16 hours daily fasting is the cure. 

Miraculous body perfects many ways. 

Forget diet dogma and do it your way.

Fat or Starch: Lactofruitarian humane dairy

reversing with noodles with salsa.


Our weakness cues God's power. More weak, more God makes you the man or woman of the hour.  Remember the good, scrap the bad. It's all about what you focus on: joy or sad.


I feel conflict, fear, pain then out squeezes a nugget, a jeer, a phrase.  It's all meant to be, that's so clear to me. But the groove you can fall out of: sin then wait and see.


I just like being with dogs and cats. The socials always criticized me for that.  Separate means holy. If apart God protects you for His work but if not you go dry, pat, mediocre, a jerk.


Have NO part in modern culture. Watch old movies, read the Word, love nature, focus on the superior.  Leave human society completely behind and get into the right brain, a mysterious adventure in mind.


Your work goes way beyond your personal history. So let that all go and be swooped up into destiny.  Repentance has a huge reward of right-brain living depending on the Lord.


God is your true Father, you don't have to cling to false idols or frail props--you can have it All.  It wasn't that he was an ass but having no self reflected pop culture (no class, wore a mask).


Events and pictures, pictures and events. In between there is delusion and fantasy, that's my two cents.  The cerebrotonic loves so much order that to live with a mess he feels horror/becomes a barker.


I create the home, routines and home life = Then he loves home and for that he's willing to fight.  Even Jesus was lonely at times. Go tell it to the mountain in rhymes.


It's ok to be alone all the time. That's the best company you can have or you'll have to compromise.  You just wanna think. Crawl up into your attic if you have to, it's necessary solitude vs. the rinky dink.


Stop following them, they should be following you.  Throw away address book/attract all.  They are empty, you are full. They are trendy, you restore the old paths which God almighty in-fills.


Not having to adapt to crud means you're high in synchronicity: magic, fantasy, dreams realized, giddy.  Admit it, you were insane. Now just forget it, Jesus can erase it ALL and that's what He's been saying.


There are many sins but that's one of them.  Many Christians used to be gluttons, sex addicts or alcoholics. It's all sin, doesn't matter what it is.  Even a few kisses is too much, it's adultery for lunch


Don't track your mind with TV, evoke thought with music in no groove but your own--be free.  Is it in riches, fame, food, traveling, socializing? NO it's in Jesus Christ cuz He's real and He made us.


 Clean sweep--drop all from the past,  they act as little anchors to old thought patterns, gross/crass. The demons in Satan's world will have a natural revulsion against you because of Who is in you. 


 We don't talk to the dead. Tho' you think you are it's best to remember their good points instead.  Do things God's way: blessings. Don't do things His way: curses.


You're a child of God not a bum. Dress nice, it's fun.  They were so cold I felt a drought and heartbreak. Nothing could fill it till God said "awake"!  Stop using that vulgar word.


 Most destructive myth: "people are nice". They are wild, sensual, devilish, selfish in their vice.  They don't understand that it's for people like them that Jesus came. Friend of the persecuted/lame.


Cool trendies make a lot of money cuz they play the game/ confirm floozies but will have no victory.  It's about evil men ruling over you so don't say "forget politics--wake me when it's over" fool.


 Modern man is callous and crude, that's the schools since the fifties having banished the prude.  They have no lines. Oh! The things they let in, and it effects their looks and speech so unrefined.


You're a product  yet an overcomer of your generation so help other victims.  You were created by but overcame the evil culture, renewing old paths which were obviously superior.


 They get delusional, mass mental illness spreads, the bedrock is removed as war's waged on the sane.  A cloud of doubt to keep em from being upset is worse than the truth as painful as it can get.


Get used to being  set apart, for adapting to them will bog you down, destroy life and you'll have to restart.  We're two generations at least from sanity, so there's no way intelligence can snap back anyway.


 They'd have to have graduate level courses for understanding, but couch it as if for kids, and kindly. They don't have to like it to be good.  People die or they move away so don't take social seriously, understood?


Dumbing down started two generations back so when you talk to grandma she's also a liberal/cracked.  Even old ladies wanna look tough. Everyone's a gangster and it's all fluff.


 Gotten away with so much, feel invincible/giddy: Wanna bring the west down/replace with tyranny.  You'd better focus on politics to ensure evil men don't rule over us.


The left wanted that Jezebel (the whore of Babylon blackmailed by all) in there to finish America off.  A handpicked jury from the swamp says this or that and the fake news reports lies as facts.


 People instinctively know they're liars.  They didn't get what they wanted so fighting like wild animals hunted.  This is the big battle for America's future against criminals/multinationals wanting to screw her.


 Life is a pie. For every moment you do that you can't do this, your destiny and God's blessing/kiss.  Music is absolutely the highest when the mind is the freest cuz with movies you gotta track and focus.


