How To Reach Your Goals, Even Fame.

Daily Fasting is the Cure.† Some Diseases

Go Out Just By Fasting Tillí Noon.


As a result of celebrity-led narcissism youth are more depressed than ever.†† All I have to do is be famous, people will watch me and love me finally and all my troubles will go away.


Youth suicides have skyrocketed every year since 2010--aspiring for vacuity and meaninglessness.† Depression--aspiring for something which is empty, impractical and unattainable for most people.


Celebrities are more revered than religious icons so when they die fans turn into gushing morons. Hollywood is stereotyped and there's a vicious intolerance of true originality or unpredictability.


Same handful of people producing songs for same popular artists and so everything sounds same.† Don't say you're an entertainer or fall flat on your face. Just BE/stay in the groove/pray for grace.


Book: It didn't take just eight years it took a lifetime of enduring everything that led up to here.† What I learned was:†† The sickest thing you can do is cry over those who don't want you, hear?


The fact they don't want you is enough to never think of em again but the masochist chews on it/SIN.† Sterile drivel can be heard in stores and banks. The worst music I've ever heard/stinks, no thanks.


We always had manufactured plastic crap but there were alternatives. No more, it's now forced on us. How retarded gangster-chic is.† Cleaning lady threw away expensive modern art she mistook for trash.


Being cool is parroting opinions: safe spaces, political correctness, virtue signaling, gender studies.† The sheep are socially conscious citizens provoked by the loathsome presence of a non-mutual.


Pressure to conform to canons of popular taste--or lack of taste--has never been stronger(Theodore Dalrymple).† We swallow the rotten culture just to have affinity with our peers--imagine that, insanity then tears.


We wanna fit in and that's why there's no counterculture just strict conformity or they'll getcha.† Most want people who don't want them/ignore those who do, as proven by all they went thru for you.


It's all so predicated on strict conformity they have no time to develop their own look or ideas, no way.† I guess it's just easier to regurgitate what Meryl Streep said or The View--thus we fear to argue.


In a sanitized culture it's the same meaningless tattoos and lazy cynicism: everything's like autism.† No authenticity, daring or individuality. Beautiful art is ignored in favor of tawdry trash like toilet paper.


Post modernism decreed everything must be part of social justice, see--and it's not art/it's sickening.† As mankind became stupider every day at a frightening rate, most popular movie was called "Ass"


All this crap while original works of art must be renamed cuz the original title might be offensive.† When ugliness is venerated as beauty we know we're in the depraved late stages of this tragedy.


A debauched culture begins to unravel then barbarians start to gather on the periphery, I'm scared to say.† By making us meaningless we become rudderless--easily overthrown, so reject it in all it's ugly forms.


Condign punishment is not beating em up but becoming great/rising up.† Sick of psychology, music is my therapy.† If you have chemical sensitivities (MCS) you must relax (aft naps).


Thought you're something when you're not. I'll show you punk, I'll transmute this/rise up.† Sure you have some firming to do but it's set in motion so take a vacation.


Not my friend if they befriend my enemies.† Not my friend if they get in my face, remember that.† Pantheists don't go to heaven: Only by Me.† It takes bravery to stand against majority.


Enjoying God's creation is another way of finding Him but we are not to worship it--that is paganism.† I was high as a kite on pantheism and synchronicity but without Jesus it was soon removed from me.


Synchronicity and Jung fascinates the mind but without Jesus you'll find it intermittent then left behind.††† I do feel synchronicity--life miraculously fitting together like a jigsaw puzzle--but Jesus leads me.


Very few applaud our success--most will hold us down like crabs in a bucket: envious, jealous nuts.† This is not it, it's a mere flashy deceptive stepping stone and I'm sorry you gotta learn it's non-legit.


There's some truth to everything and a demon is 98% true but it's that two percent that'll ruin you.† The left has control of the culture: media, academia, bureaucracy, even the many false churches.


