Faith in Abusers or Ecstasy?

You can either have fullness of experience--each moment vivid rich perception of the universe--or  bad faith--faith in a hurtful or useless person--but you can't have both.  As soon as you put your faith in the wrong person you’ll have lost your miraculous perception and be dragged down to bland, boring, petty, mean, shallow and mundane reality. 


Watch who you put your faith in.  Simply put, watch who you associate with--because the influence is there with the mere contact.  The shark knows this:  his sequence is contact, influence, conquest! The conquest is over your mind which ceases to be a lovely garden and starry night and starts being a scene from hell.  In those times you can make a  wrong decision which will degrade your life for decades.  Dissociating with lower elements is the name of the fame game at this point--you must separate in order to re-connect to the powers that be in your field.




Do you think that just because someone is popular and accepted that you should put your faith in them?  Don’t kid yourself,  for the opposite is true.  Falling into the popular groove they are constantly out of grace and will only misadvise you on what you should do.  Look back--were not all of the past tragedies due to some involvement or influence with other people?  It’s scary to realize this but incredibly beneficial.  Thinking most people are “nice” is very stupid--stay alert to subtle influences tearing you down.


The wrong faith object will inspire fear in you.  This fear is your inner instinct crying out against possible destruction--its your solar plexus indicating a sense of powerlessness.  The Bible says “faith in an unstable man is like living on quicksand.”  Though you may be dulling your instincts to avoid this recognition  your insides are distressed from what you know down deep. You must listen to what your body is telling you--are you stuffing or drinking down your fear on this road so steep?


You must  become aware of and question your associates.  Because I tell you truth--you will never go anywhere if you stay in that situation, for you need silence to succeed and this present situation is noise—games.  Above all else keep chatterers (or those  using you for  entertainment) at bay for these are energy thieves.  You must cut them loose for the time is late.  Many of your sins are just coping devices to adapt to these people--your environment.  Man is an adaptive animal and the mal-adaptation to dense environments is exhaustion.  Exhaustion is the result of oppression--from letting inferiors worm their way in.    


Since hostile environments are characterized by sterile dynasties and petty competition,  they contaminate and restrict your creativity.  They're  based on a whole set of rules you want no part of.  Your destiny only unfolds through your own genius acting point-to-point without a map or a plan--and  only silence  allows your focus on what to do next


Remember it’s the weak who talk too much: they can't understand why you’d rather think than talk.  Let them go.  Even if you have to live with animals at least you’ll get your work done.  It will be effortless--with holy spirit ease--if you can separate and establish your own reality with God.  Only there do you get the divine design of each moment,  the grand culmination of which is total success in your field.  You’ve been resurrected from the dead, a case of beauty from ashes.




The Devil’s Crowd is politically correct.  They tow the line,  thinking and saying whatever’s “popular”.  But it’s  the tyranny of the group that wants you to feel  down and hopeless--making you try proving yourself which only keeps you down more through  embarrassment  and feeling disapproval.  Learn to say “I can't deal with your projections nor talk again.”   To overcome this subtle yet pervasive obstacle, become assertive.  The dominator adapted to your docility so look them in the eye,  say “no” and never think of these old networks again.  Once eliminated your  attractive powers will link to  success.   Just be right so no more memories, habits or systems can take hold.


As long as you’re never around gossip can’t hurt you--you’re just a name or label.   You’ve grown weary in your one-down state so declare independence and bid them good-bye.  When you’re out of the system there’s nothing they can do, so keep thinking when down:  “my aura's been contaminated and infected.  Soon I’ll be better, then the best.   I now release this system  and transcend to my world talent.”  In regards to these particular people the “case is closed.”


 If upon waking to the abuse you  find yourself without friends, great--now you’ll be with God, the highest.  God knows your great future--this present situation is part of your training.  It’s heartbreaking dealing with people when coming into your own talents--a free world--but just remember this:  jealousy is their incentive!  People attempt to make you feel small to avoid them feeling that way when you get so big! 




