Why it's sometimes best to go solo



We mustn't let people devastate us, for a crowd is crazy. Out of envy and malice they group together like one mind against one, agreeing--consensually validating--the victim's inferiority or evil. Become whole: you will win out as higher always gains victory over lower. The word "rejection" means to "despise, set aside as having no value. To loathe, spit out, cast away, give no place to." There is no greater pain until you see the true gain: for the cursed genius that's the main--let me make that plain. It helps to know they aren't rejecting us but rather God who sent us. Once God places a call on your life there is no greater satisfaction as you become rare and different. At first the herd hates and slights God's mouthpiece but you must never be upset over the serpent's bite again--shake it off to be King. If you are bitten and don't shake it off the poison penetrates your system and you become as bad as the evil that sent it.  from JUST SKIP DINNER


 In this age of feminism, you would think women could trust each other. Not so. Female bullies are everywhere punishing other women through exclusion. After being "she-bullied" once, women feel shaky even about their closest female friends.  Yet out of a fear of being alone, sick relationships are maintained. 


  Female Bullies Fight with Exclusion not Fists


Vindictive teen cruelty is certainly reflected in female culture: the dirty looks, the taunting notes, total exclusion from "the group."  Trained not to be angry, women and girls aggress against each other through exclusion-- gossip and manipulation. This is the female bully--and her victim always feels to blame (shame). Read on and you'll see history differently---guaranteed to relieve, like you won't believe as loose ends come together and settle all doubts--dissolving submerged pouts; from past bullying as far back as girl scouts--being made the "outs". 




Cold shouldering, excluding, ruining the reputation of, slandering, constantly criticizing, nit-picking, humiliating, undermining, denying, refusing to value, manipulating, gossiping, bringing up the past, triggering self-doubt, treacherous betraying (e.g. gossiping to neighbors) incurring jealousy,  breaking confidences, telling secrets...shall I go on? You'll feel so much better with him/her gone!




Are they fake? Often yes--so let them eat cake, while you people-fast--it's your future you'll make. What you're fighting are COLLUSIONS so just cut it loose and do your own thing (you've got too much at stake).




of  female CULT bullies.  They play the social game superbly. But like the demons  they'll jump in a lake for it's seeing themselves they can't take. We're talking about systems and social set-ups who seem "nice" on the surface but inside are a fake.

Pertinent Points about females  and their fickle though ferocious fights (every generation of women can tell stories of being bullied by other females!):

 (1) Girls never forget.  Boys duke it out and finish the fight, but with female anger grows violent underground until it erupts on the victim who is suddenly cut out of a group without explanation. This hurts since we're expected to "have a lot of friends" and "be nice". The conflict creates an angry undertow leading to future vengeance.

(2) There's no specific target:  Whether it be about a pretty or ugly, popular or unpopular, or a new girl; the simplest comment provokes a well-planned global "attack. The fight stems from circumstances, not her lack; since the hot coals can always be triggered (from events going way back).

 (3)  Showing anger jeopardizes needed relationships, so life becomes a continuous negotiation between the hot coals inside and a show of caretaking behavior. The prospect of solitude terrifies so manipulation of relation is the result, as the "little-shes" hang on: the Queen Bee becomes a cult.

(4) Since "nice girls have many friends" the fear of confrontation becomes circular as aggression goes underground but nevertheless increases the conflict--so relationships become weapons. Though the weak are prey, bullying usually comes from submerged conflict from the past. Ask any man--"does a female's anger last?"

 (5) The major problem is the trivialization of bullying by parents and teachers and the tendency of the victim to feel guilt, shame or blame for the rejection. In that state it's hard to realize it may be jealousy or some past slight which was the gist of the jilt--and that there is no reason for guilt.

(6) Since the "prime directive" is keeping the "friendship" at any cost, girls will avoid details of the other's cruelty and apologize "just to end the fight". But her relief is only temporary, as the conflict sears her insides and the other's cruelty increases in mean tides (even more backbiting and lies).

(7) Females who have suffered from exclusion and isolation may--if unresolved through saintly solitude and trusting God, the defender of the persecuted--become bullies later, having learned the art of exclusion and relational rage (against the she-sage). Ladies, wake-up! Escape this cage.