Weak slide into the majority groove. So when we see you virtue signaling over trendy topics, Pooh!† When we hear you mimicking left's pet projects we know you're a brainless twit tho' you can't see it.


You never wouldacome up with "global warming" on your own, you're just hopping on the bandwagon.† I woulda admired you so much had you stood up--but when I saw you cave to the slaves that was it, bud.


It's the default setting, this crap they come up with. A list of narratives okd by idiots, but you David?† They're influenced by writers paid to bash Trump. It's a party line, stupidly boring and made up.


Sure he's done wrong--haven't we all? All men are sinners the point is to repent then forget it/walk tall.† Global warming is a scam for a carbon tax. Anyone who chirps this is also for open borders to the max.


Easy parroting the party line but hard speaking truth to a leftist gang.† Objectivity has taken a backseat to a political agenda and the truth to money: fake news in America.



It's not any one diet it's REVERSALS that keep bringing balance.FAT is a feminist issue cuz they think it gives them power. Einstein proved the opposite: less is more.



Many women stop weight loss to quell the anger of the envious--the status quo of groups is grievous. It is fascinating to learn how systems keep us down--you've dealt with it all your life, all around.


Raw dairy onlymade me fat and crazy but with fruit added, energy.† Who needs all that fat in the cells--I'm done with keto forever. Want more fruit, fuel of the clever.



A smoothie fruit base then I use it as an apothecary putting this or that whatever is necessary.† I sip smoothies so I won't be hungry yet I have the best in me.




The poser sounds so good to lame brains and hearts of wood.†

I went through all that flack just for the raw data to later mine for pearls of wisdom: sages do that.†


Can't take it anymore, wake me when it's over but loved being together.


You've gotta push it forward now.† Stop thinking and let the past go--you've got kids or pets, you know?


It's not a mental illness but a neuropathway in the brain. It's the groove that's gotta go, in the main.


Refuse to giveinto the fires of desire and it "pierces" the mystic center, wakes the serpent/ lights fire.†


As the serpent unwinds and goes out we lose compulsion and become part of the flow again.


You've proven yourself so now just be the magic elf and put the boring mundane world on the shelf.†


A point's reached where you canít track. Suddenly no books or movies--just your own map.


A writer never says he's gonna write soon, he just does it.† Of all these false starts and fake fluff, dump it.†


They're so outa grace they make wrong decisions: Holes in their bucket despite wealth/education.


Stop wasting precious time on time-fillers. Make hay while your sun shines, God said to be tillers.†


In everything you sayand do, draw lines. Don't push the envelope but pull way back: now it's fine.


It doesn't matter how many times you failed or for how long. Jesus paid your debt--to Him you belong.†


ray God turns talents into cash. You must think like thatóincrease your stash while blocking the trash.


Though Satan roars of sins I've done (and thousands more) by His finished work God knowest none (so itís Him I adore).†


It's not about rhyming, it's so much deeper.† It's understanding contradiction and seeing the reaper.


Get some class hicks.We're losing stature as we see everything the same--a mix: adults acting six.†


A poet can't say "i'll work from ten to noon". For it comes when it comes and you gotta make room.


Must adapt to the creative spirit, not it adapt to you. It may go on for days/weeks so you gotta be fit/in tune.†


Separate to get the higher rate. That's your lesson in life and fate: first you must deflate (eliminate).


You're just gonna wake up in fame just like you always knew. Get ready: fast/watch what you chew.†


With completion of the creative act we return to stillness. You turn it on, turn it off like it never was.G


†You just must do your own thing, for that is the highest most superior thing you could do--row or sing.† I gotta do what I do.†


The greater your potential the more they try to getcha.


The saints choose beauty. There is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads to fortune.


Omitted, life is shallow misery (Shakespeare)† I cherish my routine so don't come without calling, I get mean.