We have a choice:   Faith in wrong people (bad faith) or the experience of  true fullness.   Bad faith brings depression while recognition of the truth about people brings recovery into fullness.  You can’t have both.  There’s no happiness with bad faith as the contradictions are a cancer to the subconscious.  When the tension of denial is gone you’re back in the Kingdom:  your center, your home.  Acceptance reached brings your reversal:  you’re now in a joyful light so just accept the truth so life can  change suddenly.  These people putting painful projections on you care nothing for your joy.  


Bad faith in useless people is maintained through denial resulting in dimmed experience, flagged interest, dulled eyes and dense brain--you no longer “cherish the day.”  Everything forced unconscious makes us  dense: anytime we deny the obvious the whole project dims.  Through your relationship alone the wrong person can degrade your reality--the hard-won bud of genius.  This beautiful seed is smashed  by the carnal, the vulgar and the indifferent.   Once the light goes out due to  relationship, bad habits or inferior food the creative process is ruined.  True pleasure is blocked by  tension, so release prideful people and pastimes and you’ll find fullness: ecstasy in life.



Cunning  Competition


We lose identity when enmeshed in groups, mal-adapting by dropping  parts of self.   We should be moving to a more independent  family reality,  not a more enmeshed one.  The most extreme example of independence is the discoverer who always splits  from the majority view.  He must be strong and pure to silently maintain his view which “everyone knows is false”.  Such high boundaries is an essential achievement  for success to occur, for separation precedes completion. 


Another example is the anorexic who was undifferentiated from the family system in youth so now compensates by taking the opposite track in maturity--total reclusion.  After many mishaps she learns that petty competition and jealousies are instantly dissolved with her total inaccessibility.  To guard against relapse she guards her mind and selects all that gets in her  body, mind and environment.  Whereas she was a “blank slate” for others projections she now becomes warm steel--cordial but  firm, impervious to influences.  She jealously guards who’s around for it is “contact, influence, conquest.”


We know that children love non-competitive  games the most: it is independence that brings full self-expression.  The happiest cultures are non-competitive and true genius competes with no one--that talent is unique and in his  stream there is no competition.  Competitive left-brain groups ruin genius and thus the rare overcomer secludes and never compares himself to anyone--which usually means staying on his  own turf.




Your essence is your private castle for nothing else  compares.  To be home-centered is to be self-centered—this is good.    If your home doesn’t reflect you, you lack center and are owned by society.  When people lack  center their home is in shambles while they travel with the rabble.  You must regain your center to feel that wonderful joy of knowing the you as distinguished from the masses. 


The non-competitive atmosphere of your home transcends time and space--so become inaccessible, choose your experience, make your home reflect your personality and never adapt again!  From now on you choose all as you   simultaneously  seclude.  Love your little niche,  filling time with solitary pursuits to establish your own separate reality.  Through the inner journey you gain  the discernment and high boundaries defining True Royalty.   The opposite is being emotionally dependent on a vacillator who breaks your heart!



Vs. Codependency


If one is right,  then silence is the most perfect way to deal with resistance.  No one expects anything from the rightly inaccessible: If your way is best then be that silent stream of refreshment  for people who need you as teacher.  Until one’s time has come, fighting resistance will only tear him down--but surety,  silence and seclusion will manage new attractions and prevent falling victim again. 


In most groups loyalty and protection take precedence over autonomy and self-realization--and so they will always side against the Great.  In groups denial of self combined with  mutual consideration are far more esteemed than the expression of Self.  But for the genius  there is sanctity to separation and seclusion--until the time comes to express and catalyze the race:  to be the genius in the field.  The opposite to this release into cosmic freedom is the horrors of codependency:


Bad faith is really about co-dependency where the dominant one maintains his superior identity by “helping” or “advising” others--and then getting angry when they don’t obey or go their own way. Such anger inspires fear which leads to more bad faith and lost fullness.  Put your faith where it belongs:  in  your own stream and instincts, for then your own moments will be protected by God.  As you get strong the dominant will spread a net to trap you but he will fall into it. 


