate. 


Pale means to be deficient in color or intensity, not bright and brilliant but dim feeble and faint and deficient in chroma--dense energy makes one pallid.  This all describes the boring and ordinary way we look and feel when eating wrong.  Being pall and pale is a mighty weak impression.


Panache  refers to an ornamental tuft like feathers on a helmet, dash or flamboyance in style and action, verve and nerve. You need this panache to distinguish yourself.  Patina is a green film formed on copper by long exposure and valued for beauty:  color.  This refers to your surface appearance which grows more beautiful with age--an aura derived from habit and established character.  Nothing does this better or quicker than the habit of daily fasting: mini-fasting.





Palliation refers to the tendency to cloak or conceal, to reduce the violence of, to abate, to cover with excuses and apologies--to constantly excuse yourself.  Pain refers to payment, penalty and punishment.   We certainly have paid dearly for not fasting or eating right--as the years pass the lack of success combined with fading appearance seems mentally harder to remedy. 


Pain refers to the   unpleasant or distressing sensations due to  insulin disorder:  acute mental or emotional stress or suffering:  grief.   This describes the life of the carb-addicted procrastinator who has not completed his life’s work:  throes, cares, troubles, fruitless effort or  exertion.  And its all for naught--it could change overnight.                             


But then through fasting we spring to palatial:  of or relating to a palace--suitable to a magnificent mansion.  The word palatine is like a holy or roman emperor, the possessing of royal privileges.  A feudal lord issuing sovereign power over and within his domains. 


Yes the fast takes us--separates us--unto the  highest calling, the treasure hard (impossible) to attain through any other method.  We gain access to the highest through the fast, a secret tunnel.  We then become a pathfinder:  one that discovers a way--a prophet, an inventor, a statesman--that’s you today. 





Paltriness:  inferior, trashy, mean, despicable or trivial.  Do you see yourself or are you seen this way?  What a horrible plight since you are actually fine--designed by God the Creator of it all. Are you pathological--caught in a disease and the structural/functional changes produced by it? 


Are you actually something abnormal, held down by the anatomic and physiologic deviations from the normal that make you a diseased person?  I was.  So much sugar and the results—compulsive food obsessions--killed my dreams.  Thank God that through specific food restrictions this nightmare was dissolved.


I can pass a bakery and not feel a twinge—that’s all my problems resolved.  I’ve discovered a way to live with my inborn tendencies and physical (ectomorphic) limitations regarding food so I’m no more evil-involved (along with the other addictions I used to self-medicate the constant dull drag).  Having cured to the core, the whole early life trauma has been solved and each day I soar!


Fast and you’ll begin a problem-free, adventurous existence.  If there are problems, you’ll love the challenge as your spiritual sporting blood is up.  Through the fast you’ll attain perfection:  a state of flawlessness, completeness, maturity and saintliness  will take hold.


You will exemplify supreme excellence and unsurpassable accuracy in your talent.  Now the reward for this will be the palms:  the symbol of victory and rejoicing triumph.  You will be palmy:  flourishing and prosperous. 


It will be like palm Sunday:  like the palms strewn by the welcoming multitude on Christ’s re-entry into Jerusalem.  Yes your comeback will be that big--and it was always here as an opposing force attracted to your higher altitude through fasting. 


Even if you choose the Ramadan fast where you eat first, the same victory can occur because now that the food is behind you your fasting consciousness takes over:   It’s your intentions that create the big industrious shift.


What a wonderful divine gift:  you don’t have to be the hero fasting thirty days.   Just fasting for this day is  like a thousand years to God who can change desire into destiny.  As a daily fastarian  your miracle happens today.




Fasters are the winners.  They can see that the eating life is constant cravings, a futile fix that has no fruition--it just repeats itself  without solving problems or  bringing you joy (the delusion for which you are doing it).  Eating is only lust--the taste trip. 


Race towards destruction: While they eat they talk of the next meal, the next restaurant and this lust veils the backlash of suffering later.  Now that is true addiction:  craving the fix without thoughts of the horror that comes afterward.  It’s a lifestyle that costs dearly. 


It took me years to realize how much happier I was without even the right food.  I loved the higher mental life--which instantly dissolves through food’s fix.  We can’t have both.   My first mini-fast was the happiest day of my life.  After one fatty  meal I had a most miraculous right-brained day with God.


In this state  I learned to see all delays as the fastest route and all crises as the answer to prayer.  See all of life synchronistically and positively.  To fast just skip dinner for a cozy sleep then waking up  fully cleansed and ready for the new day. 



 Just Start and Change Today


Fasting on sun and air will change your chemistry, tissues and every cell.  The metamorphosis is a striking alteration in appearance, character or circumstances defined as a “marked or abrupt change in form and structure subsequent to birth or hatching.” 


