Fasting has miracle power for beauty and synchronicity



The benefits are so great that once you start doing it  you’ll be addicted for life.  An easy plan is to have one fatty meal daily: There will be no hunger, just full-on power.


Fasting will bring you POWER:

PP  Personal Power

- O  Obstruction

=  Level of Vitality 



Robert lived on fruit and fat from avocado and raw dairy.  He was SVELTE and his skin beautiful.  This is not lowcarb [which deletes fruit] or highcarb [which deletes fat] but rather FRUIT AND FAT: moderate carb, high fat and low to medium sugar.  The fat is so satiating one can fast long periods between meals.  EFFICIENCY par excellence and SATIETY POWER [SP] [enabling long blissful fasts between meals]

         Vegan=avocados, olives/nutbutters for fat.

Vegetarian=dairy for fat.

Rastafarian=fish too.

Paleo=All meats, no dairy

The fat-adaptant has a sleek body



Earn Your Food:  Fast First


While fasting the glory of this "Power" will manifest and reign in your life by dissolving obstructions like behavior leading to shame. This ”day of humiliation”  will bring you incredible rewards-“I will increase as you decrease.”  There is a reason fasting is mentioned in the bible [and all religions] as often as prayer: 


As you deny your instincts the ego dissolves and then the miracle happens--the Power takes over and gives you all.  This sequence has to occur--it is energetic law.  To be exalted you must be humbled.  To be King you must bow to the floor.   To say “I have messed up but the fast reverses the past” precedes your greatest success. 


You will now be proving that "less is more': most creative energy comes in least mass.  You will now see how the power of food and drink has caulked up the works--your brain, pipes and tubes--and how that blocked all fruitful creative insight and answers to problems.  If you're an artist, thinker or discoverer, fasting will be your key-lock:  the last brick in the building. 


If you've lost your digestive health on diet fads [as experienced in bloat, acid-reflux, constipation and weight gain] you may end up like I do:  arise 2 am, orange juice then superfood smoothie.  Brunch: tomavo.





Fast to test me on this--you can fast after food, it's still a fast--SIMPLE! You may have reasons to fast, a specific purpose under the direction of God.  Not to get attention, not to show off, not to brag to the world what you’ve given up, no announcement--just something between you and God for power and specific solutions.  Fast and tell no one.  Fast and be silent. 


The more humble you are the more power you’ll have [a true lady or gentleman knows this.]  If the fast is simply a restriction in each day the rewards are daily and cumulative over time.  A daily fastarian (after brunch) is a “mini-faster” and  lives in heavenly bliss. 





The higher the destiny the more magnificently miraculous but also the more massive the mistakes when living wrong.  In a dumbed-down herd things catch on like wildfire.  If you're on the wrong diet you'll be sucking up.  But in clarity it's best to have  a   "controlled folly" when with earthlings:  being a consciously get along fake.  But how can you accept the unacceptable?  You cannot--but at least you're awake. 


On the right fuel and routine all will become clear:  Every moment moving into perfect place, as the Seer.  POWER is ours, minus the OBSTRUCTION in us:  we must rid that superfluity and baggage.  Fasting is the ancient but forgotten law seen in all humanity from the beginning and it reverses the result of food-sinning.  The Daily Fastarian is hereby fully connected while bringing himself into constant balance .




You may be a man or woman of God with real purpose to change society.  People are dying for what you have. Through fasting the most ugly can become the most beautiful as all the rough edges blocking success are smoothed out.  The way to write, speak or advance a cause is to fast.  The silent enemy of your impossible dream is probably not lack of knowledge  but  not-fasting.  It’s time to prune your life in readiness for a blossoming future. 


Never grow weary reaching for your impossible dream for God will make a new thing:  it will spring forth as He  makes rivers in the desert.  Fast and it will occur.  You must always keep the faith because  the world says you won’t make it:  “it’s been too long…you’re over the hill…you’re too old.”  Fast and this will all  be false.  Shun the cold,  go for the gold.  Just finish your work--and do it in  bold.