Rather than resisting his competitive strivings it is patient perseverance in one’s own stream  which breaks the false power of codependency.  “Holy” means separate--like God.  To be holy is to be separate.   Because God is separate, holy is removed from the ordinary.  The highest form of religious experience is to reflect and imitate the divine--so separate and insulate so God will shine through your talents now refined.  This period of “ecstatic rest”  is your last phase.  For new royalty,  rest precedes rule.




My favorite social theorist is Vernon Howard whose theories of human nature are priceless and fruitful.  When I read his work on ways to escape cruel people” my life came together as the hypnotic spell of various systems dissolved.  I finally saw the mixed signals that kept me down.  It was shocking  because I always felt blame and shame but could not see the set-up as spectator.  “Cruel people” is a little jewel revealing those human cruelties so you may  shake  loose from the denial of bad faith. 


Every detachment from fruitless destructive relationships  brings explosion into new wonderlands.  Once the grieving is complete a brand new life opens up.  The release is as elevating as a long fast which brings total transformation.  One’s “self” has been defined against these grounds, so detach and now the universe and God--the lovely moment--defines you.  The wonderful release is ineffable.  The past’s heartbreak of violence and indifference dissolves to joy in  the glorious opening after the painful control.  


Cruelty is usually too subtle, silent and insidious to see and thus we seldom hear about it.  We only hear  of “love” and “goodness”--the masks we’re told to wear, while cruelty is rarely mentioned (let alone detailed) because as a sinister force it prevents its own exposure.  But the shocking facts will liberate you with perfect protection so learn them well as most all cruelty is unnoticed as it happens too often and fast for the mind to register.  It all adds up to thousands of pains: a broken promise or plan, being stood up or kept waiting, gossip-called-concern, a perverse triangle or secret alliance,  the hostile stare, the sarcastic contemptuous remark, dangerous advice, a “casual” misjudgment or false advertising. 


There is active cruelty (hateful insults), then the passive cruelty of witnessing and allowing it to occur--like a mother who won’t defend her children against an abusive husband.  It’s an invisible empire with millions of unaware humans constantly punished by their own ignorance.  For though unaware it registers deep, resulting in addictions to avoid anxiety: it’s the cause of a pervasive anger whose source remains hidden.  And, it’s the fear of facing its vastness that prevents escape.  Our denial keeps us hooked to the cruel effects while awareness though painful gives perfect protection and prevention of any more hurt.  It does not leave by ignoring it for like cancer it grows more menacing under the surface.




Thus it is very right and good to see the wild wickedness of people, for then our work comes out in full creative force.  Cruelty is subtle so catch it before it clips you.  Become as skilled in its identification as knowing the stars.  You must think:  “she said that to get revenge.”  “He did that to make me jealous because he can’t control me.”  Or “he wants me to adapt to what he wants.”  Whether you confront or not is not the issue---just knowing it’s occurring stamps out denial and anger.  You will soon be free of sorry conditions as depression lifts and your new light guides you free.


Despite their "loving" image, this generation isn't "nice" as we  witness pure hypocrisy everywhere we look. Cruelty hurts others but also the cruelian who is possessed by it.  His first victim is himself as he despises truth and decency and anything else different  from his own nature.   Many  people just  love getting you into trouble.  Can you not see this looking back?  Stay awake--for a chief cause of sorrow is the inability to see through evil disguises.  The worst part is the blind  insisting they can see.



Explosions of Suppression


Had you read their thoughts your past would have been different, right?  Learn from that to avoid annoying involvements to which your center says “NO.”.  Notice for example how quickly people change their minds.  They’re friendly and helpful now but suddenly they’re  cold and evasive.  Have you ever felt your protectors were your worst enemies?  Don’t be dismayed--these sad realizations symbolize growth into maturity.


Let the tears flow:  These are the floodgates opening you to the future and oceans of power.  Down deep we all know the truth--it’s  just denial keeping us dull, dimmed, dumb, degraded: all delusions of the immature mind.  You must face human nature to get the high prize of those set apart from the mass maize--the misjudgments of mistaken, masked identities.  See them though it hurts.  Then forgive them--to take the throne as their leader.