I can love you but still not want to hear all the details of your life. Shut up, please: listen and go lite.††


Most memorable verse is: least possible words. Before he said a thing Einstein saw mental pictures.


Poetry can't be forced. It's only something that comes through the poet, then refined--that's the most.†


You've been planting seeds: copy. So you know it's gonna happen, exploding open--yes not maybe.


At your maturity when they disparage, you don't have to say a thing: After a while they'll all perish.†


Why I hate phones: it gives them a chance to abuse you with their garrulousness (their social-ness).


Facebook makes me feel loved. It says "good afternoon, Karen" and I finally feel so understood.†


You get to your best and then you die. You don't decline but keep getting better then it's bye-bye.


Just living in a shack brings more abuse, cuz it all fits--everything fits--even the booze.††


Individual = freedom. Group = tyranny. Christianity is the individual not the false church of many.


An old woman always for abortion now faces death panels by the same eugenics without option.†


If you have the wrong politics that annoys they'll do anything to you regardless of how it destroys.


Everything with liberals is that peer pressure: You aren't cool cuz they weren't cool in school.†


Left took over politics when we weren't looking. We were complacent but now awake and kicking.


The state of the union is dismal. That's all denied by evil but known by the people (who stay cheerful).††


Suddenly their liberal rants seemed pure static. Then it was easy to ignore these dumb leftist fanatics.


Liberals won't face facts. They just "know what they know" and make stuff up--give em the axe.†


We've reached a point where patriotism is actually frowned upon--freedom is truly under the gun.


Mobs turn good kids into bad ones--warped by the crowd mentality--but America is individuality.†


Drill down: they don't know what they're talking about. Tragic, violent clowns.


Cosmic: that's what I feel on fruit. Never felt that on ketogenic carnal fat-fasting and I wasn't cute.


Lady what you said sounds like something from "The View". You're smarter than that, aren't you?†


Even if no one's shaming them they still feel shamed so push things further (get Christians framed).


The established authorities are liberal feminists who are all for Hillary and other such chicanery.†


All of their problems will magically go away if I will just pretend they are the sex they claim.


These sick brats and old hippies are sexual anarchists and communists. If they're in control we're finished.†


Race-pimping is a trillion dollar business of liberalism, ok? PC zombies have become Maoists today.


Called the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco's smeared with feces because liberals rule.†


We're programmed by the artificial culture, a fake. It's dirty, it's nasty and I've had all I can take.


You went that way cuz the schools deliberately misled you. Now you're all puffed up, bloated, suicidal.†


God's wrath comes in many forms but when coming to nations, scary unpredictability is the norm.


Drones and robots are what they've got. The message: you're automatically caught and it'll hurt a lot.†


One little insight, one tiny hunch, one slight change is enough to flip you into total success, outa this mess.


To overcome loneliness I lived alone in a cabin on one thousand acres of nature. 20 years relying on God, I matured.†


Smart people think, dumb people have allegiances. I went wild with cabin fever but not a habit.


Stop hankering over things that can never be. Give your love and attention to others who value thee.†


Getting rid of people is like a boulder taken out of your eye. They eclipsed you, so say bye-bye!


After being a worm in their eyes I'm super-ambitious. All behavior is compensatory with results auspicious.†


Sin keeps you longer and costs more than you thought. Repent and forget all you've been taught.


Finally, an event-thought-change and you snap into breakthrough and to the past, pooh-pooh.†


Low IQ people are highly social/have allegiances. High IQ people are careful/don't take chances.†


Your purpose and destiny will bring you the greatest joy you could ever know, so donít get suck in detours of food obsessions.† Besides the time, money and energy food makes decades go by in a blur.† Get your energy up out of the gut into the brain, the enlarged brain.† Fast and find this beautiful lifeóto be thrilled and of enormous help to humanity.† Get ready to make an amazing new dent in this world.† And are you ready to live the good lifeóthe class of your highest calling?† Make plans for your castle for you shall have it.†† KK