Know Thy Foe--You're Getting Ready to Show

Are you on the begging end?

How to find solace when at the mercy of callous people with hearts of ice


One may have to be alone to appreciate the complexity of the moment.  When released from complex social signals, the transformation is immediate.  

When we clear we are open to an abundant environment.  Life becomes a continuous adventure as we participate mystically in all our surroundings.

Throughout history the same paradox exists:  the more integrated a woman is in society, the less privileges she has.

Free of social clutter, our past and future come together in the present.  Only in the moment are we spirits one with nature--clear, our attractions are pure. 

One must adjust his attitudes to be in harmony with increasing opportunity.  We change our reactions to the universe by LOOKING AHEAD.  As the past collapses, the future arrives.


New Age carnal Christians are worse than non-believers  as they mislead people into a watered-down, bland, powerless (tho' socially-approved) view.  Here, there is no power, it's just sitting on the fence so all conflict they can  eschew.   Hold your head up high above the jeering  crowds and state the truth--or bid adieu!  Don't go along to get along [you fake] for God's man is strong as a tower.   Are you ready to lead (empower) so  your  own blessings will shower?  It's not by your might  but the power of the Lord--or will you  be a weakling (before man you will cower)?






With repentance there is a sudden outpouring of creativity.  In amazement you'll wonder "where did this come from?"  It's like the excitement of  going to the prom: the  fascination of living your own life as triumphant as a palm.  I tell you truly just your own life is a refreshing balm yet having to adapt to people [or TV] is a numbing  bomb.  The  True Unique Self  is so serene and calm:  just stay alone for awhile and you'll see it creates aplomb.   God actually favors the eunuch for the single  obeys God while the married adapt to  spouse like a child to it's mom. This page is about CHASTITY and why it's ultra-important as we read in Proverbs and the Psalms.






(not the clod)


Be a supple paintbrush in God's hand and you'll be as gifted  as the cirque.  But you gotta get free to  do His work: drop   the social facade (the smirk).  To see what you've escaped, start watching couples (lurk):  As they mutually adapt and compromise there's a loss of creative energy (a mental squirt).  So for your inner journey to God and your own mission in life, all distractions you must shirk.    You'll find tranquility and purpose--no more seen as a quirk.  Most imposers are really impostors (they're really a jerk) and then you'll blame yourself for going berserk.  The single celibate life is like a watered garden that gets more beautiful each creative day--you're a jewel in God's bracelet (as decorative, flamboyant and dignified as a Sheik) but if unchaste you'll get no perks.







Is it a dignified couple  or a gruesome twosome?  Don't  rush to get to  the mush for the sudden loss of privacy can make you blush.  Just be a tool in God's hand (a brush).  That is so exciting and fulfilling (a rush).  No resistances, no blocks--it'll make your environment so plush.  Just daily listen to God by cutting out all distractions (hush).  And severely question that crush for you could end up with a lush.  Be exclusive, a jewel in Your Father's bracelet--the life of single celibacy and fasting is so exciting you'll finally be flush.   When prepared, a divine marriage will be a real plus if it's God's push.







Going solo for awhile will  make you smile and it's not going to solve your problems walking down the aisle.  It's not easy finding  someone without guile and most nowadays are shamelessly vile.  A couple has conflicts:  Things are nice at first  then become hostile.   See many people  and make a lot of friends--a pile.    Patiently wait and you'll  find  the worthwhile  and when in a couple, give it a LONG trial.   Be versatile: that's the way to new life (make it your style).  







Connubial bliss is great but does it come after the first date?  No, it takes years to adapt a  soul mate.  Work on thyself first: that's winning out the gate.  When in a couple  you're always working against the resistance of another and it can get so irate.  Creative can't  flow with "holy spirit ease" and that's not your fate  so don't take the bait.   Things are so nice at first then it seems the mate loves to hate so keep up the wait--it's never  too late.  Right now  it's about your growth and that's enough on your plate.  Stay fine, stay free: that's pure (each day a clean slate).  In pure single celibacy you'll love  this state:  Let purity be your  trait, all social pains to abate.  Just think:  no more debate or all that  berate.  What a relief--it's your Grand Estate.


