It’s a World Obstruction: Being Ignored,

 Hated  and Misunderstood



BEING BULLIED leads to self-destructive coping devices [SIN] and it is these behaviors that tell the bully he was right!  There are two possible reactions to the plight of persecution:  lay down and be weak or stand up, get strong and SPEAK.


We all have unique gifts which would make us champions in our field were it not for the obstructions in our lives. How to be a champion:  release your obstruction then attain the spiritual skies as you rise up in your field.  We’re all potential geniuses but it’s only a dormant potential.  It must be developed to blossom to world success.  This theory of how to rise up has one very simple formula:  all disease is obstruction, all recovery is elimination and all success is attraction.  There are three obstructions:  people, habit and food.  Release your obstruction and you will snap to your goals waiting in the wings.




It is natural for

genius to unfold but in the world it meets resistances.  Blocked genius is blue: before it comes to its own it remains an as-yet-unrecognized, would-be or “wanna-be” and that just isn’t good enough.  To be a world success you must hit the bull’s eye.  The way you get to the promised land is to release these obstructions in your life:




(1)  People.  Be very careful with whom you associate lest they contaminate your aura and pull you down.  Many “symptoms” are just  appropriate reactions to sick systems which maintain that problem.  Because much of this exists in the spiritual world, true success entails a period of separation and then reconnection.  (2)  Habit.  You must eradicate--give up, turn from, repent of--all bad habits.  You know which ones I mean because underneath we always know better.  Due to the laws of energy these habits will automatically degrade from your best as they recycle energy in outworn channels.  Through habit we’re stuck in ruts that literally blind us from the light illuminating the path to success.  (3)  Food.  Most people are physically filled with superfluity—debris-seen-as-fat--having a diet of unnatural modern foods which are biologically unusable and thus stored in the fat “false body.”  Genius succeeds through starch-fasting reversing with fat-fasting.  Man has been a fruit, starch and fat-eater from the beginning.  Fruit is a purifier, starch satiates and fat is an oiler or re-builder and the fat and fiber (in  nuts or fauna)  are colon-happy  eliminators. 






It is frightening how much people are like animals in their group behavior. People can be cruel as they hold you down.  Being part of a sick system degrades as manipulation and control destroys life and destiny.  The would-be genius must manage associations and insulate from all ungodly control.  He must cut his life into his own pattern and let no one dissuade him from it.  Having eliminated all distractions he can then focus and achieve his goal--the unleashing of all his true genius talents which are totally unique or they aren’t true genius.



Only the True Self  which transcends culture, age and gender must prevail and this is the perfect blueprint for success.  We must first detach from old or evil props then develop from the inside-out.  Detaching from sick society we can then embark on an exciting inner journey to the True Self as God designed.  Do not be adapted to the present age--its superficial customs and modes of thought--but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.  Then you will prove the will of God which is your genius.



True enlightenment is not “going with the flow” or adapting but insulating from the human herd and then unfolding in your own stream.  Here there is no competition just the burgeoning of raw talent into success.  Insulation is the mark of the superior man:  he creates his own universe and adapts to no one.  He makes his environment reflect his personality so his personality will be enhanced.






Einstein proved it’s all just energy.  If  clear and open to this  source our lives are filled with creative action and opulent abundance.  We are remunerated for our talents and unique genius.  But bad habits block this process as they recycle energy into ruts long dead.  Sin blocks.  Having turned from these useless ruts--which make us poor, ugly and mean--the duality in man becomes unified into one-pointed mind power so now we hit the mark automatically.  When stuck in ruts and cycles we block the light revealing completion.  With final repentance the historical saints instantly shot up to world greatness after many fruitless and frustrating silent years.







We all know to eat fruits and vegetables for phytonutrients. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. But Daily Fasting is the real power of healing after eating and that means the main meal must have fats or starches for satiety. Have your fruit smoothie (or fruit/yogurt/raw milk) and then cap it with a starch or fat meal: noodles, spuds or avocado and nuts. Now you’re set to enjoy your fastarian day and it will be bliss. If you want to mix starch with fat go ahead but I find it fattening instead. If you want to eat again, you know what to eat: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, starches or fats.


like Ehret's Formula of Vitality:  VITALITY = POWER - OBSTRUCTION. 

V = P - O







All through history the sages and saints used fasting as a method to overcome enemies and achieve success.  It has always been the way to get to God’s power.  This is INTERMITTENT FASTING: Daily Fastarianism.  Eat your starch or fat meal then fast to the next day.   You'll  be amazed at the exhilaration and the revelation that comes with just one day of IF.  Eat foods within an 8-hour [or more] window.  Now fast and you’re using the oldest and most efficient method used by man to perform miracles and complete old cycles  while beginning new ones.

Karen Kellock Ph.D.