It’s Always Tribalism vs. the Loner. If Strong he Becomes

Shaman but if Weak he is Dropped or Killed.



In purity he suddenly shoots to star success.  In impurity he spirals down just as fast.  Sin cannot be predicted:  it will keep him longer than he planned, cost more than he thought and destroy all his dreams--shockingly and suddenly.  It’s not just the sin that brings him down, it’s also other people  involved in his decline in  the Fallen Hero Syndrome.


Our hero begins as pure raw talent voted the most likely to succeed.  He has obvious and great potential—he is meant to rule and lead.  He moves up to the plate but is too weak due to sins warping  his mind and  talent.  First he’s conducting the spirit, next he’s refracting it into sensual pastimes that warp, dull and degrade. 


Having refused to stand up, stay strong and do his duty he falls at the hands of an angry jealous mob who tries to kill him.  Because of his strong spirit there is no in-between: either he leads and gains their respect or  loses and brings their impulses to slay.  For jealousy inevitably explodes against the great-going-down:  “who did he think he was trying to rule us?”


Once he begins to slide down the down-spiral takes off and nothing can change its route.  The consequences of sin are inherent in the sin itself--sin contains its own punishment.  He’s getting weaker and is shocked at his sudden decline,  then the others chime in to seal his demise.  It’s just like chickens:  once one is pecked they all gang up and peck to death.  Again people and animals are much the same.   Man acts first then justifies through the frontal cortex second.  


Such is the scapegoat system which surrounds alcoholism, anorexia and all other disorders:  It’s very hard to get up once you’ve been down.  Only true champions--the overcomers--can pull themselves back up through the only answer:  repentance.  Then they must stand up and resist the undertow to fall back to the status quo.  Repent, then act like nothing happened, for it didn’t: sins erased, no longer habit-encased.  It was only the ongoing habit that made it real.  When it is truly over, it never was:  The fallen hero stays down only from cycles of sin and human systems.



Unleashed  Through  Repentance


We are born as unique seed potentials containing all of our talents and peculiarities.  This is our true genius, our blueprint-destiny, the easy-flowing talents that define us as an expressant of God.  As easy and effortless as a bird singing, if we can just find this groove we have it made  for life.  But it’s a mere dormant potential unleashed only through repentance.  As such very few develop it, for in this generation they don’t even realize they should repent.




Beyond the scriptures unique instructions are revealed through revelation.  But never trust revelation unless you’re pure.  When in sin there are “autonomisms”--uprushes from the unconscious: twisted, uncontrollable thoughts and deeds.  True genius is only from God and the dark sinful soul remains the bad act, the would-be genius, the mere potential, the “has-been-who-never-was.”  What is sin?  Look at it this way:  Einstein has proven it’s all just energy. 


In human nature, "sin" is recycled energy in outworn channels:  it is pure repetition.  Quick-to-shoot [degrading] and grasping carnal drives block energy and the “serpent” recoils tighter each time one gives in to the drive.  Each time it becomes easier for the bad memory to trigger the craving to sin and we lose public and private power. 


But with repentance there is a spiraling release of this blocked energy up the spine and we are saved from the drudgery and misery of the sin-filled life.  The biggest reward of repentance is unleashed forces--the blueprint potential at birth:  our work. Never trust your revelations until then.


With repentance we experience a psychic opening:  like splintering glass pure light shatters the darkness of sin.  Oh happy days--one wonders why he waited so long to give up these useless burdens.  The exhilaration of sudden energy unleashes our True Genius, an added reward beyond pure joy.  With their conversion the saints were overnight successes: 


Having fruitlessly striven for decades their work now blossomed to the world with God and the angels bringing the Great and Marvelous Work to completion.  It was as if the ex-sinner-now-saint was being carried downstream in spite of himself.  So relieved is he that we can see how the worst sinners became the most grateful saints, for they had the most to be happy about.




To sin is to miss the mark--the blueprint destiny at birth.  Worldly approval pales compared to this true success.  These potentials--which God will surely further--are impossible while in sin.  God wants us to express Him as He designed  before our conception.  What blocks this?  Blindness is the problem.  In times of mass sin and chaos prophets arise to tell the sinful masses what is obvious but  hidden  due to the blindness of sin.


Because bondage is a bandage the wise and wealthy become fools “despicable, naked and blind.”  Because humans can learn to tolerate anything, prevalent sin is taken-for-granted as “normal.”  It is only rare strength--true nobility--that has independence from the masses and can take a moral stand.  “Wide is the path to destruction but narrow is the gate to eternal life.”  The sinful man is too weak--he feels their strength in numbers and fears social disapproval should he take a moral stand.




Many think the present moral breakdown has always been around--it’s just “coming out of the closet” now.  This view indicates blindness.  The human race goes through cycles of moral degeneration/regeneration--ups and downs.  In every case moral downs precede barbaric invasion--often from within.  The ups are revitalization movements led by a charismatic leader.


In the “ups” monogamy reigns, families stay together, people prosper, addictions are low and most are happy, self-disciplined and creative.  There is order and simplicity--truth prevails.  In the downs families disperse, men leave home, addictions are epidemic, prosperity dies and chaotic clutter (morbid accumulation) prevails. 