             BREAKING YOKES


Fasting is healthy.  It brings power—dynamite, supernatural power to get revelation, protection, spiritual gifts and deliverance  from addiction.  “Let the oppressed go free” as it breaks every yoke to be the genius of the family tree in pursuit of the highest calling, the jubilee.  Fast for guidance when you don’t know what to do. 


Fast for healing no matter what  disease.  Fast for miracles when you need to know something unknowable in the natural.  Fast for excellence: We’re surrounded by mediocrity--don’t succumb and become part of it--just fast and reign over it. 


Rise up to exemplarship.   Fast and the supernatural kicks in.  If you want freedom from controllers, fast.  If you want freedom from your bad habits, fast.  Power  wants to release you from all these yokes, so fast!  When you don’t know what to do, this power will show you what to do. 


Nothing is impossible--so just fast and the miracle arrives.   Don’t limit God by your low-minded natural thinking.  He rules only by the supernatural--the impossible.  Fast to overcome evil--just be patient while they get theirs:  “I will not bow down” but I will fast.




Fast first to be lighter, purer, wiser and to have power in public.  God’s beauty will be in and all around you.  Step into a much higher reality--first in spending time with the power then spinning out to each abundant moment.  You’ll find yourself in a whole new world, another reality of beauty and profound self-confidence. 


Fasting is the key to this higher world.  You’ll be amazed at the diseases healed (even your hair is curled). Your competitors will pale as powerless in your perception.  It’s the way to win, to overcome, to step up to the plate, to strut your stuff fast forward, to end all sin.  Can you fast just for this morning? 


Start small if you must--as you see the wonderful results you'll stop eating [painting over rust].  When I saw the radical difference in this morning consciousness: the incredible creativity, the superhuman powers gained from skipping one meal it became easier to go forth into longer fasts, the real deal.  It's always a wonderful adventure and vacation--now I have appeal.




You must realize how just one slight change can transform your whole life suddenly.  This was my realization when I began to eat one predawn meal [Ramadan Fasting] then spend heavenly days  with power  in contemplation and then a wonderful cozy sleep. 


It's a complex machine: tweak the variables a bit and there's a sudden transfiguration and a wonderful dis-fattening.  I hate blubber on the frame and my sudden deflation brought great relief.  I believe God made my abdomen bulge in mid-life in order to goad me into this fasting road:  now, the gut and abs stay flat, I like things like that. 


As the fat came off so did the evil memories, the shameful things in life that hold us down until we die.  They were gone--they died through diet.  It was as if my whole life was waiting for just this little switch.  The nightly nightmares about the affairs of the imploding world: the fast sweetened the stew so now I could have faith, courage and work as my own dreams unfurled. Everything changes:  one’s life, looks, outlook and overcoming power in a cruel, cold world.



Ageism is Worse than Racism!


Though it should be the opposite, after forty we’re all at a disadvantage in this world.  They're into looks and youth in this skin-game.  It's very cruel, for besides grooming [staying neat and clean] looks does not determine character but the hypocrites mis-judge by appearances all the same. 


It's reality  you gotta look good or they won't even see you, dame. What's to happen for a brilliant elder whose work has not yet blossomed--is it too late for fortune and fame? No way, for fasting levels the playing field as now you  become your best and most energetic all day. 


If you eat higher paleo when you finally do eat, you’ll be heavenly satisfied though empty--and this emptiness will act as a magnet to your seed symbol:  the way you’re supposed to look in your highest intelligence and wit.


It can mean the difference between complete success and humiliating failure.  It was for me as digesting anything became counter-productive to all that I wanted to do.  I tried Atkins--three squares a day--but the fat wouldn’t come off nor  the creative take-off.   I finally saw  Power  was urging me to fast besides a little fruit or fat and then it all came off—just like that. 




I  love to fast and I’ve learned  to thank God for the privilege.  This attitude  always removes the  pain or weakness.  If it’s a 60-hour weekend fast  I think of how good I’ll feel  when its over and just enjoy the experience as the two days speed by. 