You must dare to see through weakness posing as strength--or dangerous posing as healthful--for staying in delusion is   deleterious, scary, tedious and heartbreaking.  Fooled once, it’s their shame but fooled twice it is yours.   Growing up is giving up foolish infantile fantasies about  inefficient diets, phony “friends” and   fallacious family fakes. 


The more familiar the pain caused by persecutors the deeper the knife—perhaps for your whole life.  These are systems you're so used to you can't think straight anymore!  Think of the  release about to occur--no more a sucker for the mockers.   You want to be champion?   Delete the  fools and choose your folks.  You must never rely on immature souls whose competitive strivings keep you down.  As you learn to stand alone you'll feel  much safer with just truth and God as your teacher.


A cruel act is an explosion of suppressed energy.  The pressure accumulates from having a pretense of being right [smelling like a rose] when one is actually wrong.   So an inwardly wrong person is always under the pressure of this conflict which regularly erupts to cause pain and damage.  But when truth takes inner hold he loses the pressure from pretense and thus also his cruelty.   The phony ain’t fine so you gotta draw that line.   He is gross and un-free:  it’s his envy you must flee.  The greater your role shall  be  the better you’ll feel as just “me”.




The law of affinity says things of like tone vibrate together.  Wrongness hates rightness and visa versa so  the two can never relate--they walk completely different paths.    It helps to know that the faker of “right” is usually wrong.  Getting hurt by wrong people signifies our denied wrong in ourselves which is attracted to another’s inner weakness posing as strength.  Yes the phony is blindly attracted to phoniness.  You must be internally right to receive the safety of that rightness by avoiding the toxic system. 


This truth will guide you in all male-female relations as everything becomes smooth and pleasant.  You’ll instantly perceive someone’s actual nature as meeting negativity becomes an instant warning against a disastrous involvement—for you'll know that  romance/friendship with a cruelian is like living with a rattlesnake!  No wrong man can hurt a right woman as her rightness  warns by instinct alone, and no wrong woman can  deceive a righteous man.

The Lord turned the captivity of Job when he prayed for his friends.  So let's do that now: "please Lord help these phonies."




The most common fear is of another’s anger.  Knowing the nutty nasty nature of humans will lead you higher where you'll say NO to your own fears.  The prince will no longer tremble before the stubble.  Only the weak wear wrath, yet you weep?  You must now say “Cruelian I know you and will no longer shake under the tyranny of your rage.” 


When you declare your independence and keep yourself safe these human storms will be of non-effect.  If you can understand, you command.  By giving up your delusions about people, your own inner journey will explode into ecstasy as you move into miracles.  Detach from the outer: implode to the inner just by skipping dinner and avoiding the sinner.


The cruelian is a vandal who loves the thrill of hurting others.  He is always playing games and repeating early templates to confirm self-greatness.   Just when you think things are going good he falls into his bag:  keeping you waiting, denying a normal request, forcing you into hardship and irritation, making you jealous, making you feel less, old, unholy, a phony.   He digs driving you to desperation but being weak he's also powerless except for the power you give him.  Now just see it, flee it.  By merely learning about this  type  you’ve won.


Now, dare to disappoint demanders--never give what you don’t want to give.  Beware of expectations or being made to feel selfish and  never be  exploited just to satisfy them.  Discern the valuable from the worthless--the egotistical cruelian has no value to you.  As you become alert to the harmful or unpleasant  these instinctive soul-elevations  will come from  mind as well as  habit.  You’ll see people differently and express it outwardly by refusing to “enter their den.”  No more your eyes glazed over with denial, now you’re alert: a rich squirt free of hurts and neurotic quirks (from being eclipsed by a shadow—not coming first).




The cruelian thinks for you--for a price.  The most ineffectual are the most eager to help you.  Refuse the charlatan’s “two cents” and suddenly you’ll think, act and avoid as you should.  Your destiny depends on it.  Involvement with wrong can distract or delete decades from God’s plan for you.  Avoid,  then take  control with perfect protection.  Never forgetting the weak are a fake, always ask:  “what are you really like behind the mask?"  Since he knows he’s false he’ll either attack of flee.  See that nice little lady?  She’s really a scorpion.  Fakery is the cause of cruelty--so to escape hurt, see through masks.