Through a process of gradual desensitization sin is increasingly tolerated (taken-for-granted-as-“normal”) and the entire culture degenerates.  Sin becomes a collective dark force, a mass amnesia called social hypnotism.  The best example is 19th century England filled with unbelievable debauchery.  


Every generation has its favorite sins which  become fashionable.  At these times prophets function to tell the collective what is going on right before their  very eyes but which they are too dense to see.  The truth hurts (people love their sins) and the prophet is stoned (“they will hate you as they hated Me.”)




The saints have always sensed over-complexity and superfluity when in the presence  of carnal man.   For it is austere simplicity which characterizes the truth, the saint and the genius.  The sinner is forever  vacillating, covering his tracks, putting on a façade, dealing with guilt and remorse, justifying his actions, blaming others, planning how to get more, accumulating to compensate, trying to hold his life back from sliding downhill. 


The sinner's life is filled with compensations for sin but outer adornment (a loss of dignity) cannot cover evident darkness. He feels weak so fills the house with non-essentials, burdening himself with useless complexity like a dime-store or  “tobacco road”.  The chaotic lifestyle is intolerable to the saint-genius who wants only the important to illuminate.  To get to God’s power we must have a prayerful life--leaving time, solitude and space for just that:  concentration on the highest.


Neatness is aristocratic.  Imagine a monastery with austere simplicity on the walls--a wonderful clean feeling of space and total order.  Make your home a reflection of heaven--orderly clean simplicity--not hell:  dirty disorder and clutter.  Imagine the truth of simplicity clearing the mind and releasing the exhilaration of real energy.  Sinful man can’t de-clutter--he’s too afraid of losing it all.




The sinful man and his mind are dualistic--two people in one.  Like the alcoholic, all habits create a Jekyll-and-Hyde temperament.  There are two separate nervous systems:  one opens up (in love) to the world and one shuts down (in fear turning to hate).  Sin instantly switches to the latter shut down.  


When in sin there are no spiritual thoughts--only a dark cloud visible in the aura.  One can’t love, only find reasons to hate.  Is their wrath amongst you?  Then there is sin. Sin creates the fight-flight mechanism necessary for survival, so addictive perception is always shooting at shadows and looking for ways out.


Wild vacillations of mind--sudden “flip-flops”--indicate sin.  The dual-minded has internal pressure from the conflict between who he is and who he says he is and this is temporarily resolved through explosions of anger--cruelty and “sting-shots”:  accusations and insinuations against those closest.  These occur constantly but may be missed by others due to low self-esteem  (sin blinds).  Sin shows---in appearance, denseness, mistakes, broken relations and missed opportunities.   When in sin  one feels (or misreads) the “cold shun” from everyone he meets.




Respect is innate for the True Leader of Men.  Dignity is shown through purity and clear (innocent) vision.  The true leader is loving yet takes a strong, unyielding moral stand.   People get clear around such “warm steel” as the transformation of one changes the whole family system.  In reverse, sin brings the contagion of madness as all are badly affected.  


Dark, disheartening vacillations are irritating and often dangerous though covered over by apologies and compensations.  For all animals the mal-adaptation to hostile environments is exhaustion.  All habits are pure repetition leading to this instability and fatigue as  the  mood swinging adds to the overwhelming complexity of the sinful life and adapting thereto.




The devil's crowd:  The sinner is at a low vibration of reality in his own tunnel-vision.  True reality is of God--it is cornucopia, a horn of plenty, a life of continuous miracles.  With conversion we go from sin to synchronicity  where everything fits like a jigsaw puzzle in the divine moment  filled with cues, signs and symbols.  As Jung said we should “watch for miracles like a cat watches a mouse-hole.”   Each moment is a divine design--a blueprint-seed potential of the future. 


To sin in any moment means to warp the future, to seed for bad.  If pure we go from weakly ordinary to powerfully unique--as we become universal and recognizable to all.    The Saints said much the same thing upon repentance from longtime sin:  “I was riding on a wave of ecstasy and wondered why I had waited so long to give up this useless burden”.


Here is the progression (degeneration and recovery) as we move from dense to clear:  Born clear (unique), we are smashed and choked by the world--tamed to conform, our spirit is “broken.”  Are you tamed to conform to the outright lies of those in control over you?  Warning:  herein lies the hotbed of denseness:  attachments-through-denial.  How to be happy:  repent,  break free of denial and enter a brand new life.  You break free of denial by  recognizing the difference between good and bad leaders (i.e. between clear vs. cluttered): 


Clarity:  High self-esteem,  creativity,  unique unfolding,  receptivity,  love bringing joy,  pure awareness of the colorful now,  growth,  clear  unbiased perception,  spontaneity,  cannot be controlled,  aware of relationships.   Clutter:  Low self-esteem,  blocked energy, control, regression, tunnel-vision,  fear bringing hate,  past/future roadmaps and fears,  repetition of mistakes,  seeing the world through projections,  rigidity,  mind-controlled,  hypnotized by relationships. 


Many will forsake the saint and genius, having loved the present world.  Can you still trust God,  suffering and forsaken by friends and family?  That’s the trick:  to win the test and be the best in whom all now invest.


The reward for repentance is right-brain living. This is positively magical, what is known as a "charming" life.  Miracles everywhere, hyper-synchronicity.  Your true creative genius will now come out and it's work you will love.  At that point you'll  look aghat at all the scary human dramas you were stuck in.