Sleep, take naps, revel in music or contemplate--no work, mate.  If I’m fasting it’s a good excuse to sleep and really relax.  Fasting is a wonderful vacation like being on an all-expenses-paid holiday. You’ll find you’re in a fairyland where miracles never cease.  Do it daily after one meal [so easy] and you gain the same benefits--Power will still increase. 


When you feel fat and bloated, forget dieting and just do things the old-fashioned way: fast.   It will give you unimaginable self-esteem and confidence. 


It’s a test of the true warrior in you, the one who is strong enough to deny an impulse in respect to a principal.  The rest of us just make promises only to break them when feelings change.  Not you, who will be rewarded with great character for taking the plunge and finishing it.  It separates you from weaklings controlled by desire. 


You’ll be amazed at how habits and memories fall away.  I prefer daily FAT-FASTING:  Eat FAT then fast an easy 24 hours.  No food is the best for  character-building for anyone can eat fruit all day.  Just eat the sun and live on Power.  Recommended:  lemonade [a few squirts per quart of spring water].



One Week Lemonade Only


There are many [or most] who have IBS:  Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  That's when you wake-up with a flat gut but then anything you eat bloats you up and you look pregnant.  This is so uncomfortable, even painful and lowers self-esteem.  False fullness sets in and you end up living on <300 calories yet still full:  a "bloated anorexic".


The bowels have become so sluggish that you never go, you just growThen the stuck stuff gets into the bloodstream [in the case of leaky gut] and reflects on the face and the mood.   In some cases no food will help and  you must fast:  go one week with just lemonade.  This is the way to return to factory settings:  turn it all off.  


Even without colon irrigations with daily fasting and proper diet the colon will become normal again and you won't be a walking waterbed and cesspool.  BLOAT doesn't float my boat:  I want to be warrior-flat and thin, quick, energetic, joyous: not bitter, bored, puffy and reactive [boundary-porous]. 


Be a warrior of self: put food on the shelf and leave that world behind.  This will so build your will-power as you become a completely new person in personality and looks.  Your creative act will come out, perhaps a rare talent never seen before.  Open this wide door!  Fast for just one week I implore and now you will SOAR! 


Now life will be fun.  At the end of your lemonade fast take home-made V8 juice for a couple days.  Then resume your fruit-fat-fastarian routine for life.  You will so enjoy your fasting times that your new life will naturally include "fasting weeks".  It's great to know you've won your stripes--that you can do what others cannot do.  You're superhuman--not by how you were born but what you've achieved and built.


If you do break the fast [go against your decision and will] then just have some fruit or fat then resume the fast.  How about a couple  grapes, berries, raisins or some black olives--the greatest mucus eliminators?  Or superfoods like gogi berries and cacao.  Have a spoon of almond butter.


If you gotta eat, you must know what to eat then it's not a cheat:  just get back into the boss seat. I myself don't wanna be kicked out of ketosis: I eat fat and fruit (yogurt/raw milk/fruit) smoothie then in the 6 hours window either rice noodles or potato or fats like guacamole or cheese on salad. Or both—it’s all one meal and it all goes through because the system goes into assimilation then elimination if not in digestion.


I was put through the ringer with an eating disorder searching for the right foods. For years I constrained to fruit, fat and fasting but now have found I need those starches for satiety and comfort. Man was made to eat ehse comfort foods of starches, delicious fats and of course fruits and vegetables. But these diet dogmas want you to drop these whole categories—no more! Reversal dieting is the solution: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.




Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Starches and Fats. Because of the inconstancy of food supplies in the beginning, paleo-fasting returns you to those prehistoric roots.  After an initial period of adjustment, living on one fat meal followed by fasting lends so much stability and evenness--no more fermentation or sugar highs and lows! 


But since the seventies we've been led to fill up on plants: that’s fine but who wants to have all that fibrous matter in the gut? Once a day it’s ok, but twice, thrice—the system bogs down.