(8) The same bullySue who degrades a woman will ingratiate (a suckup syncophant) to men. Her behavior changes-in-context (to "superiors" vs. "inferiors") which is how she's so sly, never being caught in a lie. She cleverly fits all systems as she performs her bullish game: to defame. 

(9) Derogatively called "bookish bitches" by their victims, these she-bullies know everything about everything; and if you disagree, they'll never speak to you again. They'll make you walk the plank for breaking their rules--and you can never get close as to them people are just tools. It hurts being "outed" as bully gossips about her targets-called-fools.


Good Men Want Ladies Not Bullies:


 Fifty years ago females had friendly community but " liberation" into moral breakdown brought bullying which is quickly becoming physical. Manly women feel " liberated" so they become a donkey's ass--and it's much more than sass! Can this explain  why only 1% of male gays are over fifty? Women are worse than in the past--they're getting gross, and crass.

It is shocking how damaging social exclusion from networks can be. It's the basis of suicide--and it's all through the family tree. Females are subtle as they irritate like fleas. So from these cobwebs, you must flee. Revel in solitude--with your True Self and God, then be truly free! Females hurt each other with glee (they learned it at their mother's knee).

 Victims often flunk--escaping into a drunken spree--as it's often two against one, seen in the sisters three. This happens to many, then it's with sweet solitude in the arms of God--to that I would agree! To genius: fighting to fit female culture is your debris  so do your own thing-- be the She-Marquis. You won't disagree--release phony females, enjoy your new jubilee then you'll attract a nice he.

Bullying seems to come out of nowhere--there's often no explanation and it's always a shock. The bully keeps you on your toes by keeping you confused. That's why he/she's hard to overcome--you can never predict where she'll resume her destructive campaign. And when things go well, you're so relieved you can't recall her game.

The bully is narcissistic and adapt at twisting your words as she avoids blame and makes you the bad guy. After disordering everyone's thinking with illogical arguments which their cronies fall for completely--and that's the end of them treating you sweetly.

 I could go on about narcissistic bullies--but it disturbs me too much. Suffice it to say you must cut it all loose, and just revel in your solitude. Women can be rude--in a mood, they start a social feud. Ladies! The fast fixes all things if you trust no one, only God. Women will call you odd--they're the conformist squad. It's a punishing rod, running over you roughshod. It's a matter of having to accept their facade. Well now just transcend the phony feminists and the frail female " friend" or "family" fakes. The fast and Inner Journey to your lovely self is ALL it takes. To find your True Self, be ye separate from female culture--the greatest obstruction to genius--for God, and goodness sakes.



Pertinent Points re: Prideful Puffed-Up Powers and Petty  Pugnacious Peer Politics


The Movie Bully Says it All

The movie BULLY  is shockingly real, about the kids. Unrestrained sex and scapegoatism are everywhere. The Bully becomes the target for murder due to the accumulated resentments of the others. They meet, they cheat, they plan, they justify--to escape boredom. It's much worse than the everyday agitator--it's reptilian whoredom.

 Godless Teen Culture

The cruel violent teen epidemic is shockingly rampant. Teens confront all authority esp parents, who are so scared they lock their bedroom doors at night. This American catastrophe stems from two things: (1) taking God out of the school, so now anything goes (like killing one's foes) and (2) kids rule--parents are punished for discipline, and the kids know the tool--make parents the fool.

 School Phobia from Bullies

School Phobia is rampant due to bullies. I had it from the first day of school--I did not want to be with my peers! Many parents use a "tough love" approach to peer-fear, making the teen defend themselves (bringing tear turning to beer). What a frightening betrayal--truth and dignity on the shelves. No more a kids being happy elves as into hobbies one delves.

"Friends": Peace at any Price

To avoid persecution and for protection the teen feels he must make friends--so relationships become possessive and controlling. He fears going solo in against the devil's crowd, but  the companion of fools shall be destroyed-- as one's "protectors" create a bigger void, hardly enjoyed. If it's solitude you avoid, don't be annoyed when your soul is destroyed.