The cruelian is compelled to win the debate, score the ego point, be a hero and demolish his fellows to feel good.  He’s a conquistador.  Realize the danger here and instead of deflation think:  “this could have been handled in a much higher way.”  Since a higher way exists, why settle for the lower?  The conquering fool is just that--the low lured by like-lowness.  He can never see the brighter higher world for a cruel man does not believe in himself.  He tries to see his wrong as right but it’s impossible--he wants his wicked ways to work but knows they won’t.  In conflict he can’t believe in himself so why should you?  If you do he’ll hate you for your foolish flattery or fawning over a fake like him, a no-win. 


The fool tries to please the cruelian thinking he’ll be loved but in so doing becomes spiritually weak while declaring cruelty as worthy of worship.  Why reward the ruinous, the recalcitrant, the rank?   Some even fear rejecting this misery-maker.  The solution is to  realize you’re not losing him but only your delusion that you need him.  Detach, alight, see things right.  Never fight  just use spiritual might—transcend like a kite.  It’s  your awareness alone that subdues those rising up against you, but your blind denial is the glue of gossiping groups in spite.



Weeding Your Friendship Garden


People are either IN or  OUT.   Those who are IN you love, adore, cherish and reward.  Those OUT you avoid, ignore, disconnect.  Out of your circle they have no way in to hurt you again.  You  decide-- and when all is well with you there'll  be nothing wrong with your world.  As it is, it’s you sending invitations for disaster.


Practice IN and OUT for one month.  You will feel more relief than you’ve ever known.  Once someone is designated OUT your inner man realizes he’s a foe or a faker and so attaches no significance or expectation to the contrary.  Thus you are no longer hurt by unexpected slights or slighted expectations--there is no hurt nor salutation for the King salutes not the foe. 


Just stand upright and keep your head above the cruel crowd through aristocratic reserve.  Be terse, laconic, sober.  Give no account nor take thought for the OUTS and love to their death the INS.  In becoming King or Queen the OUTS will never slight you again--they hate you anyway for placating, pandering to and pleading with their sick, silly and sadistic souls.  Some men only love those who can see right through them.  So if you want his love designate him OUT--only this brings the respect precursory to love.




Make people win your favor by growing up, while never trying to win their favor again.  Your new matrix of IN-OUT  will form a new future as good as fame and fortune, for in so getting your world organized the relief from tension will open the floodgates of newfound energy  (like an ocean going through your veins).  It’s an easy way of asserting self in sweet silence, as silence says it ALL--they all know what they did anyway so there is nothing to say.  Your silence is a siren suggesting they spurt up speedily or “so long, so-low, I’m going solo.” Since all misjudgment is oppression (indicating wrong people)  the IN-OUT matrix removes the block keeping you from  success.



Labels and Fables


Cruelians are big on bringing up your (bad) past.  Think "ABM":  Attack Bad Memories.  When they  hurt you this way just remember that  (1)  they seek to weaken and confuse you to inflate themselves and  (2)  you aren’t that same person years or seconds ago--for the True Self is new every minute.  Take a rattlesnake and call it a “kitten”. It’s still a rattlesnake.  Ignore people’s insults and  self-flattering labels and just see realities.  They call themselves “loving” to veil a viciously vindictive mind. 


 It’s the “humanitarian” groups which often hog and horde power and wealth, so stop believing in labels--especially those put on popular people and petty past-times.  See their inner realm--you cannot afford not to for the time is late.  Give up on the cruelian who always excuses brutality—thinking he’s a right to attack,  to rub your nose in your past or to betray a promise.  When he justifies, he lies.  Worse, his cruel crony counterparts support his hypocrisy while his very victims see him as a charming though  rough “liberator”.




To detach, live in your own secret world.  We can’t change unpleasant people but we can detach from them through a secret world of safety.  Never let them know how childish and ignorant they are.  Keep your wisdom to yourself and your secret world is a happy world.  It’s so nice to live in the desert as I can turn from man, mass or mess to face the beautiful mountain vistas, the eternity represented there in pure sun and air. Suddenly I get caught up in the miraculous moment and all goes “strangely dim.”  Everyone’s on probation here, for in the desert wilderness no one can compete with eternity. 