It’s not that high-fiber diets are a scam but that eating too often of them is to a hypersensitive, bedlam. If I just eat once a day noodles are fine, lasts all day flyin’. But twice and I feel I swallowed a couch—ouch.


You want championship and that is achieved through proper diet and Daily Fasting--the highest art of the ages that performs miracles and eradicates evils that would never leave any other way. You won’t believe what a change will come over your life.

This is not Keto!
This is not dietary constraint.
Avoid diet dogma


From dreary, depressed mornings when I would often take a nap to whirlwind mornings of activity joy and optimism.  It is rather unbelievable and a wonderful midlife development when we really need a boost.  Fat-fasting was the key unlocking mysteries and powers. 


The whole point to bring out your talents is routine, routine, routine.  Become a methodist---method is the key-lock to success.  Focus by eliminating all non-essentials including food.  Let your new slogan be:  avoid non-essentiality.   No one really needs more than one meal a day [or food window of 6 hours] so now open yourself to new adventures. 




The problem is pandemic: ugly bloat from wrong eating, the solution is DAILY FASTING. If you've got gut issues after years or decades of failed false diet fads with your new powers you'll be so glad.


The only fruits I could now eat were extremely digestible:  lemon, tomato, avocado, pineapple, fruits in season, greens in my smoothie. For satiety, fats, rice noodles or potatoes. Routine being the essence of assured success soon, what are the best ways of doing things?  I was now forced to eat only the best then fast to my crest. 


The obstruction of "healthy" produce was an amazing discovery discovery—too much food all the time, too much focus on diet. This will all be made clear through your daily fasts. As all loose ends come together everything will look different--the opposite to what you thought [op-truth].


The past is caught in new webs while shame and guilt disappear.  This was just dead memory stored in fat:  holistic images becoming more distorted with each recall.  As you dis-fatten and de-bloat you’ll become a totally new person with new associates and a real life.  What a relief as you now have fond memories of the past which is seen in the opposite way.  People won’t recognize you with the transformation.


                                                    FALSE BODY


IIt is thought that cooked food builds the ugly chunky "false body" and that raw food dissolves it. Don’t believe it. The entire Asian world lives on cooked food and they’re thin and ageless. Eat mostly raw (smoothies) then maintain satiety with fats or starches: rice noodles corn potatoes.


With this going on inside my memory life would regress:  constant guilt and shame over past relics decades-old.   It is pure labor churning old resentments and memories causing anxiety.  All this dissolved along with the false body built from continuous fruit eating.  It's state-dependent memory:  what we recall is determined by our inner state.  My first fat-fasting day was like a dusty mirror being cleaned off. 


You will be happy to be rid of orthorexia and category constraints when it comes to food. When on Atkins or MacDougal I was famished for fruit, when a fruitarian I was famished for starches. That orthorexia—not giving the body what it wants/needs—leads to eating disorders is well documented: diet is evil.




Then, the bad emotional state determines present selections in the wide path to hell.  And thus this is a three-part theory combining habit [memory], food and people problems.  With the fat and fruit  diet you’ll feel good and even, so memory will become “kind” as proper food cleanses the mind. 


Your thoughts will stay immersed in the beautiful here-and-now and you’ll have only fond memories of the past.  Fasting achieves this  better than fruit because nitrogen and solar radiation are the highest nutrients when free of sugar--which can kill the mood and change the emotional state.


So much sugar is a shame.  So make tomato juice with lemon and a little cayenne.  That's a great way to start or end the fast--no sudden sugar jolts.  Then the body re-adapts to grasp the higher Power -creations of sun and air when not given grosser foods. 


Fasting is a lost art and as the Bible says “fast and pray daily”:  eating one meal a day is doing just that as we enter a brand new life based on maximum digestion and assimilation of food, total creative power, favor with man, attraction of good elements and repulsion of bad.  You’re protected in this state--a blissful state you step into.  Once there you’ll never want to come back. 



                                        Tomato and Avocado

Fast to next day.