 For every moment you're concentrating on a movie you coulda been doing your own thing, focusing.   I could never give a darn about your freakin' club, I got my own high end thing galaxies ahead of ya.


You're not a writer  if you don't make a dent, if you're not READ so that's part of it--is it fluff instead?  Only musica for highest day ever, love ya .  We want to see justice done cuz that's a main attribute of God.


 Stay spiritual by saying NO to the carnal. Sure you gotta eat and procreate but please: use restraint!  Be unconcerned when you see the wicked flourishing fast cuz they're soon mowed down like grass.


FAME: It's not an ego  thing, it's a necessity. Think about that and now you must prepare for it.   We're told to be happy for em but know how wicked they are so we lean on the promise in God's word.



 Vindication is necessary for the relief of the saints. Vindicate: make things right Lord/please don't wait!  It got so I couldn't talk to anyone they all made me sick. People are weird from accepting this stink.


Archetypes determine  how fairytales and psychodramas are played out--we are owned by them, no doubt.  Growing up takes tears and unlearning things takes years.  A true genius never trusts his memory  (Albert Einstein)




Archetypes are in levels from fool to king. Repent then it's a higher one you'll naturally be choosing. 


You don't like what I do, go--I can't adapt to you.  Mental illness is a curse, splitting body from mind, God and universe.


No, we're not "nice". It's about being real and telling the truth--that it's your evil we despise. 


Depending on your money and not on God = holes in your bucket and being seen as odd, flawed.


In private that's how guys talk but in society may be better not to use colorful language, ok we get it. 


I came to fire the whole staff and I sometimes use colorful language(Scaramucci)


These people here, they are country folk bumpkins and I think we should get to know them. 


These people here, I never see emcuz we're all patriots into our own thing but we'd protect them.


You're to be bold in righteousness not timid and weak from sin your highness. 


Rich think they get outa anything by throwing money at it but find it's not true: holes in their bucket.


What the world thinks is of no consequence. Relate to God, angels, seasons, family and pets. 


Don't be disturbed over when you mimicked the cultural neurosis of filthiness, it's just emptiness.


Forces of evil assembling against you not of God but living in the enemy's camp, you’re seen as odd. 


Recall sweet tragedies: when evil sought to overcome me but God swooped down and saved me.


Your liberal virtue-signaling friends have become worse, more obdurate. Reject now and get with it. 


Stop feeling bad cuza what the dumbed liberal said. It's a powerful social hypnotic and it's red.

Bottom of Form


Stop feeling bad when they're prospering and you're not. It's a temporary thing before eternal rot. 


You're so good, so high, that no one notices. You're so deep and so fast they just can't process it.

Top of Form

Top of Form

Top of Form


Your group doesn't understand you so of course you feel hated or odd, so get with those who love God.  


Forces of evil assembling against you not of God but cuz we live in the enemy's camp we’re seen as odd.


If they lack discernment they'll make lousy and devastating decisions for your life so detach, revive. 


You created the monsters by being liberal and not drawing lines. They got worse, you lost your mind.


The feminist "friend" started beating on me because I refused to see her as anything but a phony. 


Hollywood stars performing voodoo on Trump calling for him to die: Occult is rampant in that pig sty.


They're targeting me chemically or at least that's what it feels like to me, how come others are free?


 It's not walking in your house that's killing me it's stuff per se--the more junk the more illness, ok?


Keep your escape routes handy. For me it's music, it messages the brain/pleases like candy. 


Saints all sensed superfluity when looking at the human tragedy. Stuff everywhere, accumulation is yukky.


Keep nice music on as the default setting of the home then short drifts into news, details (some). 


I don't wanna read where I have to follow/track it. Just a couple sentences, get the gist then music.


What's it all for? Just music until the end but have an escape ready for you, your family and friends. 


Just music, man. An escape and mental transport to other ages and lands, getting outa this scam.


Music/reading is a mental transport every genius needs, blocked by the incapacity for leisure/being free. 


Just music and dogs, that's freedom. Away from the maddening crowds cuz it's an evil kingdom.


Get outa old ways of thinking--keep escaping these connections. That's creativity/true action. 


A home is security, predictability, loyalty, routine and mutual protection to maintain happy days.


Materialism is bad just cuza the energy it takes to maintain it: no clarity, reality turns black and sad. 


A writer writes, painter paints, singer sings so stop saying you're these things if watching television.


All art is about Self implanted before birth--it's your job to find this groove by repenting of the curse.


 Tragedy brings grandstanding, faming, virtue signaling and gaming but the rest is enlightening.


Stop following trendies and get into your own niche it's groovy but never found in sin I behoove ya. 


It's a wonderful stage of life where you reject all details, like a stroke/a rise to a much higher level.