Fasting precedes conversion.  It is also a metaplasia:  a transformation of one tissue into another, or metasomatism--the changing of the chemical composition as well as the texture of “rock.” One’s entire body, tissues, bloodstream and cells are changed suddenly. 


To substantiate this change in my outer circumstances I kept a “fasting miracles” diary.  It listed an otherworldly, uncanny, impossible set of miracles which occur on a fast.  These are things so coincidental that they could never happen again. 


The daily miracles for a month were incomprehensible--there was nothing subtle about them.  I saw giant debt-cancellations, purchases arriving two weeks early, seeing childhood friends  after  dreaming of them and many other “magic coincidences”.  


Break the Fast and Miracles Stop


After a while I happened to go back to eating regularly and the miracles stopped as I lost the fasting spirit or fasting consciousness.  I went back into the same old boredom, compulsive craving and bleak perception.  The miraculous co-ordination left and I became out-of-sync making stupid mistakes and feeling disordered.


Then three months later I suddenly had a glimpse of the difference, made the switch and came back into fasting and the daily miracles (the “spirit of fasting”).  The switch is automatic in the marvelous body-instrument.  Walking out in the beautiful desert in the brightest light on earth--there is no greater joy.


As I walk all day with three dogs no one can involve me in worldly entertainment for it pales in comparison to the Godly elements--the elemental reality.  Gross nutrition (starches, sugars, food concoctions and inventions) is just a hook as it lures and then traps us down.  It never works but only swells the abdomen,  holds useless water and makes our wake-up turgid and slow.  Only the elements bring spiritual bliss.




The day before you look your best you look your worst as the earliest layers of  tough crud from ancient storage kicks out to the  glorious rebirth of trillions of cells.  Just before this occurs the mirror shows ugly revenge of years of wrong eating. 


 From a young age I wanted to improve myself.  As an artist I noticed that candle light and shadows reflected bad proportions on a sick face in contrast to the carved and sharp features of a healthy body and blood.  If eating right   we see the magic face of the True Self. 


People peg your present personality by the configuration of your face!  With pasty-sugary carb  old pals say “she’s never changed, she’s still crazy.”  And they are right--because when not eating right we bloat down to lower  levels where we fall into stereotypic perception--culturally-defined meanings of things.


The dulled mind falls in with the majority and here genius meets a hard wall as the wind is kicked out of its sails.  Only fasting and the right diet elevates us above  hostile backgrounds and people by  separating us from society, sick systems and cycles of sin [God heard your wails].


Fasting resolves the clash between left and right, nature and society, God and culture.  Fasting is the mainstay of the new life, the device to stay close to God as the talents come through with “holy spirit ease.”  Forget compulsive meditation for if eating wrong nothing endures. 


Fasting always works as fear dispels and truth alights.    “Where there is no vision people perish.”  Vision is lost when the engine dysfunctions and degenerates in the compacted state of carb-storage--and vision arrives  when this obstruction dissolves.  The carb-hodgepodge creates a toxic personality veiled by image.  It isn’t the meat-eaters who are in a rage--it’s the carb-addicts feeling caged.



Skin and Lymph


Your genius seed is revealed.  Keep thinking:  “God blesses the fast.  Only He knows all.”  You have no idea how fast the fast will change you.  The sky’s the limit as your new face opens doors:  From a broad-faced square-jawed “fortiesh-fiftiesh” look to a thin ageless jawline. 


Lost identity [emptiness]:  When square-faced people instantly peg you with cruel ageist comments.  Thin-faced and ageless the same people adoringly hang on to your every word, as the new archetype cues the counter-script.  The true issue is:  eating wrong brings prejudice.


For women aging is hard but the new regime will erase all these mid-life problems of persecution, pain and procrastination.  The irritability, stupor, brain fog, insomnia and anger from carbs will forever hold you back--you are “dead” as all doors  close along with your arteries.  Fat evokes glucagons which dilates the arteries while sugar and starch evokes insulin which closes them down.  Fat-fast and all systems dilate and the future says “Go!” 


Skin Brushing.  The skin is a seven-pound eliminative organ.  When fasting, so much comes out each pore.  Expect chapping, bumps and rashes as this dissolving and realignment occurs--for your skin will look aged at first then suddenly “youthified” as the lymph and blood again runs clear.


My whole body was filled with itchy bumps for twenty-four hours, then the next morning all smoothed out and all wrinkles were gone.  Expect pus, boils and pustules formed of micro-organisms, mucus and tissue debris--then, shiny and orderly.  


Brush the skin daily.  It will feel like your scratching every pore as  sudden lymph cleansing is evoked and   the next day’s  stool shows sticky lymph fluid and pus.  It’s an amazing but simple trick that you will love as you see sand floating through the air:  evoking the dumping of storage pockets of debris, old useless fiber and fat.