Solitude is the mistress we should always turn to when people problems persist.  Go tell it on the mountain then the OUTS dissolve or die and the INS co-enjoy the eternal ease and evanescent ecstasy of living without obstruction (oppression).  Your phony friends or fickle family have contaminated your aura---and you can now de-contaminate by rising out of their reach to real regality.  Turn to eternity when all such paltry petty people problems and  politics have passed.




The crueilian is a pouncer always looking for an excuse to scream, attack  and injure.  His cold eyes resemble a wild animal waiting for his moment to pounce, and he  loves making you nervous about every word you say.  The pain of  persecution from cruelians dissolves when you understand it at this higher level:  By seeing the incredible pressure between their true and false identity we can end the pain caused by troublemakers.  They explode with (often “polite”) cruelty as a bio-device to release the misused energy.  They are helpless: seeing this will switch your state from fear to insight.  Perception prevents pain while refusing to see what is going on allows the cruelian to confuse, cajole and cause you to cringe. 


Around a deceiver you'll feel sudden confusion like he threw a blanket over your head--the blanket being his anxious face,  resentful words and empty life which strikes fear like the desolation of hell.   Putting you in constant fear is his invisible crime as his defeats become your worries.  Let his recurrent outbursts become a blessing for visions spring from crises:  Use terrible traumas and tantrums to  reveal solutions while giving you the will to act on them.  God doesn’t want you to be mentally accosted and destroyed  by evil--only seeing through  empty (though glittering) social rewards brings joy, so ask yourself:  “do I want to be here with him (them)?  Success comes with seeing through the world’s false front and foolishness called "fun".




They do wrong because they don’t know right, so when hurt always think “the higher conquers the lower.”  Unconsciously they  act superior assuming the pecking order is “right” and you are wrong. So don’t struggle to win--just let  God’s higher force act for you.  It’s society vs. God who is  on your side and soon all will know it.  Never expect compassion from a cruelian for he’s  always looking for revenge and destructive ego-thrills compensating low self-esteem.  Stand in “high silence”--so high science can make his effect null and void. 


Since it’s for want of attention that bullies behave brutally  they crave to be fearfully noticed with screams or arguments—so your non-reaction is their confusion and defeat.  Test the cruelian’s terror from being totally ignored:  casually ignore, then carefully watch as the hurtful hero becomes a crybaby.  Your denial of what he’s really like only means one thing:  the sly sadist succeeds in leading you to  strife and sadness.  Has this not occurred all through your past?  You deny, you cry.  You buy that lie, then  to  self-esteem: bye-bye.




Don't fear labeling things for now you can read people in an entirely new way, no matter what their social image.  The hard-hearted are miserable, the cruel are lost and the touchy have only pretensions of happiness.  Vernon adds that the vicious or vile actually take their own pain as pleasure “preferring self-destructive attacks over a peaceful existence.”  It actually gives them a painful thrill.  Don’t forget the harder they fall (e.g. in love) the quicker they’ll turn on you.  When trust is lost, it’s lost.  Some sneaks are like snakes--they suddenly strike then slither away for good.  They go UP at your expense then way down. 


Superior insight is the ability to see the reversals and ferocious flip-flops of people:  friendly in private, they suddenly switch when surrounded by familiars.  It’s a case of OP-TRUTH:  all men are two (opposite) people in one as there are two sides of the brain and two separate nervous systems.  The private and social sides may be worlds apart.  It’s your denial of the two disparate sides that makes life so difficult, so to avoid disaster think:  “it’s a package deal”  and then decide--wait and see as Jekyll  becomes Hyde.  You get their help, but soon you’ll yelp.  And thus it is keen patience preceding your triumph, not bitterness or wrath—just calmly taking note then take a new boat.