Create thru constraint: Make a beautiful home but the trick is keeping the dross away. NO junk I say. 


It's ok to sit and think as you look off to space--that's most productive other than puttering all day.


SRI's magnify weaknesses. So if one is insecure he plunges into bloated immaturity or bad friends. 


I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and truth comes to me. Einstein


When true reality blasts open you may cry for a night but then a new dawn makes everything bright. 


The more I find myself the more people I lose. It should bring relief to know it's a process not you.


Repressed emotions bring false positivity like seeing humor in tragedy or losing touch completely. 


The more people the more chemicals. I gotta say I just wanna get away to solitude and be a marvel.


One acre plots ain't out in the country. Need 20 acres minimum or it's chemicals/unhealthy.  


"Out in the country" means never sick. One-acre plots (PEOPLE) and they burn, spray, gossip.


One acre plots means men always building things with particle board/glue and burning trash too. 


Country neighborhood just as toxic as the city if they're burning trash/listening to officious ol' bitties.


Neighborhoods: Beautiful country life--can't breathe. Gorgeous views--sick as hell wanna leave. 


Feels like old London with dark murky air. I'm in the country but neighbors burn trash/don't care.


How to get to success: Take the the day off.  Ride the wave with holy spirit ease (humming), or if in sin be bumped outa grace (nothing, unbecoming). 


No matter how bad soon you'll turn a corner.


Raging thunderstorm becomes mere breeze, wait and see: With life phases it recedes to the back forty. 


They'll burn you out and rob you blind.  Life tests then rewards non-drunkards.


Fame, power, good looks, never have to work again--but superheroes still can't do the right thing. 


Raging dominant tyrant recedes--next time you see him he's a doddering old fool on his knees.


Study the victims of chemical weapons in wars--that's what's happening to children, you and yours. 


If they can't rape em they'll do it medically thru vaccines, fluoride, GMO's and common core sex fiends.


They want em playing video games for the electronic-induced autism. 


If I'm bogged down with past people I'm a victim. If I put the focus back on me, I transcend em.


When you're down you've likely been eclipsed by another. Put mind back on self, back to joy and wonder. 


How easily the self is eclipsed by humans. Then all goes dark--ever wondered why you're losin'?


I learned this in a lonely cabin in the desert. High as a kite, happy as a lark then a drop-in/it all inverts. 


I'd adapt to solitude: happy all the time. Someone intrudes: I'd get crazy, nervous, couldn't even rhyme.


My time in the desert made me realize the infinity inside. Any intrusion was hard to take (blind guides). 


If obsessed with past people self-esteem goes down. Put the focus back on self = royalty with crown.


horses.JPGSure Europe is fascinating but I gotta rely on travel logs cuz I just wanna stay home with cats/dogs. 


NO ONE should have pets if they wanna travel too. Get a heart, they are totally dependent on you!


When God convicts it's easier to quit. 


You can't lambaste them for it, you can only withdraw and build back up. Take a music vaca.  You get the trial--pass it and God gives you ALL.


Any victim of the little people would do best to turn it around and help others dealing with pests.


They abused her so much she preferred just a shack. This is Stockholm Syndrome, I had that knack. 


The Fallen Hero Syndrome: when he starts to slip the whole gang pushes him more down, quick. 


As suddenly as he rises up he spirals down: the shining star without the ground/never renowned.


cabin.JPGNo discipline in school = maniacs later = go to jail. That's what they want: we're set up to get fat and fail. 


They get so bad (go so low) but when they've had enough of the dark side they become sweet/aglow.


One finds God then trustingly joins a church. Now he's got a brick to carry not a lamp to search. 


What kills the churches is the spirit of compromise and control: let the world in and sell your soul.


When the churches show liberal characteristics and think they're good cuza them, forget em.


Compared to the world,America is heaven for minorities and women. 


What's it take? Daily assiduity. Day by day equals a masterpiece, truly.  


Engineering depts: Instead of aerodynamic lift and drag it's representation, feelings, micro-aggressions. 


Decency, decency, decency not diversity. 


What's it take: a sense of humor, a little lack of respect and you must work harder than anyone else. 


Most important for your young genius is: learn how to handle people while standing high as a steeple.


This is the importance of an inner courtyard in nature secluded from neighbors.


You just don't know who you are aligning yourself with: the devil dressed in sheep's clothing persists. 


The feminists say boys will become rapist men if we don't beat the masculinity out of them.


They want us to focus on batman/cartoon characters rather than the caricatures they've made us. 


They want us to live in another world while they transform this one--to something so horrible, hon'


Look how they made us into gangsters--in fashion, talk, our cribs, living life like in a hiphop video. 


Globalists created Hiphop/gangster culture. Any way to dumb us down and make us hate one another.


So you're nothin' but a dumb globalist pawn, acting like a silly crazed orangutan not a human. 