Optional:  nut-butter, olives


What to eat if you want a second meal:  Eat fruit if you have no reactions.  Those with SIBO or other gut issues will only experience bloating with fruit and must stick to easily-digestible nut-butter, olives, tomato juice and lemon.   On 30 bananas a day I gained 25 lbs.!


If you wish to stay fruitarian and you're not lactose-intolerant [a growing problem especially with SIBO], you may want to include raw dairy. Raw milk is a great purifier and strengthener:  lacto-fruitarianism.


SIBO victims often end up on meat and selected vegetables.  Very low carb and high fat.    For the main meal lacto-fruitarians enjoy guacamole or doughless pizza by melting a little cheese over tomatoes and zuchini in a pan.  Make Red Salad by slicing red peppers,  tomatoes, avocados  with lemon juice and olive oil.  These non-sweet red fruits are extremely cleansing and nutritious without spiking insulin. 


Add some cheese for Greek Red Salad.  Satisfied?  Now fast to the next day or if hungry have a spoon of almond-butter at night.  No diet is simpler but will give you the largest life filled with light (see recipes). Take fruit, fasting or juicing vacations [reversal diet] then go back to higher paleo even if you fry it.  Fast, Fruit or Fat:  it's so simple you'll love  it.




A bloated abdomen indicates allergy or bad bacteria, not fat.  Most people have undiagnosed gut issues like SIBO from false diet dogmas of the last thirty years, mostly low-fat or high-fiber scams.  These have so ruined our metabolism we must counterbalance the other way now:  HIGH-FAT with fruit or vegetables.




Lactose is a common allergy especially with warped metabolisms.  The proof is in the bloat so in that case delete dairy [except for cheese which has no lactose] and just go paleo:  meat, vegetables, fruits and nuts.   Those of you who don't want dairy or meat  may end up on mouse meals of almond butter, berries, olives, Red Salads, guacamole, fried zuchini, salsa and an occasional piece of cheese.


Sugar and starch are killers that put the body in fat storage mode but fat evokes the fat-burning mode characterized by highest energy and appetite suppression (ketosis).    I have happily seen the super-obese slim down on this regimen and experience no toxic cleansing effects save a mild fatigue.   Fats provide enough density to slow cleansing and the less aggressive action makes this period very happy—our moods becoming even immediately as the gut [relieved of all that burdensome fiber] lies flat. 




Then the  afternoon fast takes off from this blissful lunch elevation and the result is a beautiful productive day—more so each day as one becomes slim, trim and youthful-looking: the result of fast-cleansing and fat-nourishing moistening.   Fat and  selected fruits  is the  HQ (highest quality)  food so  you require very little  for highest energy  and appetite-suppression for the day. 


These facts are obvious as  disordered metabolisms clear up without any  deficiencies whatsoever while living on so little:  1-2 FRUIT AND FAT meals daily. I also love the colon-happy efficiency, regularity but low-bulk [ladylike] defecations--since high-fiber diets actually tear and scrape the intestines [minimizing nutrient uptake] and create the very constipation they're supposed to eliminate. 


We've been scammed and lied to:  Throughout the chapters herein you’ll see the necessity of DELICIOUS FAT and when combined with the purifying action of  fruits and the fast as amazing and cumulative.  Eat fat and then fast.




You don’t have to resent the past or mistrust all people because of early pain.  These are all distorted implants made worse as we get older.   Having eaten at those events we accumulated more “layers” of false body (made by false foods) and the result was growing “widening” misperceptions.


These early templates get progressively worse until in midlife we’d better dissolve the template or die. At that point, prepare for a major psychological cleansing crisis or "spiritual emergency".  Good. The patterns which “define” us worsen as they combine with wrong eating,  leading to physical build-up until we must lose that weight or DIE. 


Memories are stored in tissues and in fixed  patterns--these  must be dissolved for a clean slate in the psychology of food addiction:  One eats to distract from the past which continues to inflame when hunger sets in again. 

[As you read on you'll see the necessity of this WHOLE science, a three-part theory integrating psychology with diet.] 