The brutal man cries he’s changed his ways, appeases with apologies then strikes again.  When he cries he lies.  Though a snake learns to kiss he’s still a snake.  Catch cunning cruelty by asking:  is it ego or truth which causes his actions?  Since truth doesn’t deceive you know conceit caused the cruelty--and exposure makes it powerless.  The cruel gang always demands you plan for their benefit so just casually ignore and plan your own right life in which they have no place.  Take charge! 


For those of you who don’t know cruelians this may seem misanthropic and negative.  You fortunates don’t have an early template repeated through life,  but even you will witness people-pain.  Preventing its  place provides a peaceful view.  With a new mind you’ll see the connection between your fear of someone and their behavior towards you.  Your anxiety is a negative magnet to the hurt you believe the harsh can inflict, and just seeing this attracts a higher mind. 


Stay free of psychic violence by being an anger-detective of all hostility.  Here’s the clues:  sudden silence, sly sarcasm, sullen stares and silly submission.  Other common signs are forced frivolity and coldly polite accusations.  This knowledge allows your  disconnection  from emotional memories putting you so high they can no longer reach you.




Whether it comes from sugar or shoddy history, strife is a killer: a demon sent from hell to ruin every project or relation you have.  It’s name is malice, envy, jealousy, anger, resentment and bitterness.  It’s a spirit let into your life through sin--of act or association.  Getting caught up in strife means  we totally lose the anointing--the tangible power of God along with  all our spiritual gifts (they’re gone with the rifts). The cruelian wants to involve us in strife so we must do everything to stay free for our very life. 


Most stress-based disease derives from strife:  to the nervous system, organs, and tissues it’s like a knife.  Residual resentments cause disease:  everything from asthma to warts.  That’s why we must understand cruelty lest one is riddled with resentments and filled with ferocity without knowing why.  The cruelian is in conflict and you were the closest victim, period.  Wisdom about this is your shield while denial or ignorance means no power to wield. 




The cruelian demands you vibrate on his low life scale and this even happens on internet discussion groups.  He plays a cruel note hoping for a tense or angry response which will make him feel powerful.  Just play your high notes.  For if you react angrily you demonstrate his power of control while encouraging his villainy as he senses your anger as weakness.  Never consent to his level for your anger makes your feel defeated.  Only your true nature independent of him/her will give you peace.


Every cruelian is an actor teaching you how not to live.  Understanding will release fear.  Remember that “even while smiling a cruelian is lying while always denying.”  So ignore his words--your “spiritual suspicion” warns like a bell so just listen to that and  stay away.  But he’s promising rewards or rescue?  Don’t believe it--when you finally see his ever-emptiness he can no longer deceive.  Just as you refuse to submit to tyranny he’ll get the message and intimidation will end.  Then remember:  it was you who asked for the company that ended in such grief, so search yourself for unseen invitations and stop sending them out.




This is the era of phony tyrants:  spin-doctors and plastic surgeons.  When surface appearance is all that matters, true character is lost.  Machiavelli said “it’s not what things are but what they appear to be.”  Everything depends on perceptions as reality:  first impressions and image is all that matters for most.  But you stay deep and discerning and develop character (who you are when no one sees) while  the double-minded remains unstable in all his ways. 


True character will eventually win out and bombastic false appearances will eventually always fail as an overnight success takes a sudden downturn never to be heard  from again.  Lies, hype and spin have no longevity.   Now embark on the diet of freedom--from any and all distractions from your purpose.  Walk and live in truth and you’ll be in the right, the prevailing light.


P.S.:  Well you’ve seen the light and temporarily you have no friends!  Don’t get discouraged for now you’ll get to know God real good.  God knows your future, and you’re in training.  Jealousy is the biggest reason for anger--it’s a common Biblical concept.  People made  you feel small  until now, for gifts bring rifts.    They’ve wanted power over you  to compensate their own lowness in comparison: those without power in God turn to  witchcraft.  


Wisdom of God is all the power you need while transcending your weird world.  Let the scorners scoff at God--fools hate knowledge!  The world’s wisdom and God’s are opposites, so learn to savor sweet saintly solitude.   When you've worked the past through and know yourself and God real good, He'll bring you a friend.

Karen Kellock Ph.D.