Jesus is Lord, He made the universe. Evil antiChrist takes over thru conquest, enslavement, a curse.


The greatest test of friendship: Do they cheer your success or become mute when you suggest it? 


Jealousy maintains groups. Like crabs in a bucket, homeostatic devices to keep em down: pooh!


Like Joseph and his brothers, don't you dare say you're gonna make it or they'll kill/throw you away.


Is she happy for your success? Or does she strangely disappear like she couldn't care less?


Even things like alcoholism and psychosis are maintained as status quo. We get used to danger, ya know.


Having someone tyrannize over you is the best education to be a good leader.


We sin to avoid anxiety but then anxiety gets worse, triggering us to sin again--that's how it works.


Our God is so good--He gives reprieves till the very end. No matter how sick or failed we can still win.


A point is reached when seared conscience melts down. A period of tears follows then the Self is found.


In elder years the temporal lobes open up to reveal eternity: panoramic perception in a smaller body.


Born clear we mal-adapt to an insane world and the smartest get the sickest or they find the pearl.


It is the fact I could never please them that I got so good cuz it compelled constant improvement.


If insecurity compels constant improvement then maybe that's God's plan but eventually let it go, man.


It's not that you created a higher reality, it's that you repented and God gave it to you mightily.


To make a dent in society we must be famous--that's obvious--but can we handle it? Must do it.


After much suffering I asked God for help and He brought me back with a Creative Act--done, in fact.


Dark night of the soul: Daily tears, God's curse: used to educate us and prepare for battle of course.


In the fallen hero syndrome, boundaries dissolve and evil worlds flow in to the end of you/your home.


Dark night of the soul is over. What a curse but I learned so much and now it's time for takeover.


Since the greatest saints were the worst sinners the best future can spring from the worst past.


What made Jesus' speech powerful was word pictures and that's also true of Einstein/all discoverers.


I just want someone who's neat and nice--is there anyone left like that or is it way too much to ask?


They must adapt to you or you'll never get anything done. You're problem is being eclipsed by them!


How could I know my foes were my friends--it was always them that was "loving and good" they said.


Let em go, people aren't important. It's God, He's first and foremost--men move, die or go dormant.


Kellockialisms are brutal logic reversals


It's hard to get her out of her home even if she's moving up higher because it's what she's known.


I know we get busy but don't forget to party cuz the incapacity for leisure blocks genius or the arty.


Can't rush ahead and force it myself. I've learned that from false starts, humiliating failures/God Himself.


I've done my work, it's complete. But am I going to market myself? Never, all problems He'll meet.


Be an exemplar in your generation. That's opposite to them--it takes strength not to slide down.


Yes he's the king of narcissism/egotism but we love it cuz God designed self it’s like a magic elf.


If your motives are good you can be as arrogant/conceited as you please, just not a cheat/sleaze.


Like pooh on the shoe it keeps coming back so why we need a desktop Manual to keep us on track.


You're at the top of your game and it's outstanding, electric, cosmic, the apex--cuz you gotta fence.


Be yourself,incredible as usual. Style, magnetism, nerve, wit, grace and boldly/bluntly unstoppable.


Style is nothing you can fake--you're born with it. You either have it/not and when pretended it's rot.


I wanna build an airplane not get dragged into neighborhood politics cuz that's what's cosmic.




A new season, a new day: power and prosperity, all pains to allay. It's called "blessed"--enjoy God's buffet.


You worked and waited, now it happens overnight. In the twinkling of an eye, success out of sight.


You don't need a gift to preach or sing. What gives you power is affliction--then a giant upswing.


It's the price you pay to be a star. People can raise you up but will also pull you down, so beware.


Those favored by God are hated by man. They hate your success so don't try to explain, just ban.


Their hate is a sign God's getting ready to bless you. So don't justify or explain, just bid them adieu.


Transition makes you need Him--it moves us into prayer. Thus it's followed with success, so prepare.


Success is greater than all your suffering. For every tear you're stronger, no need for bluffing.


Loneliness teaches how to be a leader. It makes you tight with God--no need to "fit" or be a breeder.


The minute you explain yourself they lose respect and start to test.


Just think of success--of crossing that great divide between total enchantment and this mess.


You left me alone but your memory makes me better, not a clone. Thanks for putting me on the throne.


Your trials give you something to say. Now they'll really hate as God turns your ashes into a bouquet.


It's your time so resume dreaming. Keep that dream alive: no need for scheming, God is redeeming.


With God all things are possible. Always remember that lest in down times you become irascible.


The great are lonely. The more significance to what they built the more they must watch for phonies.






It's getting ready to overtake you (what you've been crying for): success--real progress, largesse.Before you’re blessed you’re hated. We go through "pain on purpose" but it's just a test--your success is fated.