The mini-fast is eating in a six-hour window and then swimming off to an 18 hour fast every single day.  This regime becomes easier as each day one is cleaner, clearer and more joyous.  Digestion, assimilation and elimination become more efficient each and every day. 


The found time between each day's meal is so creative (God consciousness of pure rapture and delight) that the 18 hours will fly by quickly with no thoughts of food.  Some people find it easier to eat the meal mid-day with skipping breakfast and dinner a snap. 


Eat a fatty meal [like doughless pizza] so you won’t feel deprived.  I prefer digestion in the early mornings to maximize the impact of air and sun during the day and  to be ready for everything and anything in the business-public forum without ever being seen eating.  Low carb satisfies and makes fasting a snap and happy song. Look forward, it won’t be long.




Women often speak of the depression going with  “bad hair days”.  But fasting determines everything from the part in your hair, the proportions of the face, the skeletal alignment.  Now talk to the cameras!  No more bloated planes, just a fine crystal--perfectly even, taut, tight, happy and childlike. 


If eating right the years have no bearing on the face.  If eating wrong rapid aging is a given.  A healthy face will open doors for you, a bloated face will shut them just as fast. 


Stay even now.  For the older you are the more your downs will show drastically.  People will love you one day and be fearfully disappointed in you the next.  Age demands you stay even!  The true champion is ever-up and never-down.


Do it once.   You’ll be so happy you’ll do it every day.  Its like exercise: you must break into it to enjoy it as a habit.  At first the notion of daily fasting  seems so empty and boring.  But then when you “eat the universe” how vastly different and varied your experience becomes. 


You must achieve this experience as the fast  brings you favor with the world.  The average binger who  avoids fasting will be the one to experience the greatest transformation when finally doing it.   Seen as a grasshopper?  Go towards your greatest fears to achieve your giant change and release your greatest power. 


Eat Then Don't Eat


To mini-fast, eat all nutritional requirements in 6 hours.  This is best for the colon works on the principal of mass evacuation.  One food time--what excuse would anyone have for eating again?  Many “fruitarians” eat all day.  Anyone can eat fruit but no one wants to fast. 


This mini-fast regimen combines both in every day.  As the Bible says “fast and pray daily.”  Eating once is spectacular.  Eating twice is not bad if the two meals are six hours apart leaving 18 hours of fasting each day.  For the neophyte that too will be spectacular as the results are cumulative.  EAT MORE FAT.


Fasting teaches you to appreciate the eternally beautiful things--seeing poetry everywhere.  Whenever something is not quite right just fast into eternity.  Step into your future--create new realities, love yourself, watch and observe all. 


You will always be better off fasting, enjoying reality at a higher level.  You’ll soon learn how to appreciate the fasting process as guilt, fear and shame dissolve.  Fasting erases or beautifies the past, present and future. 


No matter what one did you’re now fasting and that settles it--you’re free (or soon will be).  A faster never says he’s fasting--why tell them his bag of tricks?  He could easily lose the fasting spirit so he never gambles with it.




The big thing about New Years is the opportunity to start a brand new life and forget the old as if it never were.  Similarly each time one fasts it’s like a re-baptism.  A faster--the King or Queen--becomes a universal archetype, not a cultural, family or gender stereotype.  


You’re free--and always the sun:  Egyptian sultan, shaman, Indian priest, happy dusky child.  You’ll look like eternity, a carved face  on a coin or the moon. The wise ones will know you from experience—you’re the eternity they all  know,  represented  in one ever-changing symbol.


For the power of correct vision just say “I’ll be a success today” or “God will reward me for not eating when everyone else is eating.”  With each hunger pain more beauty will result as cells uncramp and spill their contents into the bloodstream going through.  Soon you’ll see a prettier face. 


Today is the day you unhook from the human herd you know--the detractors attempting to argue you down--as you reject their stuff along with the food.  You’re with angels, animals, ancestors and the Great Mind of all the greatest discoverers that ever lived. 


Do an experiment:  begin fasting then sit down to a desk facing nature.  Grab a pen and paper and wait.  Soon an outpouring of primal truths about your own and God’s nature will be released--to your great relief.  


These new truths will settle all doubts while they reveal your good points along with the blocks to success.  Now just fast and wait for the mass attractions coming soon.  With every hunger pain denied God rewards the fabulous ride. Soon you’ll hit the highest tide, a whirlwind success bonafide.



Getting the Upper Hand for Once!


Now THE END occurs--the completion of old cycles and the beginning of new ones.  Fast and you’ll become more  energetically childlike every day.  The minute your work is complete there’s a gravitational pull to materialize it on earth.  It took you decades to form the kernel which now attracts pollination. 


Rest assured that your completion forms this kernel-cue creating the True End--the blessings of the new life of due recognition.  As your self-expression hits the mark it makes an amazing new dent in the world--the Revitalization of Culture.