Break this block.  Start your fast with a mental diet:  consciously eliminate all bad mental habits, negative thinking or the nonessential superfluous thoughts which get worse through mutual reinforcement.  They make you want to eat to dissolve their intensity--a distraction from pain--but eating never works [and makes things worse] despite the illusion that it does. 


As these layers unpeel back to the root you’ll experience the exact same memories simultaneous with that era.  You must re-experience the whole movie as it rewinds and the result will be  bliss—when the fog lifts you’ll be left standing there: a beautiful ageless and happy child of Power as you were at the beginning. 


The champion’s goal is to become childlike once more:  indicating he’s almost to shore and the past is out the door. Proper diet and fasting will clean him to the core, and it won’t be a chore as his reality [mental transport to the right-brain] becomes fascination galore.



 Robot Circuitry

Happy announcement: As glucagons dilates everything you clean your veins (and memory) through fat.  Eat your FAT:  As it elevates glucagons and the body goes into fat-burning mode, carb-addiction [bakery or sugar cravings] and the memories it feeds will be gone. 


After your superior smoothie in the morning let your body choose whether it wants fats or starches. Your family’s health will improve too, equal to yours and the recipes are delicious.


Nothing eradicates memories more than just maintaining an even mood through the correct diet—not eating that which sits like lead (e.g. bread).   Carbs will leave you tired depressed and craving as you relapse into the past instead.  GOTTA KEEP EATING, start cheating.  Fat:  success keeps repeating.



Darkness called Light 


Take note of all the changes with insulin from refined starch and sugar:   head-aches, insomnia, bloat and distention, water retention, rashes and welts, dryness, irritability, depression, indigestion, gastritis, uncontrolled anger, constipation, cravings, fatigue, sleepiness, stupor, breathlessness, constriction, closing up arteries, fat storage, the making of cholesterol stupor and dizziness. 


This all reminds me of the constriction from starch but even fruit did it. Fat-fasting (with the cessation of sugar and starch)  is the thing which is spiritual [since brain is made with fat] not all that produce which "seems" so spiritual.  I was seeking “purity”  while eating fruit all day.  That’s not the point--we don’t gain from eating  but  from NOT-EATING.


We “break out” of yokes by not-eating, by stopping the motion--the mindless repetition.  Eating takes us nowhere while fasting takes us everywhere.  Eat your breakfast, now FAST.  Begin mind-traveling.  Let your thoughts spin out to outer space as every day is new, fascinating, adventurous and gay.  Create your own reality in your own environment and the Power will be with you.  




Give up the carnal [serpent] in pursuit of the spiritual [bliss, power and excitement].  Spending time with Power is the answer and fasting is a wonderful way to do that.  You’ll go beyond the obvious--which makes you oblivious--and see wonderful deeper meanings to things, new avenues never seen  before.  


Many if not all things will be seen in the opposite way.  Remember our slogan “OP-TRUTH”:   the opposite to what people think, what circumstances (mere appearances) indicate or what you feel  MAY BE the truth!


When things seem boring and empty  it may be that everything is happening underground, about to burst into wonderful success!  When the world seems against you, it may precede your meeting the love of your life.  “OP-TRUTH”    gives relief from the uncouth, a new way to sleuth. 


God’s ways and thoughts are higher than man’s--they are not just different they are opposite.   Fast,  suspend  your brain and illuminate.  Fast and wait on Power:  something good’s about to happen.  Prepare for   visitation, your promised rewards.  You’re here for a reason—your work is the Lords.   


The more you fast in optimism the more you’ll love doing it and thank God for the privilege of ascension to this greatest spiritual reality.  Use this key to victory and experience  such great bounty every single day of your long life:  the Daily Fastarian is King. Surrounded by gluttons fasting makes our heart sing--with this divine device we conquer everything.




In the midst of mundane chaos we can have bliss.  Fasting has so changed my life I decided to devote a chapter on each type of daily fast.  You’ll be so proud and self-confident when you see the edge you’ll now have in society. 