Bully Targets: Saints and Genius

Who is the target of bullies? The gifted, the different, the misft, the inward and nonconforming. Perhaps this abuse comes from jealousy--of their gifts, bringing rifts. Women are most competitive and cruel as "friendship" degrades (hardly lifts). Even when things go well they're walking on eggs, fearing the shifts.

Teen Bullies to Animals

 The self-hating dense hurt animals (the weak). It's a mean streak and how they join the clique. We must see the signs and educate the heart--the truly smart you should impart. Animal Lovers unite--it's the youth who abuse in spite, so sense your pets plight! Rather than being a knight (in defense of the weak), they scapegoat (in great delight).


Family Bullies:

Sick She Systems

Psychopathic serial bullies in the family.

 1. Keywords: family bullying, power, control, domination, subjugation, manipulation, intimidation, narcissism, attention seeking, arrogance, isolation and exclusion (favorite tactic), interlocking jealousy patterns, fear, shame, embarrassment, guilt, denial, and (another favorite tactic) feigning victimization or persecution.

 2. Common tactics of bullies are disempowerment (making the victim impotent, including institutionalization or being declared incompetent for life); control of finances or perceptions, ritual humiliation and secret alliances against the one, and stimulating excessive levels of fear and embarrassment ("telling all"). In this system, no walk tall--separate, see their gall--you rise, then they fall.

3. All members are sick but the "identified" one is the victim (see: tantrum). The violence of family bullies is almost entirely psychological, leaving no scars or evidence: It is subtle  in the form of a  refusal to recognize, value, acknowledge and praise.

4. When the victim's injury to health becomes apparent, the bully tells everyone "she has a mental health problem"--but it's not mad insane, just mad angry! Since only a saint could remain calm in the face of such blatant intentional soul-slaughter, the inevitable anger becomes "proof" of insanity or "mood disorder".

5. The frustration from being misjudged leads to aggression, turned inward to sickness, addiction or depression--thus confirming the bad identity (confession). In many cases the victim--rather than self-defending--simply succumbs to illness to ward off a fight. The bully is powerful that way, in creating destruction (the victim gets tight).

5. Female bullies are masters of manipulation of emotion (guilt and shame)--seeing any form of vulnerability--esp emotional neediness--as their chance to exploit. The elderly, the ill or the emotional are favorite targets to distract from themselves and their cruel doings-- as subconsciously bovine as a cow's moo-ings..

6. The family bullySue is  adept at minimizing or destroying the target's public image by creating doubts and suspicions and sharing false "concerns". This poisoning of minds is difficult to counter; yet explaining the game helps others to see through the mask, so memorize these tactics as your humanitarian task!

7. The she-bully forges exclusive alliances with her as the sole source of information-- portraying the target as irresponsible, unstable and untrustworthy by constantly highlighting past breaches of trust, etc. BullySue gossip  is pure projection--the "pot calling the kettle black" election.

 8. Bully Sue wants the family's dependency on her for info and her sophomoric "analyses"-- and anyone attempting to break this tie becomes the new target. When close to being exposed, bullySue feigns victimhood as she gets attention as the injured party, and when the target explains the game she is called "paranoid". (This is so complex you'd have to be a Freud to see why you've been so annoyed!)

9. Female bullies are more devious, manipulative, cunning, sly, clever, psychological and subtle than men; leaving less evidence as they "bully with a smile". Female bullies will often get males to do their dirty work (violence). It's their mood changes which make them easy to spot (sudden silence), along with manipulating others' perceptions--always in a "plausibly and charming" way as they create misconceptions.

10. Though all cruelty comes from weakness just one person's divisive, disordered and dysfunctional  personality can permeate the entire (extended) family system like a cancer, affecting all generations and those to come! That is the outcome of one convincing and practised liar--bullySue. Power and attention are her gain (for being insane) and when she has the reign, souls are slain. 

From bullies you must STAY FREE without refrain for then it's your destiny you will gain!


Karen Kellock Ph.D.

    The Main Obstruction to Female Genius. Because  Being Sided Against Hurts

BEING BULLIED leads to self-destructive coping devices [SIN].  It is these self-destructive behaviors that tell the bully he was right!  There are therefore two possible reactions to the plight of persecution:  lay down and be weak or stand up, get strong and SPEAK.