God's creative cues are the path of least resistance--the speed of light, a real soul-flight.  Do you want the light  or having to adapt to the tight?  Marriage to God is out-of-sight,  and coupling's not  for everyone--sometimes it's just not right.






Society used to be God-centered but in the  New Age   they are  man-centered and that degrades the clan.    The result is mediocrity and treachery: you can't rely on man.  He's a scam  while  God (to His own)  is as  gentle as a lamb.  In this crazy God-bashing  man-loving generation even a killer is given some slack: "...but  he has a good heart--it was just his childhood, so let's take him back."   There's  no more judgment:  scoundrels are seen as good and the Godly evil for putting  God above silly, petty, prideful man.  Without God he's as inert, heavy and cold as a van.  Are you sure you should worship man when you can have the King of the Entire Universe--isn't that better/bigger  than?   God's kids  may ruffle  feathers and  suffer a ban.  But so what: they  have the Christian Clan.






 Please Ponder 5 Points:



1. Low-minds  are pushy.  You must  get strong to say "no"--no excuses, just NO.  Everywhere  they  want you to go and all their ideas you must now blow.


2.  If you don't  you'll be battered-down. Just by their left-brain stereotypes, you've been made the clown.  Get strong or drown.

3.  Jesus is a hated name  from the beginning of this earthly game.  Have NO shame--it's the herdsmen you must tame.  They're lame,  while you'll have fame. 


4.  It must  be seen:  if you're ready to do God's gig you'll be a candle that's  lit.   Speak the Truth to the  slow-wit for they're as dense as they get.  You'll win if you're the best and stay fit.


5.  They haven't a clue and it's as bad as the  flu.  They say nothing that's true (or have some truth  but partial-truths  a big problem too). Just fast and be silent like the Sioux.






Most champions are too gentle to live with wolves.  When with wolves they  get very sick--the wolf is just too abrupt, terse, indifferent, accusatory, peremptory and slick.   He makes the gentle suicidal, sad or  sick.    Before long  the innocent  genius becomes a druggie or doormat (it's a violent kick).  It's most insidious how the wolf blames the victim: an easy target for  projections and they make them stick.  The gentle may carry this stain--a silly sadistic stigma--through life, unaware it's just the  lies of Satan's pick.  We must know we're doves when the wolves make their lick: it's the only way to sanity  as the clock ticks.


Karen Kellock Interview 2002:

   "Are people really that bad?"

KK:  "They are worse.  Usually the downtrodden eventually gain enough clarity to see through the monsters lording it over them.  When people are on top  they don't have to change.  But oppression builds character and awareness  of peoples personalities (esp their vacillations) and you have to grow up, get healthy and look good lest you be squashed.  Hyper-sensitivity to people's changes marks the millionaire.  Don't be dense--that's a sign you're socially hypnotized and thus evil.  It's a cruel, heartless world owned by Satan:  friendship with the world is enmity with God.    Be clear--always ask "why did they say that?  Why did her mood change so suddenly right then?"  You won't need any therapists if you just stay clear  and develop your own  inner life.  Start to enjoy solitude  and let all your childhood hobbies resurface.  You'll find so much joy--just you and God (like a ever-changing new toy).    But the others are still entrenched in human society where they think they need all that folderol, wasting their lives on nothing and  without roots: feeling superior yet just old coots. Just remember:  Oppression and persecution build clarity--then you're a rarity and can easily turn the tables (show the laity).




Being held down by another--being eclipsed--is like a viral infection:  it can work by the mere contact.  God's man can get depressed when not getting enough solitude and losing the higher spirit of God.  This brings depression:  Loss of Self and God=too much distraction = depression.   At this point most seek company to mollify  the feeling, only to  get worse and not see why.    Peace and Privacy is Precious for the Precocious--remember in childhood feeling this way when eclipsed  by another personality, another spirit?  These insights are very relieving: the anecdote for depression is to return to  Selfhood, the source.  This is your  soul and spirit, which is True Sanity and more.

Karen Kellock

stop begging for their approval: you need their removal