Congratulations!  You’ve chosen the right site and today you’re going to see it.  You don’t need therapists and books on psychology--just the key to your own inner realm where all the answers lie.  The fast is as high as the sky. 


Are you angry about something your anger can’t change?  Fast at it—gone is your cry.  It’ll all dissolve--those things so significant today are as vapor tomorrow.  When filled with fat we make mountains out of molehills while fasting brings joy and thrills.




Besides fasting we’re going to dissolve fat by eating fat.  Simultaneously we're going to relieve the system of fiber, the biggest obstruction in the pipes and tubes.  Dietary fat releases lipid mobilizers--fat mobilization substance that burns the fat off the body. 


It  takes fat to fight fat but only the most independent thinkers will be able to hold on to that point.  We have been so brainwashed against the  word “fat” and all-for the word "fiber" while remaining naïve about metabolic truths which oppose herd dogma--i.e. the current pro-fiber fat-phobia.  Constantly we hear physicians spouting the pro-fiber anti-fat party line, pure op-truth. 


 It takes a very strong mind to oppose the masses [herd dogma] and their doctors on this issue as the “pro-fiber anti-fat” campaign seems a self-evident truth.   But I will demonstrate that FOR SOME fruit-fat like avocado is not enough.  You must also take animal fat: fauna—cheese, eggs or fish to experience the total appetite suppression for the fasting day and to keep your engine humming at its highest peak. 


Pure fruit or vegan diets work well at first but in the long term they may become a curse.  Before attempting to argue with your vegan friends you may want to learn the principals in later chapters, then rehearse.


There are only three macronutrients or foods that we eat:  fat, protein and carb.  Fat and protein usually go together so when people delete fat they  must substitute with carb fiber, sugars or starches--laying on fat and blocking the tubes more than ever. 


I learned all about glucagons and the hormones from fat burning (ketosis) then I noticed I hated the “love handles” built from just fat—I needed and wanted the cleansing fruit!


You’ll get thin through fat-fasting as fat--when free of carbs--puts you in ketosis, the fat-burning mode.  After eating your fatty meal  wait  for appetite suppression to take over. It may not occur for a few minutes but when it does you’ll feel satisfied and satiated--not just "full".

LOWCARB:  deletes fruit. 

HIGHCARB: deletes fat. 


moderate carb, high fat



"Fat makes you fat" is a Mindless Mantra


I noticed that the “keto” people didn’t have what I wanted. All they talked about was the euphoria and elation from keto but they had bloated square faces and often “slipped” into binges. None of my clothes fit anymore—I went back to fruit and then what I wanted for the main ONE meal. I de-aged and lost those ten pesky pounds.

I ate how God intended us to eat: not thru a diet prism, but from what the body wanted, constrained by logic and knowledge (no processed, no GMO). I painlessly fasted 24 hours after eating all I wanted. I finally achieved the health and consciousness from when I was five year old. font>


Change hormones = become a different person. INSULIN makes us bloated and white: It lowers blood sugar, shifts the body into fat-storage mode, converts glucose and protein to fat stored on the body, converts all dietary fat to storage, removes fat from the blood and puts it in more fat cells, increases the body’s production of cholesterol, makes the kidneys retain water, stimulates growth of arterial cells (closing the arteries) and stimulates the use of glucose--not our own fat--for energy. 



The universe took on a different look when I stopped dieting and ALL concerns for dogma. It actually looked as it had as a child.


Throw out your DIET BOOKS AND BAN


(especially when you know they are liberals injecting their idiotic politics)


(not lowcarb or highcarb or all that useless crap)

You will now take your flight as you blissfully fly above ALL DEADLY DIET DOGMA except for Daily Fasting, what God told ya’




Less body, more spirit. The thinner I am the more creative.  That’s a fact I sensed intuitively as a teen-ager.  Birdlike engines prove Einstein’s point  that "less is more" as most creative energy comes in least mass.  Being thin brings synaptic clarity:  perfect conductivity, a continuous mood elevation and freedom from past-fact-stored-in-fat.  Fasting dissolves swine consciousness as we become truly noble human beings.  Eating-thrills create ignobility, so go from the crass and carnal to the class--supreme class of the superior human being made pure through self-denial and discipline.  You’ll soon say:  “The fast is the feast.  All my problems have ceased.”




Witty inventions are the way to prosperity--they are the gifts to the world through us.  They don’t come from logic but just dawn on us when receptive, and fasting sets the stage.  Fasting has been the key from the beginning as central to all religions.  It opens man to himself and the Power of the universe--to all the answers he’ll ever need.  Accordingly, fasting and correct diet is the most important subject for a book:  fat-fasting.  As you begin doing both you will see why.   Fast: to dissolve ego and the false body--to get to that wonderful vibrating electrical magnetic sensation of power flowing through your veins.  Fast:  for you must have the wisdom of genius throughout time to invent and then to stay on top.  Fat-fast: so the properly fat-nourished brain will illuminate when you are fasting. Then you’ll  go directly into your own inner journey, away from the maddening crowd and all its recent hits.  Inside no one can steal your joy--you’re now on top,  no more the wet mop.   


Whenever you feel ”sick” with low self-esteem you will know you’ve been around the herd of gainsayers:  the majority view which actively and jealously resists all your views.  Association with the socially hypnotized hurts.    It takes your right out of the receptive joyous mode into tunnel-vision--the addictive past eating you alive.  The result?  Desire for the food-fix.  When you eat at slights nonverbal or otherwise your life becomes a series of ups and downs.  The food addict becomes a severe disappointment to friends, family and especially spouse.  Do you eat more when hurt?  You must fast to overcome, not lay down and be weak (eat) to be hit again—your sin.  They’re looking to find fault, for your gifts bring envy and prejudice.  You must fast and all these obstructions shall be overcome—that’s this whole site in sum.





Fasting fulfills the seven needs of man so beautifully and quickly.  They are:


  (1)  Love.  No matter what our sordid history regarding love, fasting puts us in a much higher state where we are love and we attract it all around.  It’s a way to win favor  [be in perfect synchrony with] the power source and man. 


(2)  Pleasure.  “In his presence is fullness of pleasure and joy.”  We ascend to a higher state above our old fears, hatreds, jealousies, guilts and shames.  These all dissolve in the fasting state of beauty, greatness and achievement. 


(3)  Beauty. We should want to be beautiful to look at.  Fast and the Lord changes the countenance. 


(4)  Greatness and success.  Have you always felt you were destined for something great?  This will bring it to light. Just fast and say what Moses said:  “show me your glory.”


 (5)  Freedom to show our emotions.  Your self-expression will be given power, refinement and artistry.  Have some class:  show your emotions for the fasting genius is always in good taste and all will relate.


(6)  Joy:  you shall have it--the sense of continual accomplishment will put you in constant joy unspeakable. 


(7)  Desire to be recognized and remembered after death.  We all have a destiny and purpose.  Fasting will illuminate this for you and whatever you wish and hope for--your destiny--will be far greater. 


The greater the destiny the more important the fast.  You’ll never want to be seen in a non-fasting state in public again. Fast to “behold His glory and be in His presence all the days of my life.” 


This fasting glory is the atmosphere of heaven come down to earth.





Throw out your cooked starches and just enjoy your Southern California Diet of tomatoes, lemons, avocados, citrus and lemons, peppers, other fruits, olives and olive oil on leaves--YUM.  You won't be hungry and this is SO easy and you'll feel well-oiled, inspired, bright.

This is neither lowcarb or highcarb.  Highcarb deletes fat and lowcarb deletes fruit.  This is FRUIT AND FAT:  moderate carb with high-fat and low to medium sugar.  Veggies, non-sweet fruits, fats of avocado and olive. 

COOKED VEGAN [like corn, potatoes, sprouted breads, rice, veggie pasta] is NOT OPTIMAL so use only on special occasions or keep for storage.  You will now take your flight as you blissfully fly above 30 bananas a day and "fruitarian-gluttarianism".